Wax - Vulture Lyrics

The vulture's comin'
Comin' to pick my bones
The vulture's comin'
To feast on Mr. Jones
Just like I feast on rotisserie chicken
Or the big fat turkey on the table at your Thanksgiving
Sometimes I don't love the life I'm livin'
Still I hope I'm never gonna die at all

But the vulture's comin'
He's bringin' his family too
The vulture's comin'
To chew on me and you
Just like I chew on teriyaki beef jerky
Or the big fat previously mentioned Thanksgiving turkey
Sometimes life is colder than a slurpee, yeah
But that don't mean I'll never ever get a good feeling at all
And trust me when I do
I forget that thing is even coming through
And I feel like I just got a dose
Of that magic, yeah, that everlasting potion

But the vulture's comin'
When, you never know
The vulture's comin'
It might be tomorrow
And just like the groundhog tells you that there's no more winter
You might be eatin' your last Thanksgiving dinner
And a big ol' bird gonna feast upon your innards
Time is precious and you shouldn't waste it at all is the moral of this song

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Wax Vulture Comments
  1. Seldon Rios

    My tabs for this song have just been posted. Enjoy!

  2. teflontelefon

    I really dig her voice.

  3. Schuyler Diehm

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and that big fat previously mentioned Thanksgiving turkey!

  4. Hispanic at the Disco

    I like this song bro wax long time fan here since 2010 till INFINITY

  5. Burt Gaming

    This shoulda been on the acoustic Monday album bruh

  6. Ferliard Nerquan

    I'm crossing my fingers this beauty is on BAAAAAA (THE SONG)

  7. Timothy Lewis


  8. Jared Pazanski

    Idk why, but I fucking love this song and it makes me happy. They need to do more together.

  9. Humoraid

    Badass. The streak of amazing songs continues. Also drinking good beers. Try it with likes

  10. Burt Gaming

    Yo wax when’s the next Album coming out?

  11. snip3r416

    Uhhhh what’s up Bhaaaahahhabahhah

  12. 日本ジャック NihonJack

    Just came from ERB... will have to remember to check out your new album!

  13. Silver X

    Gs on freddie g

  14. Panda Q

    Freddies coming for you.

  15. Zachary Campbell

    Thank you for these, Wax. I enjoyed them a lot. I’ve been listening since I first heard coins, and I’m glad you’re making new music that sounds just as dope as your raps. Keep it up

  16. Bailey Glyde

    Who's here from ERB?


    freddy kruger erb

  18. Plasma Crane

    He just played Freddy Kruger

  19. Juraj Pavle

    Wax you are a fucking genius and I love everyfuckingthing you do acousticly :O Do you by chance want to do re-recording of 'hey-you'? And also I liked the previous ranch dressing more than actual so there's that... but anyways... keep it up bruh - fucking love your shit - I listen to your discography at work and I smile at my boss like - shooobadub :D xD

  20. Bailey

    I rather see the clouds on mushrooms than a mushroom cloud. 🍄

  21. Martin Doty

    The two of sound amazing together! Complement each other very nicely!

  22. Misho

    Holy shit you're getting old pal

  23. black cat

    When are you touring bae?

  24. Mr I.C.E Agent

    Quentin Tarantino


    and Freddy Krueger

  25. Bryan Barbier

    You’re the best

  26. Willie Tupolo

    This song is sooo slapping bro!

  27. Tisha Steen

    Shamar baby Duke the god nipsey hustle charlie silver suffer biggavelli wax Wayne mar g ROC nation Englewood nj MTC Bronx to west field Clark Union county and Harlem Lennox ave p town silky way city Durham nc 280 zone boys golden state warriors Dallas cowboys devil rays Staten island Peter roll squad Irish crenshaw Mafia Blvd baby loc raliegh n.c

  28. Chris Field

    Absolute talent in every piece.

  29. M B

    Wax, I come back after a month or so and always find a few songs I like that are new! Keep up the good work you turkey eater.

  30. Lambcakez

    We need some new youtube raps, car raps, wax & herbs raps, solo herbs raps, new albums, new videos, new content. Wax give usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss contenttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  31. Cesar Barajas

    she wants to have a meet and greet with BIG WAX, if you know what i mean.

  32. Kyle Patton

    Nailed it. You have my everlasting support since 08

  33. Walter Revenko

    Congratulation Wax! :-D

  34. dCraw

    i'll miss these on the next tens

  35. Alex C

    Wax I used to listen to your old rap songs a lot when I was in high school and any time I listen to them again it brings me right back to the summer days I would roll around town with my friends bumping your music in the car, laughing and having fun. I saw you live but got kicked out for lighting up a joint when Dumbfoundead was playing Green. Your music will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope you keep pursuing your dreams!

  36. iam21incanada

    Rip Nipsey Hussle. This song is comforting.

  37. YamaAgni

    Sad that this is the end of the 10s series but it brought us some awesome songs!

  38. Joshua AfroMagic

    You'll be bird poop one day so make the most of it.

  39. Sonnycheese

    Going to miss these 10s acoustics, thanks Wax

  40. Square One

    i like this :)

  41. Ferliard Nerquan

    dale firebird would feel disappointment he drank that "unnamed" non American beer

  42. IvanAwakened

    Keep killing it WAX, she’s got a beautiful voice. Great song/message.

  43. Ncella91


  44. Anthony Pouria

    You gonna put all these acoustic tracks on an album? I'll buy that ish if you do. Love your all your music styles.

