Ward, Tyler - Use Me Lyrics

I send a simple I miss you yesterday
Wasn't surprised you didn't answer right away
Probably the lights flight heared you on the radio
So when you called back I just smiled

Small talk no details of your life
Then you cut to the point of what wasn't right
We haven't talked for a while
Now you finally have some time to explain your side

She said
You used me
You won't use me anymore
No not anymore
And you used to be
You used to be what I was looking for
No not anymore

Give me a minute so I understand your side
You're telling me you thought our love was just a lie
If all the secrets that I shared were a disguise
Then explain the tears I cried
I always listened when you shared your fears and doubts
What about the nights lying there on my couch
The stage was set for a fairytale
And I wasn't acting out
So what's with the fall out

She said
You used me
You won't use me anymore
No not anymore
And you used to be
You used to be what I was looking for
But not anymore

I guess the point of this song
Is to tell you I think of you
A little to often and
If my name comes up ever round in your world, yeah
I hope you know I was doing my best
The best that I knew how
And you were too
So can we move on now

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Ward, Tyler Use Me Comments
  1. Brittany Stein

    Little bean!

  2. Ronnie revaz

    I've seen that in his Vlog!

  3. xxOnlyMusicxx

    I can only think in tylex everytime I hear this

  4. Ami Hernandez

    I ❤️ this song!!!

  5. Zafar Syed

    I've seen that in his vlog! I've ACTUALLY seen all of this in his vlogs! And I did see Brey! I SAW HER! xD I am speechless, T! Outstanding #LittleBean! I mean #BIGBEAN!

  6. KengsMusic

    This world is so BEAUTIFUL. Thanks Tyler Ward!

  7. Gavin Lavallet

    I have no idea where I am here I wish you where here

  8. Gavin Lavallet

    hey its me gavin

  9. Gavin Lavallet

    Colorado sucks and way to cold

  10. Gavin Lavallet

    I'm scared I'll be in jail for whatever they want to charge me with and I have a 2 year masters degree in Florida

  11. Gavin Lavallet

    I'm so tired of not having anything to do and I'm so tired of everyone wanting to be me

  12. Theo and Me

    Eyyo! I did a cover 😛 https://youtu.be/-L6j2saBmco

  13. Panji Santoso

    Love this music for picnic yuhuuu 😁😁😁

  14. geesh

    your whole life you will try to make something better than this but this is the pinnacle of Tyler Ward...not to be underestimated, this is an awesome song

  15. Sarah Mueller

    Probably one of my favorite songs! love his voice!

  16. geesh

    I'm so bummed by Chris Cornell suicide not sure what to listen to....wrong way to deal with your demons Chris...

  17. Darby Wimmer

    LOVE THIS SONG! It has got me through some rough times.

  18. Lindy Vaughn


  19. ThatDorkAlex 123

    Saw video, tapped, and now I want paper, a guitar and a drone.

  20. TheMrrccava

    I've listened to this a lot, and it really hurts and touches me deep down in my soul. Because of past mistakes and things of the sorts.

    Thank you for uploading and writing it. I very much love it.

  21. Gregory Kolenbrander

    You have no idea how much this song describes my relationship with my ex fiance. She used me to the point of me crying at my parents door when I swore I'd never go back. This song hit me right in the feelers. thank you Tyler

  22. Derek Joswiak

    How much of this was done with your Phantom 3 standard vs. phantom 3 professional? Big difference between the two?

  23. Aaa Bbb

    3 years ago I used to hang out with a boy I liked, but I never told him my feelings. We became friends. Then, suddendly, we stopped meeting and texting: I don't what happened.
    Thanks to this song, yesterday I had the courage to text him just to say "Hey! What's up? We haven't talked for a while... How are you?"
    He saw the text, but haven't replied yet... I hope he will

  24. E Voura

    I've seen that in his VLOG.
    Really enjoyed that Tyler.

  25. Jayani

    You deserve so much more attention!! you are amazing <3

  26. Jackie Goodall

    Love the drone footage.

  27. Jackie Goodall

    Video captured the words perfectly. I love traveling.

  28. Humera Mahmood

    Love this x

  29. Jsquare Productions

    I have ur album!

  30. alphasxsignal

    Quadchopper video looks like

  31. geesh

    Talent Scouts take a listen

  32. geesh

    There is no better Tyler Ward song so far. I'm stating it here and I really liked your "Teenage Dream" Katy Perry cover but this beats them all.

