We Are Scientists - I Don't Bite Lyrics

There isn't anything to talk about
You know I don't mean harm
I really don't mean anything at all
If we both understand what's going on
It's pretty clear we'll get along
It's pretty clear we'll get it

I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)
I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)

This isn't quite what I was counting on.
I wish I knew just what you want
I wish I knew anything at all
I tought the point here was to have some fun
I only wanna get it done
I only wanna get it

I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)
I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)

I don't mean anything
I don't mean anything

I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)
I dont bite but you can't believe it
(You can't believe it)

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We Are Scientists I Don't Bite Comments
  1. S Judas

    This band was very popular for a few years around 2010 or so, what ever happened to them as they are great. Their music is still enjoyable even now.

  2. Jennifer Stanley

    The singer on the left first reminded me of George Clooney in Brother Where Art Thou...

  3. Willbur the cat

    I wouln't mind been bit tbh

  4. Jesus Christ


  5. AndreaYeet

    I want to thank my spotify daily mix for introducing me to such an amazing band.

  6. Ross Cameron

    dat riff only the stones and WRS could write such greatness <3

  7. Paul iceman

    Remember to wear your seatbelts kids ;)

  8. Meltem D.

    1:39 his eyes! I'm dying ahahaha

    Abe Mrofchak

    So is Chris.

  9. uᴉɟɟnW ʇuǝʇuoƆ

    For some reason this song sounds like a combination of the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand. The reason I find this strange is because most of there other songs sound different.

  10. Noe Garcia

    Why don't they use the first aid kit? You can see it in the reflection of the glass...

  11. jenna jarm

    We Are Scientists is so underrated

    Lil Peeper

    jenna jarm agree

  12. James Finch

    They look like they had a bad day at an after-Christmas sale.


    Black Friday more like lol

  13. Loco Rafa

    Good video but a video about vampires would have been amazing

  14. JustAnotherYoutubeUser

    Keith just seems so damn young

  15. Emily Euphoria

    It's okay if you bite and if you look this attractive, ha-ha...

  16. Scott Anderson

    Good video but a video about vampires would have been amazing

  17. Scott Anderson

    Good video but a video about vampires would have been amazing

  18. zaidabanksnyc

    We want We are Scientists in Argentina!

    Mehula Prasad

    This sentence of yours look visually satisfying. Capitalised alternate words.

  19. zaidabanksnyc

    Keith is so handsome!

  20. Elisabeth Zewen

    I'm not Suarez...

  21. this_hub

    309,00 views...all mine

  22. MrMoonwalkingBear

    Turns to other guy... darnit who's driving the car \(0.0)/

  23. RoxxiTee

    I'm glad I got to see them play live at citywalk☺️

  24. Hey. Omw?

    There's some kind of really deep symbolism here that I'm not getting at all...

  25. Tanner Leleux

    I'm confused is this a different song and not theirs?

  26. chelle belle


  27. Sebastian Gutierrez

    *face palm* "I don't bite but you can't believe it" Definitely Pittsburgh -__-

  28. alfin firasy

    nice song..

  29. Kierstin

    first time hearing this song and i already singing along!

  30. Addison Arnold

    I don't get what's happening

  31. Bob McJeeverson

    It doesn't show the whole journey, unless of course, you're psychic.

  32. HaffSack

    all i want to know is why arent they wearing their seat belts!!!

  33. Mr Udder Butter

    I just assumed he was in that losing too much blood phase, you know I'm not dead but I'm getting there kind of deal.

  34. bajutsu

    I pictured them being chased by zombies.


    1.25 He look like Sylvester Stallone.

  36. rogueteapot

    never actually watched this, too busy rockin out

  37. Turnthreelightson

    I love their music videos their always so entertaining

  38. Nelly González

    They don't make music anymore? )

  39. c0r

    I hate how the best artists are so underrated

  40. 박은수

    I wish they still made music x2

  41. flyingcowzz

    What does it matter? His eyes were open pretty much the whole video.


    i wish they still made music

  43. falliblecreature

    I feel like we all want to bite keith, non?

