Ward, Tyler - S.O.S. Lyrics

SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle
SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle

This is more than a problem
I’ve got something to say
But my words never come out right
If I could pull it together and just gather a phrase
This is what I’d say tonight

[Pre-Chorus (x2):]
SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle

Can you help me out
Trying to find my way
Been shattered into pieces
Tryin‘ to get `em back again
Can you help me out
Trying to find my way
Been shattered into pieces

[Pre-Chorus (x2):]
SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle

Thought I was headed for greatness
Collecting red letter days
Watching all the stars align
But I traded in greatness
For all their beautiful ways
Now I’m screaming "Someone save my life"

[Pre-Chorus (x2):]
SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle

Trying to get `em back again

Can you help me out
Trying to find my way
Been shattered into pieces
Tryin' to get `em back again
Can you help me out
Trying to find my way
Been shattered into pieces

[Pre-Chorus (x2):]
SOS can someone help me
I need a miracle, I need a miracle

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Ward, Tyler S.O.S. Comments
  1. reaebedbenyah


  2. reaebedbenyah

    A man i did a remake of this hope thats O.K.

  3. Janice Oostveen

    Hello Tyler, sipping hot, strong, local coffee in my basement. Returning to some of my faves. Love u.

  4. Yea Yea

    “What instrument do you play?”


  5. singingfan

    ❤️ much love Tyler

  6. Tita Savarese

    2:20... the wow factor 😃

  7. TheTitemina

    Nop' you don't need a miracle, you've found your way. Keep on singing and thanks ><

  8. Pearl Adun

    One take. 👍🏻 to this song, it was awesome

  9. Jireh Melody Paculanang

    Wow 😮 i never thought I could hear that in your songs

  10. Aamna Khan

    Forever my FAVOURITE loop station video EVER

  11. John McFadden

    One Take

  12. Dusty Barwald

    How does this video only have 100k view!?!

  13. qoa .a

    One take bro thanks that was awesome

  14. Rahul Tirkey

    I liked the thing that he sang into the soundhole of the guitar .... It was something new to me 👌

  15. Tony Särkelä

    Amazing man! Loved the oceans part. God bless bro.

  16. Connie Ohm

    WOw! So darn good Tyler.... I love this performance! One of the best I've seen you do! You are beyond talented seriously!

  17. Tiffany Bailey

    One take

  18. Bec Crawford

    How I've just stumbled upon this masterpiece now is beyond me... I can't get enough of your Hillsong riff!

    Bec Crawford

    #onetake <3

  19. Darian Hernandez

    Hi, Tyler! Is there a link or video you direct me to on how to a cameraman should maneuver while recording? Thanks!

  20. tonkš

    it's been more than a year and I am 0% over this

  21. Lauren Deviney

    one take! I have this song on a playlist and it came on today; I had to listen to it twice. I've always loved it, but it really spoke to me today. I love that songs can do that; develop different meanings as time goes on and we experience more. Thank you for making beautiful music!

  22. Jesse Bless

    I literally started clapping and screaming YES!!! when you started Oceans! haha

  23. Zafar Syed

    All in "ONE TAKE"! Fantastic!!!

  24. beverly


  25. Esmeralda

    Can you put this version on Spotify??

  26. Jon Beckett

    I've watching this a ton of times but here I am a year after it was released and I just noticed he sang the last three harmonies with his pick in his mouth! Anybody else catch that sooner than me??

  27. Mark Higgins

    great song!!!

  28. Nicole P

    Nearly a year later and I’m still in Love with everything about this!! ❤️❤️ Those loops are amazing, and the mashup with Oceans gives me chills. Alll the feels, Tyler!! One take!

  29. Hudson Geyer

    dropped some oceans in there too! If i could grow up to be like any you-tuber or artist it would be you!

  30. 215812ck

    Is this version available on iTunes?

  31. 215812ck

    Is this version available on iTunes?

  32. 엄예원

    I love this. I think this one is better than original... (just my opinion. )

  33. Reuel Blackwell

    I love that guitar!!! Can I have it! 🙏🏼😳😇🙏🏼🤩 It would make my day.

  34. Susanne Keuler

    Every time I listen to this song I realize what it means to live life because one can see that what you are doing is what you love. This song is one of my favourite original songs which I could listen all day long. You did a really great job Tyler!

  35. Ria Wilson

    one take..💕

  36. Toby

    Always love re-watching this one take

  37. Esmeralda

    You should put this version on Spotify too!!

  38. Live & Amplified

    Tyler would Love to collaborate!

  39. Gary Rhea

    One Take 👍

  40. Bethany Lin

    UMH. is this the first time I'm hearing this version of SOS?? I didn't know you added Oceans to this!! I play your playlists at work and have stopped to write this - love ittttt!! :)

  41. Daryl Aaron

    One take

  42. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    respect guitarist

  43. Nagem 691

    Reminds me of Toronto! Incredible God given talent Tyler!

  44. Ryan Wright

    Good stuff Tyler

  45. Hanna

    3:04 Oh my God, this is unreal... I did not expect that and I so needed it! Amen!!

  46. BrittanyNordtvedt

    Ah! So dope!

  47. Ninja Prince

    one take ! awesome !

  48. nvr give up


  49. hitesh chand

    Awesome song man 👍

  50. Right Mind

    You think you are a good musician until you see this lol

  51. Delmer J

    Wow... Amazing... can't wait for the next tour... You and Tiffany Alvord killed the set in Phoenix...

  52. tonkš

    this needs to be so much more appreciated to be honest!

  53. Justin Elliott Music

    Man, I love your music and this is my favorite song by you.