  33. Hunter Long

    This has to be one of my favorite songs by Tyler and overall, just one of my favorites (it also looks awesome)
    But where are all the views!? Everybody has to continue sharing this song

    Also Tyler, if you ever see this comment, was this the place you went during New Years (from your other channel)?

  34. Soph

    I'm absolutely in love with this song. Can relate so well to it (the girl's side haha) Anyways, I've been dying to figure out the chords/tabs to play this song on the guitar. Can anyone help me out please? :)

  35. brett nelson

    Enjoyed the song. You're a favorite on this YouTube.

  36. Zach Bondoc

    Who hurt you?!?! I will find them and talk to them!
    Great lyrics! Loved this song since I first heard it!

  37. Castle Of Thoughts

    Why would you waste your time with silly covers when you can write like this? You should be on Fandalism dot com

  38. Elizabeth Peña

    Beautiful 🎤🎸👌🏼

  39. Cara Hartmann

    great song & great video :)
    PS: I've seen that in his vlog!

  40. Sean Peirce

    hey Tyler just wondering the base chord progressions? sounds like the same pick for most of the song anyways. I love your music and i love to play music like yours (just to myself) especially when they mean alot to me. would be awesome to know thanks and don't stop making oringals

    Tyler Ward Music

    oh my...i totally forgot. That's kind of embarrassing, right? I need to relearn this one :) If I had a guitar I'd pick it up and figure it out!

  41. Bioboy 456

    Your brother is my PE teacher

    Tyler Ward Music

    crazy right?

  42. Kim A. Just

    Kim being late to the game - I love that one so much!

    Tyler Ward Music

    Love that you're here Kim!

  43. mech halima

    PRETTY WELL,I am your fan from Algeria

  44. Sakib Kabir

    *gasp* i have seen that in his vlog

  45. Kelli Jacobson

    Oh wow, I love this one! I can't believe I didn't add it to my most current playlist - that has been fixed! LOL I love the song and I love your photography! You are amazing!!! I've seen that in his vlog! (and I have! lol)

  46. AlexisGregorie

    Awesome Original Tyler!! Loved your worldwide travels video!!! Your vocals are amazing!!! <3 Alexis

  47. Joseph Travis

    I honestly can't stop listening to this song

  48. David Greyson

    Such a beautiful song. The only problem is this song reminds of a girl I used to really like and things didn't work out because of me. I love this song but I hate myself for it

  49. FUN Lee

    I love it!!

  50. Secretnc

    Wow, love it <3

  51. j20py56

    i cant stop playing this song on replay i love it so much

  52. Krayer

    Never give up Tyler brother!! I've been a fan of yours ever since u started the channel man, it has been a long road, up and down but keep on the grind brother!!

  53. TheYenyC

    ooh! I've seen that in his vlogs :) It's a beautiful song Tyler :)

  54. Littleninjapro 132

    You inspire me to do music

  55. Kaeleb Carithers

    "I've seen that in your vlogs before." I love that song as well, great song!!!

  56. Shannon Gafner-Holmes

    I've seen that in his Vlog 🤗

  57. Victor Matheus

    I've seen that in his VLOG!
    Great shots Tyler!! I love it and the song is just heartwarming!
    Thanks for this!

  58. Amy Milne

    Sorry I'm late to the party but I'm finally watching this video. Tyler you never cease to amaze me. Also the footage is beautiful. 😄🎶☀️🎵 I've seen that in his vlog! lol

  59. Uchiha ZD

    Oww and very beautiful you are gorgeous💝💝💝💝💝💝

  60. ohburnitsalyssa

    I've always loved this song! Loving the footage from your travels with it!

  61. Tara Heffner

    Ironic song. She said that you won't use her anymore but you used her for this song. Touché. Well played.

  62. Kristin Huntley

    I've seen that in his vlog!!!

  63. Chloe Wrigley

    This is such a beautiful song, Tyler! I've loved your music for a long time. This song reminds me of a certain relationship I was in that didn't end well. Keep up the awesome work!! ❤️

  64. Issa Selu

    shape of you by ed sheeran cover ?❤️

  65. Dana D'Argo

    I love this Tyler!

  66. Katie Bagnall

    I am going to watch this beautiful video ever time I get stressed! Amazing song paired with God's sensational creation! ✨✨✨✨

  67. Miss Catastrophe

    oh! I've seen it in his vlog!! XD Your song is beautiful ^^ you made a really good job on it ;)

  68. ruby rose

    I've seen that in his VLOG !!

