Wax - I Wish I Was Your Phone Lyrics

I wish I was your phone
I wish I was your phone
I'd always be by your side and you'd never leave me alone
If I was your phone

I wish I was your screen
I wish I was your iPhone screen
You'd look at me like I was the greatest thing you'd ever seen
If I was your screen

I wish I was your case
I wish I was your iPhone case
You would hold me oh so tight in that loving warm embrace
If I was your case

But I'm just a guy, I don't get wifi
And I'm not made by Apple, I'm not an iGuy
I just wish I could connect with you
The way that you and that damn telephone do

I wish I was your phone
I wish I was your phone
But you dropped me and you broke me and you left me all alone
Forgot about our love and brought that newer model home
And he's faster and he's smarter and he's got facial recognition
Fuck you and your phone

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Wax I Wish I Was Your Phone Comments
  1. Casey Doy

    i almost sent this to my girl until i heard the last 30 seconds. yikes

  2. chris w

    Hahahhaah that ending had me laughing. 😂

  3. CommercialRapKiller


  4. Brian Graham

    Nice u should have slapped it of of her hand at the end

  5. JoeIsaac A

    I did a cover of this. Be cool and check it out https://youtu.be/oWELsi6b08c

  6. Nathan Gonzalez

    Wax please send me sheet music [email protected]

  7. Alex Heider

    I'm Fuckin Dyin!!!

  8. petros boy

    Amazing. 👌👌

  9. New Era

    This made me laugh 😆

  10. Nico Lucero

    the intro to your new videos are amazing, can you make a full song of it please!

  11. Tony Martinez

    I don't understand how this dude isn't more famous. I've been fucking with Wax for the last 10 -15 years... thinking this dude is GOLD. I wish his shit would be played more. Definitely one of theeeeee most underrated MC's ever. Motherfucker inspires me everyday to get more creative. Respect.

  12. Smell Good

    You wanna be the CASE? idk that new guy does have facial recognition.....damn that's fucked up

  13. Smell Good

    lmao this is genius

  14. Mike Borg

    "I'm not made by Apple I'm not an iGuy" 🤣 LMAO I love this

  15. Cheese Baller


  16. Cheese Baller

    Fuck yeah

  17. EpicSmithy123

    Sign this petition to help bring Wax and Herbal T to Australia


  18. HeadlessHobbit

    I love this lol.

  19. Cove AKA Covergeist

    Haha love it


    So I need this for my girls ringtone!!!

  21. mike van

    This shit made my day. Love ya wax!


    Ahaha! New generation´. Why get in touch with people if you can get in touch by phone?

  23. No U.

    Exactly how I’m feeling 🙃 but I’m a girl

  24. Johan Kerstma

    Love the old wax, now he makes shit

  25. duong vo

    More now was make more

  26. Art Of Life

    Oh shit, an Intro?

  27. Lettice Travels

    Epic as always <3

  28. Toni Markowiak

    Wax you're fucking brilliant I've loved your music for over six years ♥️♥️♥️

  29. Parker LT

    Goddamn this is a good song Big Wax

  30. Glok 713

    Wax where u been at? Im missin those bars flowin across a dope ass beat like a smooth ass baby butt. Wheres that baby butt at

  31. Jordan Denny

    Was should collab with Prof, and sublime

    Michael Johnson

    Jordan Denny Love Prof. Just had to say it for the record.

  32. Trizzle


  33. Adam Ross

    Knocksteady may be long gone, but im glad wax is still going strong!

  34. Trevor Brubaker

    lmfaooo " i wish i was your iphone case"

  35. rottimus prime

    Genius........ fuck you and your phone 😂😂😂. Wax does it again 👏👏👏👏

  36. Alivar420

    Don’t need” is wax’s best song no cap

  37. Alexis The Poet

    This dude deserves a shit ton more credit and views man..

  38. djdfrag

    Love it dude! You and G-Love need to do another song together, that shit was dope.

  39. Jabi Air

    Wax ain’t no sell out 💯📠

  40. Ernie Perez

    This shit hard


    I wish I was your crack pipe

  42. Mysterion South Park

    Epic Rap Battles introduced me to Wax, anyone else?

  43. Wuz Good

    Hell Yeah Bro!!!!

  44. Jeannie Billiejean

    your wish is my command

  45. Kelsey Harrigan

    So good

  46. 420Effect

    Wax has always been an excellent composer

    Anthony Truman

    420Effect I didn’t expect to see you here. You know what’s up. I love your videos and stories, I hope you are doing well :)

  47. Norville Rogers

    Wax has come so far. Been his fan sense he produced RED.

