Ward, Tyler - What It's Like To Be Lonely Lyrics

Headed back home
Boarding the plane
Like an old ghost thought I heard your name
And my heart stopped, skipped a beat for one second
Turned around, but who was I kidding?
Just a sweet girl
Was she here to save me?
Will I finally get to move on, maybe?
Quick drinks, so that I can move closer
Ask her name, hoping for closure

So this is what it's like to be lonely?
Spending every minute thinking 'bout you
But looking for somebody else to hold me
Only hoping they will know me like you do
Get out of my mind for a moment
You took my heart and marked it like a tattoo
They say that time will heal like a potion
But time has only got me missing more of you, of you
(Lonely, lonely)
(Lonely, lonely)

It's been a few months
And not much has changed
Still check my phone to see if your name's on it
Drive past the places we used to go
Our song keeps spinning on the radio
And I know I sound a little cliché, but I
I never thought the things could change
So please, don't forget me when the summer fades
All the while, I'll be trying to replace your face

So this is what it's like to be lonely?
Spending every minute thinking 'bout you
But looking for somebody else to hold me
Only hoping they will know me like you do
Get out of my mind for a moment
You took my heart and marked it like a tattoo
They say that time will heal like a potion
But time has only got me missing more of you, of you
(Lonely, lonely)
(This is what it's like to be, this is what it's like to be)
(Lonely, lonely)
(This is what it's like to be lonely)

All I want is for you to know
That I'm sorry for all the things I didn't didn't do
All I want is for you to know
That I'm sorry for all the things I didn't didn't do
If I call you up in the middle of the night
If I send you a text asking, "How is your life?"
It's just me checking in insecure
Wondering if I exist anymore
If I say something and I started a fight
Between you and yours, yeah I'll act so surprised
Surprised, surprised
I'll need a little time

So this is what it's like to be lonely?
Spending every minute thinking 'bout you
But looking for somebody else to hold me
Only hoping they will know me like you do
Get out of my mind for a moment
You took my heart and marked it like a tattoo
They say that time will heal like a potion
But time has only got me missing more of you, of you
(Lonely, lonely, lonely)
(Lonely, lonely, this is what it's like to be lonely)
(Lonely, this is what it's like to be lonely)

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Ward, Tyler What It's Like To Be Lonely Comments

    What's it like to leave a baby ABANDONED. I dont know son. Why dont you get some sleep and ..

  2. Cs Gamer

    When ur with a girl for a year and 2 months and after all I did for her caring for her treating her like a queen and suddenly she says she doesn’t love me and things have changed and it crushes me everyday for the past 3 months it feels like nothing could numb the pain this song I found fits my situation perfectly I never thought this day would come 💔

  3. miguel nerie

    i love this song

  4. QUEEN of Fries

    Relatable x2

  5. 林顥

    happened to find this song in the middle of the night... thinking of a girl who made me cry
    after almost two years i still burst into tears
    love from taiwan btw

  6. Dark Wolf

    Songs like this make me think of my boyfriend and how I'd feel if we split up. It really helps me appreciate the people in my life during times I'm feeling selfish and forgetfull

  7. Brandon Cooke

    Who's listening to this is 2019?

  8. Tinay Montefalco

    Still one of my favorite songs! Keep inspiring, Mr. Ward! Sending love from the Philippines.

  9. milkymccn

    I came here from abyss but this song is amazing 😭🥺💗

  10. Helen Valerie

    "Hello my friends"😇

  11. Annie Sierra

    your voice is perfect!! and use your songs as my study mucic <3

  12. Keizel Cestona

    this song deserves more likes and views! it’s so good 😭❤️

  13. RoCk StAr DeViL

    Anyone ???

  14. I'm Jesus

    Lol I just realized that ...
    I’m late

  15. I'm Jesus

    I mean he’s not bad

  16. LowKey Gaming

    put the speed at 1.25 its sounds better... XD ( this si how they make nightcore speed the song to 1,25 and pitch it)

  17. Nazhif Edsel

    Can you make it to accoustic version?

  18. Hollow BLight

    This is all i would listen too when i broke up with someone

  19. Debbie Ray

    Hello my friends, liq...


