Ward, Tyler - The Way We Are Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm backseat to your freeway
This could never be safe
Cause, I might get lost in you
I'm just a little bit defeated
I've got my reasons
One being you're just passing through

You know I love you but I'm
Feeling afraid, you never say
One thing to keep me holding on
You push me away

Why do you lie beside me?
When you never have time
And you're fine without me?

And I, think it's pretty unlikely,
That the words on your mind
Could ever inspire me
To stay and love the way we are [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Every time you are lonely
Why am I the only one
You come running to
Got me saying that "I love you"
When I know that the truth is
You could trade me for something new

You keep me hanging like you're
So unaware, you're never there
You should know better but you don't
And it's never fair

Why, do you lie beside me,
When you never have time
And you're fine without me

And I, think it's pretty unlikely,
That the words on your mind
Could ever inspire me
To stay and love the way we are [x2]

Somebody wake
Somebody shake me from
The hold she has on me
I'm so afraid
I wanna be saved but what
If she let's go of me
If she let's go of me?

Why, do you lie beside me,
When you never have time
And you're fine without me

And I, think it's pretty unlikely,
That the words on your mind
Could ever inspire me
To stay and love the way we are [x2]

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Ward, Tyler The Way We Are Comments
  1. Keizel Cestona

    this song deserves more views and likes! 😍

  2. Craig Simon

    Does anyone else listen to this still? I just recently found this amazing singer I've missed out on so much

    Razan Alanazi

    Craig Simon me

  3. Miccoli Official

    Nicely done, great job. Looking forward to more. Much Love Miccoli

  4. j20py56

    my favorite song from you ❤️

  5. Katy Bird

    He looks a little like Fred and George from HP.

  6. Amna .S.A


  7. Enqing Wang

    Beautiful melody

  8. Rouge titan

    shes using the force when the reversed it XD

  9. Erin C

    I totally thought she was digging his grave until the end. I'm like. "Don't date that chick, dude!" LOL.

  10. Potezz

    I'm addicted to this 🙌

  11. Shabbir Ahmed

    damn !! I'm still listening this .such a good song

  12. angellee tulabing

    isnt this shaun reynolds' song?

    Cassy Wright

    No Tyler wrote this

  13. Jessemae D

    yessss <3

  14. matias juul

    love it is my fist song i listing to you tyler Ward i listing to a million gang

  15. Cidooo

    Still totally in love with this song! ♥

  16. Bexy Evans

    Is that Alex G in that video with you or another girl?

    Bexy Evans

    Who then? @Creative Stuff​

    Bexy Evans

    Thank you! :) @Creative Stuff​

  17. The Zebra Channel

    Wow, that was a lot. I'm a little confused about the video. did you like die and was a ghost or something, or did you break up, and what was the reverses thing about? I liked the video, It was great and carried great emotion and heart, I'm just a little unsure what it all means. :)

  18. Ruby Harun

    soooo cute!!!! How old are u?

  19. Chelsey Dawn

    Please come to MINNESOTA! (:

  20. Rhyan Fenton

    You should come to Ontario Canada we all love you here!

  21. MsSmartie96

    this video is so good and i love the lyrics because it's so true ♥

  22. Carlie

    I love your music so much!

  23. alenaheringhaus

    I love all of your covers and especially your originals, but I have to admit that this is the best song!! 

  24. Stanley T

    You always have impressive and catchy originals! :)

  25. Octana´s Tips N Tricks

    This song is rly good Tyler, Good work bro ^^

  26. elyanna kiara


  27. musicfan m

    Love this!!

  28. Tyler Ward Music

    Hello friends! I would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to check out my newest original song, "Beginning of a Bad Idea" - I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the song/video. The video posted as my channel's default video. Feel free to watch it! PS. I'M ON TOUR! I'll see you soon (dates on my website)!

  29. Lui sa

    oh my gosh, she is Sooo pretty! :)

  30. McValeriana

    Love it, love it *-*

  31. lovro senjanovic

    That is why "cover" is here to save real song

  32. Faye fit

    tyler ward , pls come to MALAYSIA :)

  33. Faye fit

    awesome song , love it 

  34. Kimmie Goerke


  35. Faye fit

    love this song :)

  36. Elsie Joanes

    i really really in love with his voice!. omgggg. 

  37. TheLabethio


  38. EpicSARAHmusic


  39. clocknane

    Fairly certain this is Tyler's High School Sweetheart in this video, aka same girl in his "Red" video.


    ohh wow.


    didnt he say he dated that one? I think this one is a model

  40. simone mudde

    I wish that youtube made an option so you  could skip the commercials and get straight to your songs Tyler cause no matter what you sing it is always perfect , beautiful and awesome

  41. Andrea Klein

    Love it so much!! :)

  42. melania torres

    I very like your music


    très joli

  43. bbbbb123010

    i broke the replay button oops



  44. Tim T.

    Awesome song! Great vocals, lyrics.

