Wariner, Steve - Road Trippin' Lyrics

Feed the cat, grab the road map
Put the house key under the mat
Don't forget to leave the kitchen light on

Pack your bags, hit the trail
Tell the neighbors to pick up the mail
The nice couple down at the end of the street
With the pink flamigo 'neath the willow tree

Put your silver key into my cold ignition
Burn a little rubber with me
Road trippin'
Head for the nearest beach
Do a little skinny dippin'
Gonna get wild and free
Road trippin', Road trippin', Road trippin' with me

We're headin' south swerving about
Cause I'm tastin' that crawdad in my mouth
Cakey cornbread and sippin' on sweet tea

We got the fuzzy dice, the bobbin' dog
The little pine tree freshener and the radio on
It doesn't get any better than this
Pretty baby, how's about a kiss?
Pretty baby, how's about a kiss?

[Repeat Chorus]

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Wariner, Steve Road Trippin' Comments
  1. C 10

    Deserves more attention...much more...

  2. Shay Palmer

    Great country tune. I could dance to this song all night.

  3. Ben Lundberg

    great tune!