    ชอบเพลงนี้มากเลย แต่ทําไมยอดวิวน้อยจัง น่าจะเยอะกว่านี้นะ

  21. Levet 101

    The outcasts, the broken, the sad, the beat down, the hurt, the lonely and the depressed are the strongest people alive and have faced the truth of the world fairly to soon...... but did we ever deserve to face such a fate? Did we need this? Did we earn this? Only so many can live through the war of unfair life no matter how strong they are or seem. I can say I relate or some shit but all of our story's are different and although similar maybe but who else can agree that you get upset when someone tells you they understand? Or that we need to move on? To forget the past? If and only if they understand they wouldn't tell you to forget because if you try it would only get worse. Should we envy those who seem happy? Or be concerned because its like looking in a mirror who's to say they aren't the same? Just being alive is great within it self. Being alive maybe just maybe there is hope. I tend to ramble so this is probably all over the place but I can't generally say it will get better because no one knows. No one knows when or where. We ask others in terms of hope but that hope gets misplaced. Goodnight or Good Morning everyone. Good luck everyone.

  22. mR BloodHunter

    Anyone in 2019!??? This is the best song of tyler

  23. Anna Warwick

    Hellooo my friends!!

  24. ขจิตรพรรณ วิจิตรพันธ์

    D'amer going

  25. Isaiah Johnson

    Hello my friends

  26. orange potato

    This song is so underrated

  27. Deepika Mehta

    You are so awsm don't know why you are not famous.. you deserve so much 😘

  28. Лучший поклонник tАТу

    Speed: 1.25 = Orgasm

  29. endles

    i know what lonley is but now youre gone its heavy and yeah i think evry min sec hour about you but also you walked away so idk why i feel this way but i just hope we find eachoter like in the movies kindest regards youre my only love

  30. fujoshi :3

    I love this song so damn much

  31. aaron letner

    I wish you were here . Gavin

  32. aaron letner

    Tayler I miss you I love you . Gavin

  33. aaron letner

    My sight my eyes are missing reptainlans have them Gavin

  34. aaron letner

    I quiet my job . Gavin

  35. aaron letner

    I want you Gavin

  36. aaron letner

    Gavin hey is me I not hate you im going to work on my new song . Ffa has tav

  37. aaron letner

    I'm so jealous hey . Gavin Gavin . I love you not hate you . Don't tell me I have to go snake with it please do tell me yes there is a lot I'm stuck I miss you . I love you

  38. Electroshock

    I keep loving this song even more when I hear it every time Thanks Tyles for this awesome work!!

  39. Small Slides

    My girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago, this song makes me cry, thank you so much for writing relatable songs that inspire me to call her and ask her what happened. Wish me luck my dudes lols

  40. HermesGoodlaw

    This song would be a perfect mashup with Faded and Just A Dream

  41. Beautiful Mind

    Wow... This song fits me pretty well, I have been missing this guy for months, trying to get over with him with other people, it just makes me miss him and dislike other people more... I hope I can get over him, because he doesn't care about me anymore.

  42. Aman Singh

    Brother!! You look smart AF!!

  43. Dazzle Gamer

    Just what happened to me, we broke up.. she left me, left me for good! why does it hurts so much!
    Feels like this song is for me, I don't think I'll ever get over her

  44. Ghost Anderson

    Im so sorry for laughing at this but the nightcore version has more views

  45. Ascendio Cygon

    Idk why but the couples spending time happily doesnt suit the sad lyrics and that annoys me

  46. Nimzu

    Music gets better when you speed it up to 1.25x

  47. Nevi_ xoxo

    Matches me and my ex, every minute without him feels like years.......

    Nevi_ xoxo

    We broke up on Mother's Day 2018

  48. Scotland Morehouse


  49. jbfreshh

    This song. This is one of those songs that will go deep in my heart for the rest of my life and she will never know. Tyler. Thank you.

  50. Elisheba Karen

    hello my friends!! hello Tyler. so good!

  51. Bec Crawford

    Lonely seasons cultivate growth and patience in preparation to receive the greatest love of all; the love God has waiting ahead for us. Thank you for portraying this and sharing the raw emotions we all feel during these trying times! I am happy to be lonely while developing my singleness in Christ and trusting God with whatever lies ahead. I've found peace far beyond my own understanding. Big love to you, Tyler!

  52. Amber Mossembekker

    First song I've listened to by you. Super Surprised. I loved it

  53. Elvis Paul

    This is underrated song.

  54. Esther.x

    Is this dedicated to Christina Grimmie ?