  45. E MI

    i like his singing way. he is cute.

  46. Larissa x

    You and Shaun both did a really good job on this!:) Still listening to it almost daily:)

  47. Noor

    Ive listened to this song a million times and i cant get sick of it

  48. Loralei brown-tisler

    you are such a inspiration i love you! you have made me into the girl i wanted to be <3 you made me stronger and rescued me <3

  49. Natalie N

    i dont even listen to the song first. i love his music so much i just press the "like" button right when another song comes on. LUV U TYLER XD

    Natalie N

    love u always Tyler never give up on music!! its your life as from what i see and you should never give up on what you love! HAPPY NEW YEARS

  50. Fugascz

    He is famous to me. And i think many people would agreed with me

  51. ria sofia

    The girl is similar to your RED - T.Swift cover video.. is it ur type? :D :D

  52. CldStrf91

    Just ended things with my girl :( this song explains what I have been dealing with the past couple of months.....

  53. tropicalforever21

    I love you and your music. I can't wait till your American/Canadian tour early next year, I'll be at one of the shows! Please come to Wisconsin!

  54. Sophie

    i agree but seriously the insult was unnecessary

  55. TheAdd10

    not as much as he deserves to be.......... he's 1000 times better than that fucking gay bieber

  56. Shreeps

    but he is.

  57. Lisa R.

    He is! :)

  58. Arturo Moises

    this video such an amazing load of metaphors, it's just perfection - the song's melody is original...the voice and song just go hand to hand - it's all meaningful and loved the emotion in the video. Loved how it ended too, how everything rewinded, how you wish it could be done that way, it's just crazy i wish I could have a video like that.

  59. will carey

    go to the url and replace the "tube" in youtube with "repeat" on any video and it will loop it.
    so it would be yourepeat

  60. sindy wee

    you're so pro in making your own songs!

  61. joetri10

    I'd still like to know what's going on with this album...... lol

  62. Jami Crain

    more than a million views! <3

  63. olivia lavonen

    please come to finland! <3

  64. RoselynJolie

    Tyler, for me you have the total package- the looks (you're so handsome), the talent (singing and writing) and you're down to earth <3

  65. Meli

    I really like this song and I bought in on itunes and was wondering if i can use this in a youtube video. I'll definitely put links to purchase!

  66. Chiara S.

    love it <3

  67. Austin Biggs

    He is ;)

  68. Flahles

    LOl i like his originals more than his covers.

  69. Anoes Melse

    Tyler Ward is just to good!! I keep watching and listening!
    But i have to do my homework... Haha ^^

  70. Tim G.

    he is famous dude...

  71. Joshua Culbertson

    Type repeat like this "Youtuberepeat(dot)com/watch?v=????????????????"

  72. Connie Archuleta

    I really really loved it you have such a good voice..

  73. Steffen Rodewald

    type repeat into after the youtube in the link, ad you have a loop

  74. Morgan Staege

    Alex is seriously beautiful. honestly the definition of beautiful. Voice, personality, and appearance. Like damn.. :3

  75. Sierra Lardie

    They do. its called youtuberepeat

  76. mindfletcher

    just add "repeater" after youtube on this url

  77. Jules Dizzy

    30 seconds and I love it :3

  78. Bloom834

    I didn't know who you were...TILL I WATCH Chester See's new video! YOU SING GREAT! You gained a new Subscriber! ^_^

  79. gabby kennedy

    I think I just felt in love with him. I have never found a song that explained how I felt exactly.

  80. MandyFoundNemo

    She needs a lighter...so much easier. (great song)

  81. Michelle

    She looks a bit like Nicole Scherzinger :)

  82. Mateo Hernandez

    that gurl can DRIVE!

  83. Gatorkissman

    Love you Tyler. No Homo!

  84. Kristina Ke

    can´t stop listening .. :33 <3

  85. boringdom1

    Kind of sounds like Our Lady Peace. Anyways, Really like it

  86. Russell Smaha

    This song inspires me to write music. Great song Tyler!

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    like ขอบคุณคัฟ

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    I really like this song

  89. Angie

    still I love with this song <3

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    I wish YouTube made a loop button.

  91. Gnut Siel

    totaly agree & in addition i am over 40 ;)

  92. Lea Sophie

    omg :o You look soo good! I'm dead.

  93. Eubrene Lozares

    Very GREAT song!!! try to visit here in Philippines..many fans will be glad to have you here and also your crew..by the way Tyler..who is the girl on the Music Video?? :]

  94. Hannah Grace

    Lindsey was just like, uhhhh... subscride to tyler!