Wax - Turtle Lyrics

I wish I was a turtle
I would live life so slow
A Galápagos turtle, I mean tortoise
And I've sworn this since long ago
What did you say?
I couldn't hear your screams and shouts
Most of the time I've got my head inside my house

When I want to say hello to one of my good friends
I peek my head out, say wassup, then go back in

I wish I was a turtle
I'd never be in no rush
A Galápagos tortoise, I mean turtle
Just lurkin' around in the Galápagos
What did you say?
I couldn't hear you very well
Call me Barack Obama, I enjoy being inside Michelle

When I want to say hello to one of my good friends
I peek my head out, say wassup, then go back in

I wish I was a turtle (yeah!)
Just doing things that turtles do
Just walkin' slow and eatin' grass
And living for a really long time
It'd be like a dream come true
What did you say?
My shell is eighty percent sound proof
I wish I was a turtle and that's the
God's honest truth, ye-eh-ay

When I want to say hello to one of my good friends
I peek my head out, say what's up, then go back in

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Wax Turtle Comments
  1. Uriel Maldonado

    The fucking pause man hahah

  2. Pro-Lif-ik

    turtle wax

  3. Anonamix

    My favorite song to have stuck in my head

  4. Super Lamp

    even two years man, i remember hopping on these videos every monday lol time flies I guess


    Do you have a secret? How to deal with baby mama who are completely gangster about the co parent ruling? Sing the baby mama is a winch song please

  6. SweetLeaf Binder

    Happy National turtle day❣❣❣ i so love this song ....💚 I really need a karaoke version 😍💯😘

  7. Nathan Gonzalez

    what scale is this in?

  8. Nick Mcquinn

    turttle love

  9. Dudemyguy

    I’ve been listening to this all the time for like a year now, so good

  10. Giovanny Arroyo

    So he doesnt rap anymore

    Cola Rob

    Giovanny Arroyo he just dropped a new song this week

  11. Damien Turgeon

    Hey, Wax! Why don't you drop some tutorial on some of your songs. I would love to be able to Jam out one of your bangers man!

  12. To Be Determined Maybe

    Shockingly enough, this song isn't the first thing that pops up when you search "turtle wax" on YouTube.

  13. SweetLeaf Binder

    Day made!!! 💚💙💛😂😂😂

  14. Lucius M

    Anyone who disliked this video has terminal aids

  15. Chase Proctor

    This is fuckin cool

  16. daniel brammer

    Wax is too good at music

  17. Jeremy Clark

    Mondays used to be complete garbage. Thanks mane

  18. Chase Proctor

    lmao this is awesome dude

  19. eric sioustis

    0,75 speed is fire

  20. Jesse Crispy

    Shit! I just realized I was one of the 15 downvotes on this song.. Fuckin drunk

  21. TopHat Tanner

    Coffee was hook, Turtle is the sinker. No Real Job was the bait.

  22. Guccigangduos

    Lol bruh I need these chords so I can play this in my guitar class

  23. Jimena Cordova

    I really need to make this my ringtone.

  24. Trey Bradford

    I'm so fucking glad you exist.

  25. 3CKid

    Pretty sure he wrote this song so that when people are searching for turtle wax his song would pop up.

  26. Metal Never Dies!

    If you a real turtle like me, you play this @0.25 speed

  27. Alex Alt

    Fuck.. This is why I want to learn to sing and play guitar. Seems like it would be so much more fulfilling to the soul than rapping.
    And ain't that obvious by your chuckle at the end. :) Big ups from down under, big wax

  28. paul valle

    I swear that Michelle line made laugh while I was taking a line now my cocaine is everywhere but it was definitely worth it

  29. joe skiro

    turtle, wax?

  30. Petey Parkz

    i was trying to find a video about how to apply turtle wax. the fuck is this shit

    Xavier Benson

    Petey Parkz awesomeness.

  31. Ruben Lezama

    Wants to be a turtle, is more likely to be a bed with how many people sleep on him

  32. Dustin Copeland

    For one of the few times in my life I'm actually wishing monday was here already! Thanks for everything you do you talented mofo! First time I ever listened to your music was when you did the youtube cypher back in the day (you spin me right round) and have enjoyed everything uve done along the way.

  33. Daniel Tate

    If you release an Acoustic Mondays album I will buy it

  34. tom davern

    Is this a cry for help? It's okay wax I wanna be a turtle also

  35. Jorge

    any guitar players that can tell me what tuning this is? I'd like to learn to play this.

  36. quinby z

    I really wish I were a turtle.

  37. FreshCoastDon

    At 1:15 that one chord he strums... ahhhh, makes me cringe... but, the rest of the song hot damn it's good!!!

    W Flip

    I really like that note because he resolves it in the next couple bars, both in tonality and melody. Haha!

