Wax - Devil Lyrics

Talk is cheap, screaming's cheaper
I don't wanna hear a peep out of your freakin' yapper
Time is of the essence never been a freak of nature
Who didn't end with listening to the grim reapers laughter
Wrote a message to the devil on a paper napkin
Was a question that he said nobody'd ever asked him
It read

If we all gotta die don't the devil gotta die too
And how long must I survive to outsurvive you

They say that sleep is kin to dying
Dreaming must have been the first time that they seen them angels flying
Life's as sturdy as a dandelion
Which is about as sturdy as them buildings were on 9/11
I often wonder how them angels spend their time in heaven
And are they marked with tattoo needles or with branding irons
Is there a prison above heaven even more prestigious?
Tell 'em to swear upon the bible before I ask of Jesus

If we all gotta die don't the devil gotta die too
And how long must I survive to outsurvive you

Death is deep below the surface
Underwater 'bout to breach it's like the freakin' slowest porpoise
Void of purpose. The soul is Satan's oldest purchase
That (he said) is necessary since he sold himself as a serpent
Tons of gold and cattle merchants out at your favorite places of worship
Easily lead the sheep to pasture look at the grass don't it look fantastic
Can't we cork that porpoise blow hole with some plastic
I think that we can patch it if we all believe in magic, hey

If we all gotta die don't the devil gotta die too
And how long must I survive to outsurvive you

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Wax Devil Comments
  1. Abdul Abdel Aziz

    You'll have an eternal fan in the Netherlands bro. Hit me up if you ever feel like visiting!

  2. snowgoer540

    Maybe ask Rosana...I bet she knows 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Project Irreverent Games

    Love it! This made me so happy!

  4. Dr.Nug710

    We’re all in this together 👽

  5. Brian Goodspeed


  6. Burt Gaming

    Wax is a OG he’s been here since the Golden days. You’ve earned my respect G. Love ya wax no homo tho

  7. Ferliard Nerquan

    You should have had ghost written this song for Dale Firebird.

  8. Louie Trap

    Why is real mind opening talent so underated.

  9. EpsilonThirteen

    This is lowkey a fuckin' banger

  10. Ed Oak

    Thank you.

  11. Isaac Dobson

    I love this song so much man it’s got a wayyy old school vibe and jusss lyrics are on point it ain’t about pussy or drugs and burning money man wheeeeeew big wax got them skills.

  12. drew felter

    Did YouTube remove "jesus christ" by wax? Wtf 🤬

  13. jake finato

    Your mic is so clear it sounds like I’m actually in the room with you haha


    Electronics are some things and I have some stuff...greens keepers anyone?

  15. Harris Badalandabad

    Wax is the realist nigga in the game

  16. Aidan Vickery

    I just start singing the chorus sometimes

  17. Bear Ursidae

    Thank you wax, I’m waitin on outlastin the devil

  18. Corey Choi

    I've been listening to you for so long Wax, and although i feel like you deserve more recognition; above all of that, i just hope you're happy! Much love man, been a fan since you were walking through alleyways knockin trash cans over

  19. AceWlHAT

    first heard you when the vibe contest verse came out and i never forgot a line man, that shits been stuck in my head forever, feel awful that im just getting back into it, great song foreal keep it up

  20. Nicholas Daw

    Find me these 7 assholes

  21. Alpha - bodee

    One of my absolute favorite artist

  22. Brett Dysinger

    I lost track of you after eviction notice and I'm very happy that you're still making music

  23. Joshua Lasley

    You are a fucking genius and top 5 slept on in the fucking world

  24. Rolands Dzīvo TV

    big like

  25. Jorge

    Wish I could see what chords you're playing better.

  26. Brian Goodspeed


  27. Tom Anderson

    Pls on spotify

  28. bennykell3

    Dope man!

  29. Joel Stinson

    Fire brother

  30. insanekss

    I dunno why I wasnt super excited to click. Not disappointed at all

  31. Elijah Sanchez

    The one of the most underrated artists

  32. Calvin Schedler

    Your songs feel so personal. Please don't let me outsurvive you.
    R.I.P Eom, he made mad beats

  33. Sherm G

    I'm glad you're still doing what you do. I've been going through some really hard times, and seeing this actually put a smile on my face.

  34. Liam Adams

    how do i play this song? im super new at guitar, cant tell where his fingers are lol

  35. Poop Trashbucket

    one lone thumbs down. Must be the devil

  36. Riff Bear

    wow only one person's finger slipped amazing

  37. Cody O'Brien

    I'm always down for a new Wax tune

  38. Clang T.V.

    Thank you.

  39. lobdooks

    when is the minecraft lets play

  40. driztel93

    When I first seen a thumbs down I was like wow what a hater but holy shit this sucked. Ima give this a thumbs up cause ima fan but can you make more rap music thanks bubba

  41. hans peter

    Great one, wax. Been here since grizzly season and you still manage to impress me. Nice technique, refreshing lyrics, so yeah. Visit Switzerland and I'll be there, as your music was for me. Cheers

  42. The Regularity

    still waiting for the songs on spotify

  43. Zessa Z Zenessa

    Omg! I love you!

  44. teamyoutube

    Dear Wax, thanks for being an inspiration since the late 00s.

  45. Nathan

    Love it mate. You're an artist.

  46. kip smith

    Dude wtf you been doing

  47. NJ dEviLboy

    My guy, appreciate what you do. Always dropping something unique.