  54. Arthur Helbig

    this spoke to me, thank you!

  55. Gerard Suijdendorp

    One take!

  56. Lucas Duhart

    loves this song!! one of your best yet

  57. Duel Luck

    Release this version on iTunes plz

  58. konlord 93

    This has always been my favorite original. It is a very inspiring song with a strong message that I think more of the world needs to hear. Keep up the good work, one take.

  59. Joelle Tétreault


  60. Janae DeVowe

    Blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Good! I told my mother that I want to marry you....

  61. Richelectric Gaming

    At the moment there's only your other version the official one it would be great if this version was in there with it

  62. Richelectric Gaming

    I'd love it if this version was in iTuness as well as the official

  63. Gustavo Fallavena

    Amaaaazing bro! What is a loop station that you uses to make this video?

  64. ClawMountain

    Is there a way to get this version?

  65. David Phan

    Thaaaat was AAAAMAAAAAAAZING !!!!!

  66. rave Sehgal

    One take

  67. Nicole P

    One take... Tyler, your talent continues to amaze me. Love this version of SOS. Those loops! Oceans! Amazing!

  68. Blogger girl

    Love your music! One take

  69. Marty Fleszar


  70. Justen Finch

    One take.

    Great song my friend!!

  71. Kevin Mcdonagh

    One take

  72. jordan issa

    wow... just WOW! (onetake) I put your playlist on before starting to clean the house and while in the middle of vacumming I stopped because I was (happily) shocked. Hearing you sing "oceans" was amazing! It is one of my favorite worship songs and mixed with your voice it was beautiful. You should do some mixes/mashups of worship songs ;)

  73. Сони Х

    Ed Sheeran loop station

  74. ShuangMusic

    One Take~~//Here is your biggest fan in China! You're amazing Tyler~:D

  75. Svetlana Timofeeva

    Oh my God it's awesome! ))

  76. Kaitlyn Stahl

    looping this looping performance :) ....on repeat because its more than amazing......just pure emotion and talent!!!
    \\ONE TAKE //

  77. Jasmin

    The Guitar 😎 yes !

  78. Ulysses Edens

    ERMERGERSHHHHHH!! I love it! That is epic that you did Oceans in there!

  79. Ady Mike

    hello tyler, well i wanted to say that i was amazed and speechless when i heard this amazing work please keep it up and also may I ask you what are the material you use for looping in this video and in "i don't wanna live for ever" video
    thanks a lot
    one take 😉😉

  80. Sarah Sunset

    when I first heard this song I was hooked because it speaks to you and really connects to anyone that ever felt they needed a Savior. I also must say that I saw Ed Sheeran in this performance! the way it's just a one man show and it's you and your guitar, the only instruments involved in it. Just as Ed does so as well. The acoustic version sounds even better! more one takes please? ♥

  81. Grace Yokitis

    I love how you put OCEANS in the middle of this song. If possible, could you cover some other Christian songs? Thanks!

  82. David Petersen

    I'm fascinated by real-time looping. Adding layers upon layers. Love the song and the arrangement. #OneTake

  83. Bexy Evans

    You beatbox? Wutt???
    By the way, this is really good!
    Do you know, you sound a lot like Chris Tomlin? You should cover the song 'Jesus'. Seriously, I've heard it a few times and it would really suit your voice. Please consider it. Much love! 😊

  84. Tony Stuntm89n

    One take!
    Mate I love this, and you. Love your covers sometimes better than the original, and your own original songs are great too. Keep releasing them on iTunes so I can keep enjoying them everywhere I go 👍
    Do a cover for me, 'i'll be' by edwin mccain

  85. hisroyalness2

    ONE TAKE - Great song and love the message. Keep up more of that and you'll be on KLOVE - then you can get noticed and get your other music out there a some big outlet too.

  86. Robert Choi

    This is really great and yeah adding oceans was a fantastic touch. I'm really glad to see you doing some more loop covers. . Keep up the great work! One Take

  87. Frozen Berries

    nice skill with guitar

  88. Grace

    One take! Awesome job!!

  89. Kate Marie

    This gives me chills! You're music is incredible.

  90. Brock Hill

    Oh my word!! This was absolutely perfect!!! ONE TAKE

  91. 1999mab

    one take

  92. Decylia Shylame

    The guitar part is so cool - great rhythm!! I love it!! 😍
    One take ❤

  93. Sophie Soph

    one take:)

  94. Mary Joy Magbanua

    i love it tyler😊
    and ca i request?
    pls cover the song of ed sheeran.
    titled: DIVE...

  95. Thomas Kavanagh Music

    One take - I really enjoyed that Taylor. I am thinking about investing a loop pedal. To really add some more energy and dynamics to my live performance, now that I've gone solo. Keep up the good work. Cheers - Tom.

  96. Alyzsa Crosby

    One Take // When you transitioned into Oceans, it reminded me of your concert in Denver in 2015 when you boldly shared your testimony. This song is outstanding!

    Tyler Ward Music

    Love you for remembering!! Thanks for being here, Zia :) Can't wait to see you at the next show

  97. Dan X

    This reminds me of Ed Sheeran's acoustic session's loops

  98. Vito Valenzi

    Hi Tyler! I have been following you for many years now and am a singer myself majoring in film production at Utica College, NY. I would like to start a YouTube channel, and shoot music videos similar to yours. My one question however is when you make music videos similar to this one do you record the audio first then lip sync during the video or do you record the video first then lip sync afterwards in the studio? If you could respond that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  99. Laurii

    Beautiful! :)