Waylon Jennings - Lock, Stock And Teardrops Lyrics

Someday I won't come running when you call
The way you hurt me it's a wonder I'm still here at all
Someday you'll wake up and you'll find yourself alone
Lock, stock and teardrops I'll be gone.

I can't go on the way you make me live
Make me cry and every time expect me to forgive
Someday you'll wake up to a cold and lifted dawn
Lock, stock and teardrops I'll be gone.


Someday I'll wake up find me strenght and move along
Lock, stock and teardrops I'll be gone.
Lock, stock and teardrops I'll be gone...

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Waylon Jennings Lock, Stock And Teardrops Comments
  1. Randy Boring

    Listen to k d Lang... best voice in years, especially on this lock stock and teardrop song....

  2. Dan Nájera

    If Waylon were to cover any Roger Miller tune, this would be it.

  3. Paul Money

    Dear me Waylon, how did Chet ever let this one out onto record, you are not singing in tune! Awful, should be buried.

  4. Barbara Danley

    Nice, still prefer Roger.

  5. Bob Nic

    What a voice - what a singer.

  6. 2packs4sure

    Recorded  25 April 1967  RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Waylon Jennings (Waylon Jennings [vcl], Fred Carter [gt], Jerry Reed [gt], Chip Young, [gt] Junior Huskey [bass], Bobby Dyson, Buddy Harman [drums], Charlie McCoy [harmonica], Hargus Robbins [piano] + vocal chorus. Producer: Chet Atkins)

  7. TCovatti

    @Juliana McClung No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  8. Urilla Graves

    Thank you for posting.  I can't stop listening.  How beautiful.  

  9. TCovatti

    @Juliana McClung He's my favorite too, but anyway, this song goes to show how awesome and versatile of an singer Waylon was! :-)

  10. Urilla Graves

    OMG, Waylon's voice 39 seconds into this song....I have never heard him sing so high and pretty.  He is my all time favorite male voice.  How could of I have missed this song.  Awesome.

    Barbara Danley

    Urilla Graves, because it's a Roger Miller song and Roger had a higher voice.

  11. Peter Shaw

    My favourite version of my favourite Roger Miller Song. Tailormade for Waylon!

  12. RedfernsRaidersn68

    Thanks for posting, T. This one will make certain posterior muscles tighten;)

  13. pecvillian

    Good one TC