  55. Sharath Chandra

    Thank u tyler for such a beautiful song! 🙌🏻

  56. AngelBeast

    You just spoke the words of my heart. Thank you, Tyler. I couldn't find the right words and you did that for me. :)

  57. Kriztan Charles

    This song is so accurate 😭

  58. Lonia Tuuli

    Hello my friends 😍😍😍

  59. Clandy Jeur

    Lonely connect with your strength of control the flesh until you release your soul so that it won't destroy a child of GOD in you.

  60. Yeo Shao Qi

    tyler ward you rock! :)

  61. Kooloista

    Hello my friends 😉

  62. Sherilyn Marrow

    Beautiful, Tyler....perhaps your very best!

  63. Shlok Jain

    Wow your music is so good ...

  64. Arash Bal

    Spending every minute thinking about you :)

  65. Jacqueline

    I Love this Song

  66. Tamara Lehel

    You sing from you heart and you feel every single word with emotion TBH the first few times I heard this song I cried I don't have heartbreak but everyone I get involved with gets hurt or they hurt me. I feel like this reminds me of my mum coz no matter what I do I'll always be the mistake of her life but songs like these keep me going 5 more years till I'm 18 and then I'll escape from the hell that I'm in...... Thank you

  67. Chris McDonald

    This my theme song doing my everyday grind singing it stuck on replay miss you like crazy but don't see you comeing back

  68. lady: Salazar

    Bellísima canción

  69. Ritesh

    Amazing!!! Hooked from the start.I am thinking why isn't this song on the hot 100 songs.Seriously man u nailed it. Biggest fan Tyler Ward

  70. Ashley Race

    Love this song so much.

  71. Kicked2 thecurb

    I'm guessing he's watching the girl being with another guy and he saying lonely

  72. Shantoria Todd

    Type "Hello my friends in the comments below." 🤗

  73. jprince massey

    This song fits me perfectly

    Lonely and autistic

    No friends real life etc

    I play online.

    Under my psn name


  74. Kai Diver


  75. Juls SA

    Absolutely love it. Gets me beautifully zoned out.

  76. Jose Hernandez

    Words sad but true .good song

  77. Tanys Lowry

    Hello my friends! XD

  78. Joanna Kingery

    Flying to Mexico and leaving behind my crush. I know we're going nowhere but it's still hurts so much saying goodbye.

  79. Zafar Syed

    "Hello, my friend!" Tyler Tyler Tyler, you've done it again, my friend! Brought out another song to let us know more about your life and to let us dig deeper into that. So inspiring for others to move on and focus on yourself and love yourself! Amazing ways of expression Tyler!

  80. Wanshan Lyngdoh

    This song brings back some memories 😔

  81. Bini sha

    Why is the side profile of a singer reminding me of Louis Tomlinson?

  82. Muriel Arnio

    'It's an amazing song; it's been a while since I actually visited youtube and I was just playing some songs but i kinda have this feeling like i wanted to hear something and i thought of you and visited your channel and it lead me here. I just actually miss Tyler Ward Music.. i used to listen to it before. And i miss you and you & julia sheer.. Thanks for your music Tyler!

  83. Blake Frederick

    god, why arent songs like this on the radio?

  84. Legomybagel

    Speed 1.25 :)

  85. LennyThroughParadise

    Not bad

  86. kiizzTV

    This song is impossibly sad... please, my heart. Q.Q

  87. Jessica Marlés

    Beautiful song! I can't stop listening to it!

  88. Abraham Schwartz

    This sounds like country music to me

  89. Edi VCS

    wow *-*

  90. Mia Draws!

    I miss Having someone to be there for me, Everything goes so fast before you can grab it, and soon enough all you have is the memory of the one you felt close to and happy with glued to your memory, I miss being YOUNG and a Stupid fucking kid.

  91. CreatiVic

    My cover of this beautiful song :)

  92. Chay XP

    Hallo my friends🤗🤗

  93. Miss Janger

    Subscribed. Love this song!!

  94. nejc kastelic

    This makes me cry bicose im lonly the 8. Girl thid this i'v been going thru this for about a mounth and it's going to be a long tine till i will get over this stage i took me abou a year and a half to get rid of the lonlyness but now eighter i will keep slowly dying and bearly make it thru this 2years maby more or my mentall stage will colese and by that i mean i will die thx to enyone who took their time to read this it means the world to me and i hope sombody prays with me so thx again and take care 😑😑😢

  95. Safayar

    Hello my friends 😁

  96. NLEEmusic

    You never fail to amaze me!

  97. D.A.N.O Official

    Ha gayyy