  69. Miki Moua

    I hope you're okay, Tyler😊This is a beautiful song

    Tyler Ward Music

    Thank you Miki!

  70. geesh

    Don't know what producers and which are watching but this is the song. I've been watching for a while and this is a level above....keep hitting them out the park like this my friend.

  71. Wiebke H

    Such a wonderful song! I love it!!

  72. Wiebke H

    Such a wonderful song! I love it!!

  73. Burak Demirelli

    Omg!I don't think you saw it but last month or sooner I commented "Can you upload songs from the yellow boxes album and here IT IS.

    Burak Demirelli

    and livestream was amazing btw like always

  74. Lamis Wardinator

    AHHH I''VE SEEN THAT IN HIS VLOG!! love watching your vlogs :))

  75. Tyla Smith

    I seen that in the vlog. Just loved every bit of it!

  76. natasha douch

    hey tyler! amazing video, you are so talented!!! i have a question for you: what microphones under $200 would you recommend for vocals and instruments?? i dont know whether to go for a dynamic or condenser, but im leaning towards a dynamic. My only problem is i have no idea which is the best one in that price range!!! please help!!!!!!

  77. komal n

    i miss you too honey

  78. Highlight Central

    Hey Tyler u have an amazing voice! Idk if you'll respond but I'm Jen Gertson's nephew great videos!!

    Tyler Ward Music

    Hey Nephew Gertson. SO GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE!

  79. Michael Grubbs Music

    Hey Tyler! I love this song so much. Quick question though. i recently started watching you and got obsessed with your style. I'm trying to produce music live like you did in your black Beatles cover. Like with the looping. Like is there a specific DAW or something. Like how did you Loop everything?

    Tyler Ward Music

    Hey Michael. The best way to go about it is to work out of Logic Pro. There are a lot of tutorials online on how to do what I do

  80. Samuel Di Leo

    Tyler you have been one of my biggest inspirations since I started in music. You are one of the reasons why I decided to pursue my dreams. I just released my debut single "If I'm Not The One" and it would mean so much to me if you could tell me what you think; I wouldn't be asking if it were bad quality music, but I promise it's worth it. God keep blessing you. I keep looking forward to hearing new music from you.

  81. Derek Joswiak

    what movie editor do you use? Just got a phantom and would love to edit videos of my travels as well! I saw you start doing that on your vlog and made me want to do the same to have things to remember where I have been.

  82. Jasmin

    Beautiful 😎

  83. Steene

    Ps "I've seen that!! In his vlog.."

  84. Steene

    This song and footage is so beautiful and magical!!!!! I love this!!!!!!🤗💕

  85. Peter Hollens

    moar music all the time

  86. countrymusicgirl249

    *GASP* I've seen that in his vlog! :o

  87. Akshit Anand


    Dang, loved the song, loved the video. You're the best, man. Keep creating.

  88. Aus Flight Simmer

    Well-done mate. Loved the splits at 2:49. Classic :)

  89. bryanargueta64

    man you and Ed sheeran make me wanna do this so fucking bad such an amazing song fam :')

  90. geesh

    This one is worthy of a serious look....reminding me of some stuff I didn't want to feel again but that is the power of this song I suppose.

  91. Overcomer247

    Wow. The feels. Tyler this hit me so hard and brought some much needed healing for me. Thank you so much. Keep it up, you and your music are amazing 😊

  92. LittleMaryA

    Amazing! ♥ I'v seen that in his Vlog!

  93. butterknifeninja96

    nailed it dude. I think this is better than at least half the covers you've done.you keep inspiring me man every time I hear somthing something new it's hard to believe your not the current Michael Jackson or somthing.

  94. geesh

    beautiful song

  95. Rebecca S

    Great song and fabulous scenery.

  96. Laurel Welch

    I saw that in his vlog!
    "So can we move on now?"
    There are always going to be relationships and friendships that end because you grow in different directions (or NEED room to grow), but we can't get stuck in reflecting on what could have been. Sometimes we need to learn through those relationships and the fallout so we can be better human beings later. God never promised us that growth would be easy, right?

    Love the song and the footage, Tyler! Can't wait to hear the rest of the originals project!

  97. Kibo Lavarias

    love it so much! 🎼🎤🎶🎵

  98. raphael axifier

    how gorgeous😍 dreading to hear this fine masterpiece