  48. THR33

    thank you wax

  49. K-Holla

    The one dislike was the devil

  50. der topher

    Man, I remember hearing your songs on some RWJ Vlog back when the Scrublife Mixtape came out. Been my favorite artist ever since
    This is another amazing song! Hope you're doing great!

    Gabriel Romo

    Exactly how I came across his music for the first time as well. Also, my favorite artist :) cool coincidence

  51. You I Am

    Dope shit man

  52. Revamptheindustry

    Your guitar is getting super tight man, vocals BEEN TIGHT YO

  53. MoCooper247

    The red hue on a *creep creep*; I like it.

  54. Aidan Vickery

    Peak creativity, i love it

  55. Eddie M's

    Much love from Chicago. Love the song!

  56. MunneyMerking

    I love this song.

  57. Danielle Boss

    I LOVE YOU (;

  58. sir crashalot

    wax deville

  59. NeverTellMeThaOddz

    These songs are so great

  60. Shawn

    This is great Wax. But we all fell in love with Liquid Courage and Scrub Life. The game needs you back. I've definitely run out of good rap to listen to. There isn't much to pick from. Your albums are timeless and never get old. But we need something new like NOW!

    Tyler Springstube

    The eom cyper thing he did was dope if he can drop stuff like that too more regularly don't necessarily need album or mixtape

    Tyler Springstube

    RIP btw to EOM best producer

  61. John-Michael Sanchez

    Alright who disliked this?????

  62. Ferliard Nerquan

    Is there an option to hit the like button twice?

  63. elias197859

    what happened to that song about people wanting to give teachers guns? did wax delete it?

  64. Mark Dola

    ok cdq pls

  65. Steve Regal

    Wax is a musical genius. I love his acoustic work and even old shit going back to music and liquor

  66. Sgt.StickyTits

    Something about this reminds me of Mellow Yellow by Donovan. Hmm.

  67. Nate's Escape

    You're the most talented musician in the world!
    Absolutely incredible!

  68. Martin Doty

    This is fucking GOLD! thanks wax!

  69. TheILLTechnics


  70. Steven Bennett

    Your the fuckin man! Since Continue 2013s what got me here! Had to see what was new.. bin keeping up. Much love

  71. Joshua Lansdowne

    Well shit, nothing to dislike. Regular banging Wax videos. Wish you'd come to the UK but keep up with this stuff in the meantime man. Absolutely love that you're making stuff and staying you.

  72. Grizly

    Reminds me of the good old days, when musicians wrote lyrics with passion and skill!

  73. hyprtwix

    any new rap coming?

  74. KamikazeKen

    Bring back dale!!!! Also love the music keep it comin

  75. Larry Legendary


  76. Bearisgoldenuk

    These are so good!!!!!

  77. Rory Smith

    Unbelievable flow. How you remember it all and deliver is beyond me

  78. Tatanka

    this video is the best thing happened to me today.
    it makes me remember the day that i heard the coins for the first time.
    many thanks to your creative mind.
    i am greatful

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
    - L I T S H I T -
    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  79. joe skiro

    That SoCal country music

  80. Humoraid

    Lol WAX now a days reminds me a bit of Johnny Cash. Anyone else get a feel of it? Not copying or anything bad, just really like good messages in music, like idk how to explain it. Just a weirdly similar style of music in some way.

    Tyler Springstube

    Handbasket was big for me I started hearing wax do more johnny cash vibe songs and guitar. Wax is so versatile and dynamic musician always changing n evolving his style n sound

  81. 2tonejoker

    Who's STILL here because of Ray William Johnson?

  82. Kyle Schuster

    I don't even use a calendar at this point, I just keep track of my days by Wax songs

  83. Sylas Morgan

    This man can write

  84. Quoc Nguyen

    thank you for being yourself, expressing yourself, and sharing it with us all

  85. Aquaneos1193

    I really hate myself for not seeing you in San Antonio. I love these videos

  86. DerekD

    haha love it dude

  87. Matt Cattie

    I’m a huge Am fan so this is perfect.

    I mean that with love, I know it sounds troll-like. Your vocal melodies are beautiful.

  88. Jacob Holloway

    Wax I miss the old school stuff like coins do you ever plan on revisiting your older style music? Nothing wrong with what you have been posting and every time I see your name come across my sub feed I click on it immediately I love your voice

  89. Morbid

    another song in my playlist my man

  90. Kapper the Prego

    Outstanding work, always!!

  91. Chance Woodside


  92. Gianluca Tkach

    One of my favourites for sure. The red lighting was a nice touch too

  93. Gabriel Parker

    I like your take on God. And you have a different type of Christian music to put a name to it. Because we all know there are different religions than Christianity.


    Not a christian rapper

    Gabriel Parker

    Of course he isn’t. And I didn’t say he is.

  94. Masior Senpai

    The beginning of this song sounds incredibly similar to The Moldy Peaches's Anyone Else But You

    Sam Wh

    You‘re a part time lover and a full time frieeend 🎶

  95. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    Feeling privileged be the 1173rd viewer on a beautiful spring day... Thanks as always wax!

  96. Ryan Miller

    I get so excited when I see Wax pop up with a new tune, another banger. Cheers mate!

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    This song is amazing! i was imagining an animation film while watching it, feels perfect for a video! 💙😇

    Been watching for years, keep working hard!