Waterboys, The - Glastonbury Song Lyrics

I dreamed myself from the sultry plains
to the old green square back in old Maybole
Rode the wind up to Stornaway
paused at the peak, pacified my soul
Caught the bus at the faery fort
made it to the mansion on the Boyne
See I come around to the ancient ways
I took a tip from the buddha boy

I just found god
I just found god
I just found god where he always was

We came down from the hill of dreams
Bernadette, mother earth and you and me
through Carraroe, down the wildwood side
blinding out eyes in the shallow seas
Drank fire with the King of the Blues,
plugged in to the medicine way
Took a long last look at Crazy Horse
push now for a golden age

I just found god
I just found god
I just found god where he always was

I found myself on the roof of the world
just waiting for to get my wings
Strange angel in the changing light
said "Brother, you forgot something!"
My heart beat from the inside out
so lucky just to be alive!
Can you tell what I'm talking about?
any day now the Sun's gonna rise

I just found god
I just found god
I just found god where he always was
I just found god where he always was

There is a green hill far away
I'm going back there one fine day

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Waterboys, The Glastonbury Song Comments
  1. Greg O'Brien

    Fukkin brilliant.

  2. Johanna Christine Arnold

    Great Song.

  3. Lena Gladh

    Love !!!!

  4. José Alfredo Garcia Alvarez

    Mike Scott is a nice guy. Thanks so much to create this song. It’s a fantastic music. I love a lot.

  5. Lena Gladh

    Love it !!!!

  6. Bruce H

    No lip sinking here.. just kick ass! TY

  7. Ignacio Martinez

    Saw them in Valencia. Superb!!!!!

  8. stoneage1971

    More passion in that performance than 99.9% of today's crap music

  9. O P

    Whos that drummer ?
    I know him from other bands .
    and hes too young to be an original member


    I'd like to hear Mr. Wickham & Mr. Kennedy xxxx🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻& twirling too.....😊

  11. Bob Dawson

    Excellent lyrics & tune

  12. Adele 79

    è un paradosso lo so ma questa l'ho conosciuta dopo anni dall'aver ascoltato il remake di Samuele bersani che mi piaceva molto, quindi il merito all'originale!!!

  13. Eric Hinds


  14. Rachel lewis

    Love this ❤️❤️❤️ Mike Scott ❤️❤️❤️

  15. angela maria Fascia

    fantastic ....

  16. robert bayley

    there is a green hill faraway. iv got tickets this song can make me cry

  17. Fakename70

    Memories :)

  18. Gerard Gray

    I just found god.Love the waterboys.

  19. Joseph Hamilton

    I just God.

  20. Kieran Mccann

    fu in hell let it out

  21. Brendan Mc Cann

    I remember thinking at the time this song was.........
    penn'ed for me
    dam alway's was a bit super sensi.....

  22. Scott Creed

    so good to listen to this song again

  23. Great Made America

    Can't think of another singer I like even more 30 years on.  His voice is richer and more confident.  Brilliant band!!

    I rukandji

    @Howard Parr Yeah, something happened after Dream Harder where he really found his rock n' roll voice. He's more soulful than ever now.

  24. davegavinart

    absolute class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Reigs Hughes

    Right on!

  26. Asdrubale Porretto


  27. Sean Urquhart

    Dutiful? oh what rot!