We Are Scientists - Dumb Luck Lyrics

It took you long enough to figure this out
It shoulda been hours ago
I wish you’d swallow all your lingering doubts
So I could say told you so

A little fun thing could be nice
Just one time is never enough
And if you want a piece of advice
I’m sorry but I’ll tell you what
You can’t always keep getting by
On dumb luck

If its so hard for you to say i was right
Then what are you gonna do?
It’s a problem when its taking all night
For something to dawn on you

A little fun thing could be nice
Just one time is never enough
And if you want a piece of advice
I’m sorry but I’ll tell you what
You can’t always keep getting by
On dumb luck

A little fun thing could be nice
Just one time is never enough
And if you want a piece of advice
I’m sorry but I’ll tell you what
You can’t always keep getting by
On dumb luck

Dumb luck
Dumb luck
Dumb luck

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We Are Scientists Dumb Luck Comments
  1. Mitya Tulin

    guys from The Band, really no idea if you see this but - thanks for everything, saw you on a muse gig in russia, don't care about muse anymore but have found you once again and it's like 10 years later, you're the best for real (such a solid discography), excellent songwriting, so catchy, and lovely videos, would love to see you again THANK YOUUU *everyone for real this is an outstanding indie band*

  2. gctpreston

    this is definitely one of the best music videos of all time

  3. UnknowNgaminG 14

    I love that when Keith falls out the window Chris looks down and is like, "damn...that sucks."

  4. Remi Anker

    Holy shit, they have worked with Quinten Tarantino?!?!?

  5. Buster McNutt


  6. Dominique Charriere

    Hahaha, great !

  7. Antonio Markinhos

    Banda muito boa, esses dois é show!

  8. TheBlackJacksItalia

    nice plagiarism

  9. Krisztián Tóth

    joker and the thief! yeah!!!

  10. The Muxx

    Awesome! :-)

  11. sandy arfiza

    Nice song actually, but less publishing

  12. ghost rat

    fucking brilliant haha

  13. Alexy AND Friends

    Aaaaaaa this is too****ed up!

  14. doomham100

    the video reminds me of "Evil Eye" by Franz Ferdinand

  15. TheGnat27

    This is the greatest music video ever.

  16. Drawcandy

    these guys are actually pretty good :D

  17. duortsasasauhsoj

    I looked away for a minute, looked back and suddenly someone's face was being sanded off by the treadmill...WTF 😂 love it!

  18. killjoy

    OK then...

  19. A P

    i just love how this video could have been recorded with a mobile phone

  20. Felix Asteria

    this video is too scary to watch! D: D: D:

  21. Breda M


  22. Joe FOOT

    This is such an incredible song why are these guys not 10x as famous? D:

  23. ddaddy1775

    Without doubt the best music video i have ever seen. Thriller is nothing compared to this.

  24. Léag22

    trop gore ! mdr

  25. George Parker

    The staple bit always gets me!

  26. EatMeCZ

    This reminds me Wolfmother's Joker and the Thief.

    Bill Wiemry

    Exactly what I thought too. Heard it at a restaurant and thought this was joker and the thief :)

  27. Ron Bass

    Lol at the very ending.

  28. Juliette Ringsrud

    That's some fucking mad video xD

  29. emily Worth

    I like this.

  30. Nichola Moreland

    Jesus I should not have watched this after lunch haha! Great song though :)

  31. andywellsey

    My favourite is the treadmill

  32. thewhatness

    This reminds me way too much of Franz Ferdinand's video for "Evil Eye." In a very good way.

  33. baggies37

    ahh christ i just had my breakfast...

  34. Сережа снимает

    Guys it is sooo cool and catchy. Like from Russia.

  35. Samuli Hynninen

    Sounds a bit like something that would be beatles in 2014 but a little bit more underground.

  36. 63EZEKIEL

    Ахахах, жесть))) Amazing))) 

  37. Blunderbuss

    The riff at the start sounds a lot like the starting riff in Wolfmother song 'Joker and the Thief'. And to say "They're not a terribly successful band" about Muse, one of the best live bands ever and certainly ONE of the best British Rock bands ever is just absolutely insane (if not intended as a joke).

  38. krapticfool

    Dude.. What a rip off from wolfmother, joker and the thief 

    gary pink

    Yea, but just the riff..and that is a pretty simple riff. The sound of the whole song is different.

  39. noob glory

    Yeshhhhhhhhh so what just happen now?

  40. CHE6yp

    This is diturbing. 
    Lovin' it

  41. Button Nose

    The wrong blood color in most of the scenes makes this comical in a good way. Love it!


    Explanations explain explaining.

  42. AaronKoskelainenBass

    Dammit guys that was gross!

  43. AaronKoskelainenBass

    Dmmit guy

  44. Louise Young

    This is gross you guys.

  45. Jason Martinez

    How can you guys be scientists when you all have hemophilia, and brittle bone syndrome, and leprosy?

  46. Mat Gadsby

    Another We Are Scientists Special!!! Amazing can't wait to see you guys in Manchester!!! :D

  47. Doopfoop

    holy shit

  48. tanner1ie

    That ending! :) .

  49. tanner1ie

    1:17 - Red Riding hood! :) .

    (Oh and it's a pity Keith's dead :) .)

  50. Matheus Leão


  51. Ashley Graceffa

    Love this!

  52. Steve Brown

    A wise man once said "Stop hitting yourself"

  53. MrPompey666

    I love you guys but that was horrible to see.....

  54. HY Ho

    Happy Tree Friend

  55. Oliver Moore

    Cant wait for new album!!!!

  56. Blaizerazer

    Still managed to fap to that.

  57. Renny

    Ummm? Wolfmother... 

    Chairman Mouse

    Yeah I thought that too. Still a great song!

  58. James Lane

    They're back!!! :)

  59. EpicRainbowLollipop

    Okay, that escalated quickly....

  60. Ariel del Puerto Benza

    WTF is this crap?

  61. nemoise

    Oh, how I love everything you guys do! 

  62. Kenshin1913

    Great video!  My favorite was the nail gun.

  63. Nells González

    Interesting snuff musical video. Lol, love it.

  64. Gabriel Kennedy

    This is a great video. I cannot wait to see you in Austin, TX.

  65. josue gomez

    always good material

  66. Josue Gomez

    good video w.a.s better

  67. Seosamh Mac Ceallabhuí

    Gros. Good tune though but visually repulsive

  68. simon worlock

    Amazing!!!! can't wait to see you again in Bristol.....

  69. robbravs

    Tread mill is the best way to die

  70. Abby Williamson

    You freaking weirdos. Also Dash is literally a mini Chris.

  71. Dirk Power

    Damn that was hard to watch! Love it though, can't wait for the new album

  72. Guilherme Freitas de Carvalho

    the end <3

  73. ODNU

    how?! It was almost funny

  74. Naomi Houghton

    Rather disturbing in the nicest possible way.

  75. Anton Mikhaylov

    Evil Eye 2.0

    fdhdfkj fkjg


  76. JonBarnesRacing


  77. Karl S

    that was so difficult to watch..

    Robyn James

    Karl S Glad I'm not the only one who felt that way. The whole time I watched I went back and forth between laughing hysterically and cringing whole asking out loud "Why?!"

  78. launderground

    we love you.