Waterboys, The - Corn Circles Lyrics

Corn Circles
Appearing all over the land
Corn Circles
Appearing all over the land
Nobody knows where they come from
Nobody understands

Corn Circles
Mysterious symbols in the fields
Corn Circles
Mysterious symbols in the fields
No one knows - are they phony
Or maybe are they real?

Corn Circles!
Corn Circles!

Corn Circles
Is somebody playing a trick?
Corn Circles
Pixies, witches, hoaxers
Take your pick
Throw a few theories out there
See what sticks!

Corn Circles!
Corn Circles!

Corn Circles
Patterns in the gold
Corn Circles
Pretty patterns in the gold
Like something out of the future
Or something very old

Corn Circles!
Corn Circles!

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Waterboys, The Corn Circles Comments
  1. Mike

    great song, stupid video

  2. Pavel Usa

    Gr8 job..Merci beaucoup

  3. Aiden Rooney

    Poet and great songwriter!!!

  4. terry tibbs

    I can really relate to this song. I love Corn Flakes but I do not put sugar on the Corn Flakes. I tend to have them with soy milk rather than dairy milk. I think Mike Scott captures that feeling very well.

  5. GT Fenderman

    There is a reason why this song never gets a look in on my Waterboy wanderings.

  6. GT Fenderman


  7. MrAdvoDiaboli

    I first heard this played full blast over and over (on repeat) by a bunch of insanely high Yorkshiremen camped next to us at Reading Festival circa mid-90's. Found myself in HMV a few days later :)

    Matt Morgan

    MrAdvoDiaboli no way, I was about 5 tents away from them!! As I remember they were blasting it out of an old ambulance, drove me fucking mad!

    Pablo Van Rothschild

    @Matt Morgan They were next door to the old ambulance Matt. We were in the yellow tranny right next door to the crazy-ass Yorkshiremen. The ambulance was inhabited by a kindly cupple from somewhere entirely not Yorkshire and totally not appreciative of Corn Circles on repeat at full-whack all night played by the insane Yorkshiremen. In response to their bad behavior we put our shit bucket in their RV which went down as you might expect. We then rocked their posh RV till they woke up and spilled said shit bucket all over the van. Damn-fine festival despite the crazy-ass Yorkshiremen though, and we get to know about Corn Circles by the WaaaterBoys to boot!

  8. Jehoshful

    This song is off another great album from the Waterboys: "Dream Harder"!

  9. Sophie -Grace

    The studiedly silly song is an important genre :-)

    This one really is a belter. Mike's slight rhotacism helps it quite a bit: "Mystewious symbols in the fields..."


    He's hunting a wabbit ? ;)

  10. Sophie -Grace

    @ Quantum Allen: You liar. It was me :-)

  11. Jan Suchanek

    1:50 "hoaxers" What's up with using a moon landing pic for this spot!?

  12. Boylieboyle

    3.43 (in the background) "I had the Dalai Lama in the back of my cab once!" haha

  13. iamtheyikes

    The first time i heard this i was in a psychiatic hospital. I was 16 and another patient played this on his guitar, good times!! thank you od

  14. ehdave100

    i looked this song up after hearing a drunk singing this song so badly and strumming along in an out of tune guitar at 11 at night and i just couldn't forget it