  44. TOO GOOD

    Forget about it.
    Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

  45. Con Rees


  46. Jumoke Ola

    it's Kieth right? :)!

  47. Jumoke Ola

    and at 1:39!!!!!

  48. Jumoke Ola

    1:11 WHO SAW THE guy at the left open his eyes!?

  49. Rachel Kiki

    Forget about it.

  50. Con Rees

    Something about the video that makes you enjoy the song so much more!

  51. Doya Evanlift

    i lol'd

  52. Kristin Gonda

    The lead singer is really good looking !

  53. FinchieX

    did you know that they did not were a seat belt for their whole journey ?

  54. lachl0e

    i love this song.. indie bands <3

  55. Jesse Mckinley

    anyone else notice they took the headrests out before filming.

  56. Etano Cacciatore

    Fan of we are scientists for 8 years:)

  57. Andrew Pattenden

    I cant help suspecting that I may have just been sold something by subliminal messaging by watching this

  58. blitzan

    For some strang reason i cannot get this song out of my head

  59. Wilson Hodge

    ahahahhahaha you got me!

  60. NOXP

    It's like their lyrics are describing my life o_O

  61. Sona Mid

    (*looking at guy on right in car*)
    hmm... ya i believe you ^,..,^

  62. Ryan Koley

    very very good song i love these scientists

  63. effigy42

    fucking las vages

  64. ActualDogeVash

    I didn't do it ... i only helped

  65. Ian Quinlan

    I love the part where they are looking like girls in their pajamas.

  66. ramboy237

    Never been disappointed by We Are Scientist.

  67. Miguel Nieto Roca

    @SpirtInVines Dude.. I'm 18 and I'm being listening to them since 2 years ago... You are not the only one.. there is a lot of people too.

  68. CabalaCicero

    I thought I was hetero before seeing this video.

  69. GreekDudeYiannis

    @miksyn1 2:46 for the Indian Chief!

  70. GreekDudeYiannis

    @leviadragon99 Maybe this is what happened during the Hangover?

  71. Leviadragon

    What kind of crazy road trip were these guys on...

  72. James Johnson


  73. James Johnson

    thumbs up for the no person pat at 2:02 and for the indian

  74. Saurabh Rabha

    stop reading comments and see the video! man

  75. June Kay

    It doesn't matter who and what their age is that enjoys this. Just god damn enjoy this and leave at that.

  76. MrJaysChannel

    @SpirtInVines 0 years 3 months and 2 days old.

  77. guerrillapunch8

    @DutchDoesJumpstyle the question is though. which one?

  78. poppa108

    @SpirtInVines 13 :D

  79. João Costa

    @SpirtInVines Thou art not alone. =D

  80. Afro Jack

    156k views? Omfg... new generation is sooo gay. Omfg... I hope im not only one 17 years old who listen to them...

  81. Carl Compton

    Compton Bros Inc.

  82. prettymini214

    what is this video about ?



  84. Sam Juniper

    No seatbelts? Your fault if you get hurt.

  85. Soyunoso

    what should i think if my best friend dedicated me this song ._. ?

  86. Mrlebricabrac


  87. Patrick Bachmann

    @79898325 Seeing as this was a joke, I didnt really think anyone would take it that seriously.

  88. Abelard

    @StaticShock1100 He gets in the car at the beginning...you're not supposed to think he's dead.

  89. Spiff LittlePlume

    what would keith do without chirs

  90. falcon00132 (Nogbasher)

    i dont get it... lol

  91. Spiff LittlePlume

    yeah they are pretty badass wish i could see them live

  92. Valosarja

    Cool cactus tattoo.

  93. iamBeanyMan

    @benfuller100 They are lonely island thats why

  94. Ben Fuller

    they look like lonley island :D

  95. Igor

    Guy on the left looks like a young George Clooney. Who's a scene kid.

  96. darknesox7


  97. poisin224

    This just tied Jack & Ginger as my favorite WAS song :)