  45. Michael O'Leary

    That was amazing

  46. James Ford

    Been listening since the scrublife mixtape ❤️ and have loved him ever since 🔥 keep it up Wax! Shout out from Australia 🇦🇺

  47. Bailey

    Please come to Colorado again 🙏🏻🙏🏻 with Mac Lethal. That was kick ass, only got to meet him though

  48. Eric Hallsten

    wax really has the most positive fans

  49. bojangles322

    Been killing it lately!!

  50. The Regularity


  51. Romulus Remus

    Trucha con los zopilotes ese.

  52. Eli Vigil 710

    Your table reminds me of last night this is great wax

  53. Dan Sheedy

    The vocals compliment each other so well on all these acoustic songs.

  54. Joel Stinson

    Well done Big Wax I love it

  55. eflynch98

    Loved it Mike and Julia!

  56. 913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    ill say the same thing i said a lil bit ago on fb when i watched this - i love that you can do somethin like this AND somethin like Coins

  57. Anthony Ulibarri

    Man, you are such an inspiration to so many! Please keep making music and never stop. You encourage me to keep learning more about music and boosting my creativity. Thank you Wax!

  58. Mac sadlon

    She wants it from wax lol

  59. Gabe Stafford

    Wax is the wise background character with a super long beard who gives you the advice you need to defeat the main boss

  60. LogicalWaste

    This so fresh the vultures haven't even landed yet!

  61. Grizly

    Wax for president! Lol

  62. Noah


  63. Ryan nelson


  64. Poop Trashbucket

    This is a great one to end it on, tho I'm sad it's over now

  65. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    Always excellent! Perfect timing and synchronization!... I mean a 10++.. and always a pretty lady at your side.. keep em comin Wax... we love ya'!

  66. Galen Frazer

    "sometimes life is colder than a slurpee"...fuck...real talk

  67. XSamurai Bear

    BIG [email protected] i have a question brother, what got you started writing such nice jazzy sounding chords? where should I begin?

    Shua Zermeno

    batman Wayne 7 chords. Dominant 7, minor 7, Major 7, etc. Also 9 & 13. Wax mainly uses 7 and 9 chords

  68. Mark Brown

    Now I want to eat some chicken!

  69. Jared Ronkos

    I love this new series your are doing. BIG WAX!. super talented both of you, love her voice.

  70. 龍Shun

    Think this is the best song of the whole acoustic series, good shit as usual Wax!

  71. Sweenz

    BIG WAX!

  72. genie1704

    Keep it up wax you have so much talent😊❤

  73. bigbigspoon

    Love the song!… But now I feel I have this impending sense of death hanging over me and need to go live my best life.

  74. Jared Piper

    I’m a simple man. I just want somebody to look at me like Julia Ross looks at Wax.

  75. RacingfortheSon

    How do I give it 1000 thumbs up? Wax is one of my favorite artist ever.

  76. MonkGoneGamer

    Wow MrWax Amazing. Came back after a long time

  77. TheHotvolcanos

    Time spent listening to your music isn't wasted time <3

  78. Tyler Laginess

    So sad to hear this is your last song for “songs on the 10s” so much soul you put into this music. Thanks for the tracks and I’m still itching to hear some more new wax content.

  79. Guillermo Salvatti

    Thanks for ask the wonderful music you have given us

  80. James

    That vocal run made me shout in glee at 7am

  81. quinby z

    Still couldn't figure out what you was eating man. Sorry rotisserie chicken. Just all pulled apart. Better eat that and not let them vultures get it.

  82. Corneliu the groyper Codreanu

    Im pretty fucked up right now but man wax is a legend my dudes

  83. One Love

    Taking a dump, had to let my booty air dry. Good stuff Micheal.

  84. Stoney Smirkee

    Wax would be the coolest dude to hang out with

    Lieutenant Lunatic

    He really is.


    Just don't invite him over. Especially if your name is Timmy.

  85. Dodger Gaming

    I'm simple man. Wax releases music, I press like.

  86. erick leon

    the best

  87. Ariel Siboniy

    When’s a new album dropping Wax?

  88. Gamebred

    This guy is too talented. Glad I discovered him

    913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    I been listening to Wax for basically my 20's. I turn 30 in about a week lol. He's been a great soundtrack for the years.

    913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    new season of ancient aliens is lookin good @Samuelis V. Sau

    Samuelis V. Sau

    I don't get it @913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    lmao ok @Samuelis V. Sau

    Samurai Medi

    @913dynasty SupaNovaHelix   About the same here man. I was 19 when I first stumbled upon new crack and was like daym dudes got bars, I'm 30 now. Then Low budget and at the moment in time my outlook on music changed like crazy and I was blown away. I can honestly say that this man is my favorite artist period.

  89. zach malott

    Still killin it Big Wax

  90. Steven Bennett

    Wax! No one can compete
    Once a week every week
    If no one listen
    Does the man
    still speak
    I Try an keep up
    With what inspire me

  91. Joe Geno

    Wax I love you, bro. Platonically. If that.

  92. Brian Keefe

    so many good feelings from this one

  93. Blackout Guy

    Wax uploading a song about food?!


  94. Kyle Herman

    big fire

  95. Ian Caines

    Always bringing the bangers!

  96. Jeffery Darnall

    fuckin love you wax you've always been one of my favorite rappers. idk what happen to where you swiched to singing in your yard all the time but I fuckin love it too

  97. Blaze 206

    Good morning Wax!