Watson, Patrick - In Circles Lyrics

As long as I can turn in circles in your bare arms
I don't really care who you are
Don't really matter what you are
As long as there's something between our arms

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Watson, Patrick In Circles Comments
  1. Sarah Henderson

    In love this song gives me inspiration to create 🖤

  2. Luis Pinheiro

    I can't get enough of this...

  3. Aresto Aresto

    Im under a spell whenever i listen to his work. Genius!

  4. Pamela Herrera

    Hermosa composición !

  5. Devon Opden Dries

    This is grand.

  6. Sasha B

    Who is the women singing with them? This whole thing is lovely

    Joffrey DRIGNY

    Marie-Pierre Arthur

  7. Terrible Debacle

    simply stunning!

  8. Geoffrey defossé

    Even better than the album version <3

  9. Julien Dutheil

    too short ! this song could be 8min long without problem ...

  10. karen Isbister

    so good

  11. Jade Brière