  38. Aidan Vickery

    you should make this an actual song

  39. Sensei Qpid

    Where can I buy this song

  40. Guccigangduos

    lol loved it wax

  41. Riley Fetherolf

    would sound so sweet with drums bass and some leads

  42. C_B_M

    Man of the year, back of the plane, demanding a beer........ would love to hear an electric guitar version of this and u can get all hendrix reverb sexy with it oooo man... just a thought

    thanks for the tunes wax

  43. thecoolesteva6

    y u so good? i love your rap music but all your music is so good. such a beast. Get these kids understanding what instruments are again xD

  44. Mace Windude

    dope, but where are the dope ass fucking raps man?

  45. MagmaDragon

    A friend at work told me about this song. Now I can't stop listening to it! haha Subscribed!! :D

  46. Revamptheindustry

    sampling this, then making the house song of the century

  47. stephanie williams

    Like it it was 👌🏻

  48. kcinONE

    I vibe with this so hard

  49. imzizco

    me shell bruh 😂

  50. D.Aaron Felda

    6 3 x 1 x 7
    x x 3 3 6 x
    7 3 5 3 8 8
    7 3 5 2 7 8
    6 3 3 1 8 7
    x x 3 1 x x
    This is from what I can see his fingers doing.

    Scom Newbold

    I kept on reading this left to right and was wondering who on earth could finger that haha

  51. ActiveHippoFred

    i want a studio version of this song

    Keith Fox

    Wax Acoustic Monday Album now available... it's great my good sir.

  52. schelli 123

    i want chain reaction back pls!

  53. ub3rcube

    My question is, who WOULDN'T want to be a turtle?? Who are these mythical positive people who like the world?

  54. Noe Benson Troncoso

    dude that was awesome, I'm gonna start living like a turtle too.

  55. Lylat

    these kind of songs cheer me up when im down.

  56. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    lol... good timing on this wax... just found a huge snapper on my farm yesterday... :)

  57. Brandon Donato

    bruh you're giving your neighbors a free show... They must love you

  58. L3GITME

    Ever since red this man is killing it

  59. Th3Hood3dOn3

    is "Acoustic Mondays" going to be on spotify?

  60. OmilliYo

    I want to be a turtle now

  61. Xaiver

    oh that shit sooooo sexehhhhh

  62. PNW_PsilocybeJedi

    This literally made my entire life

  63. joeywazhere1

    fuck ya man!

  64. Fitness tes Fesses

    I wish I was a turtle too.

  65. Gweeds

    best experienced at 0.25 speed

  66. MrLouiekang

    You should do Electric Fridays or something that would be cool too

  67. kcatbat52

    This was lit as fuck

  68. bennykell3

    Dope as fuck son!

  69. Motorboat Jones

    Best turtle song ever

  70. IvanAwakened

    Slow and steady wins the race.

  71. Doc.Net/RNJosh

    Nice man ^^ i realy like your music

  72. Charlie Change

    Is it cool if I sample this?

  73. Omar Flores

    This was so damn good

  74. Victoria Madison

    Love your music Wax!!!!!! ❤️

  75. Warhawk

    I love the way you play guitar.

  76. marble89

    here's a fix;

    "I wish I was a turtle,
    I'd live life much slower"

  77. G-wen

    "Wax is already unique and amazing, how could he get bett...
    *picks a guitar*
    Oh my God"

  78. canadiansmarties

    this was awesome as always wax

  79. yoyo froyo

    fucking fire bruh

  80. An0maly - News Analysis & Hip-hop

    Hahahah Miii shell. That was amazing.

  81. Timothy Thomas

    So hyped for a new series!

  82. アイスジュノ- i c e j u n o

    cant wait for next monday, keep it up wax! your music gets me through my day, real talk.

  83. Michael Loftus

    this is actually amazing haha genius such a fresh sound!

  84. ALEX

    I'm in Me Shell 😂

  85. Aggad

    Wax where's chain reaction?!?

  86. Sanbasuto Kuruma

    I can totally relate WAX. I too wish I was a turtle. Life be so slow and easy going. Ahh dude it'd be the shit.

  87. John Bias

    I just fucking love your acoustic videos man, they are just awesome. Thank you :D

  88. Sarkazz Vlogs



    Wax this shit is hilarious

  90. PNW_PsilocybeJedi

    Michelle line brought a tear

  91. Joseph Nguyen

    I love it when you upload <3

  92. Justin Flemming

    I was literally listening to "Red" when this video popped up on my notifications lol! guess I gotta go get a red eared slider

  93. Cody O'Brien

    A slow start to the Acoustic Monday's with Wax.

  94. seamonster4554

    That was dope. I made a song like this about turtle like in third grade in 2003! man it gives me feels.


    my second favorite animal!

    number 1 is pigs

  95. Ed7th

    I love Mondays

  96. Brennan Stewart

    wax is so slept on he deserves so much more

  97. Clay Cravea

    Say what's up! and go back INNNNNNNN ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  98. Chuck Craze

    masterpiece. how much bud did you indulge in before writing this? lolll

  99. Krazykidkel

    yay wax music!