  48. Heather Duke

    Missed your content so happy you’re back

  49. Theron Merrick

    Dopest emcee on the planet!

  50. Left-Blank

    Loving these man

  51. FurLy

    I have been waiting to hear you on the radio and be like "Yeh guys I used to listen to him back when he was freestylin and driving cars"

  52. oOManbearpigOo


  53. ileeb777

    Dale firebird would bring heat to a cover of this track. Or a jean Bobbington rehash... 'i wish i was your palate'

  54. Howi Spangler

    Fucking amazing 😂😂😂😂📱📱📱

  55. Joshua Huntley

    keep making these couple years ago u were postin these weekly keep it going

  56. Super Lamp

    looks like he miiiight be holding a grudge

  57. Tadas Sidlauskas

    Hard bro 😂😂

  58. banzai bill

    No option to like twice?

  59. Cordova Constrictors Alan Cordova


  60. Agnieszka Pawlak

    you are a motherfucking genius <3 I Love your songs, greetings from Poland

  61. salvatore_12

    you're the best i know your flow shit got cuntface tourette's syndrome

  62. Jason Cramer

    You should make an album with just singing and not rap

  63. Larry Legendary


  64. young man James

    When wax is waaay too good to be slept on.💤💤

  65. Grass Finger

    We love you big wax you're a huge inspiration


    sick nasty bro


    FUK YEA!

  68. GHED420

    always makes my day when wax puts out new stuff, thanks dude!

  69. jkromes20

    I love you wax haha

  70. Dodger Gaming

    Love the intro to the video. Creative song as always wax. Love you

  71. Jose Jose

    0:46 that escalated quickly

  72. Silverbirch

    Lol ! .Brilliant love it 😁

  73. Ron Ancheta

    4 dislikes? What could you possibly find fault with in this song?

    Jabi Air

    haters 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  74. Rich Nixdorf

    Cooking on high

  75. Rich Nixdorf

    Sup man. I see you

  76. Penny The Goat

    Lmfao why he walk off like that

  77. DeJay Tank

    Wax is a beast!!!!

  78. Marlon G

    Wax! Can you do a live acoustic of "Better When Your High"?!?


    Why do I feel that there is an extended version to this song

  80. MrSmiles1977

    this was great.....

  81. Corneliu the groyper Codreanu

    Lets fucking go

  82. Dopes

    And that... is why wax is the best

  83. iam21incanada

    So good!

  84. Rylan Ridenour

    I like it

  85. Anon Commenter

    You're genuine about the craft and the culture shit. You're the last of the the true remaining artists and Fantano loses some integrity by not having celebrated that. You're doing something different and it's not about them more than the artistry. That's integrity.

  86. Marty Conway

    The sass when Wax says "I'm not an iGuy." Killed me!

  87. Gonzo Waters

    Wax, you silly as hell. Haha. Love this shit.

  88. MikeaMush

    Like it from the intro already

  89. fuckyourcouch23

    Love you wax!

  90. BreezyUK

    Looking in good shape Big Wax

  91. freQuincy Green

    I don't think this is about a phone lol

  92. TD0G101


  93. Roxas Entertainment

    Haha, love it!
    I feel a lot of people can connect with this song.

    Matt Glass

    Its a tribute to all you data planners

  94. bitches

    Big wax Im the best you know my flow SHIT got CUNTFACE tourettes syndome


    I'm straight nutty.
    Sorta like my penis hole when I'm horny...

    Tristan Redding

    If ya'll bananas, I'm chiquitas whole inevntory

  95. Bruh Dudeson

    I said this last year and I’ll say it again, please make an acoustic album with all this stuff and the acoustic Monday’s songs those were absolute fire

  96. Sean Langth

    Man, I became a huge fan ten years ago. I stopped around 2015 and then suddenly thought I'd see where you're at. Not quite what I expected since I left off (unintentionally, of course) but I can see you're the same old dude I loved and looked up to. Oh snap, you know what it was actually? Lil Dicky came on my music and I was thinking to myself, "Dude, Wax totally had that same methodology and route towards success. Plus he could rhyme better.) I really thought you were gonna be the one that blew and mark up a spot on hip hop and pop culture I'm sure you're doing great for yourself, and I couldn't, nor would I, ever hate on you. After dropping Eviction and Scrub with the music videos and then the Unplugged performance -- I thought you'd for sure blow after the next couple tours and records. Every time: Lil Dicky comes on and Wax crosses my mind... Anyways I'm still and always will be a fan that has been inspired by your music and film. Much love to you and your bro. What up Herbs? Peace my boys, - Sean Riley Langth @seanrileylangth P.S. Great new video.