Ward, Tyler - Life Is Calling Lyrics

Rain is falling, falling from a pie
and people outside look for cover.
But I'll just stand here and look towards the sky.
My smile you grows with the sound of the thunder.
Even tho it's raining, it's a beautiful day.

'Cause I can see the sunshine
through the clouds starring back at me
and it seem to say,
your life is calling come this way.
Come on.
And the cold wind's been pushing me around too long
it starts today
My life is calling I'm on my way (uh ah)

All the sinners overtaste my mind
It's got me thinking of better days
So I lay my head down
and I can't help but smile
'cause I know there is purpose in the pain
Even tho it's raining, it's a beautiful day

'Cause I can see the sunshine
through the clouds staring back at me
and it seem to say
Your life is calling come this way
And the cold wind's been pushing me around too long
it starts today
My life is calling, I'm on my way

Come on, don't stay
Drop everything you don't have to wait til friday
Come on, come my way
Come on, don't stay
Drop everything you don't have to wait til friday
Come on, come my way

'Cause I see the sunshine
trough the clouds staring back at me
and it seems to say
Your life is calling, come this way
And the cold wind's been pushing me around too long
it starts today.

My life is calling, I'm on my way
My life is calling, I'm on my way.
My life is calling, I'm on my way.

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Ward, Tyler Life Is Calling Comments
  1. lionheart4x

    So cathchy! Cool! You're a great songwriter ;)

  2. Pascal - Junior Choi

    That song makes me remarkably comfort and gives me privilege of feeling happy as always

  3. tjd2466

    What kind of camera is this filmed with?

  4. Yasha Rieth

    This is an incredible song Tyler :) even after 6 years I still come back, never stop Brother.

  5. Helena Huray

    I prefer this kind of song than the new ones you made recently... I mean, yeah it's hard to find new inspirations but I think you really treasured and worked hard at the older songs, I kinda feel like you don't really work hard on the newer ones, the music arrangements and so, it feels like you only make them to be famous but not so good. Just my opinion, tho. Anyway enjoy music, Tyler! 😁👊🎶

  6. Amy Couch

    i am i love so muchgoing have to do this this song great

  7. Amy Couch

    ireally hate u

  8. Nicky Harper

    Even after four years, this song is still one of my favorites.

  9. Mary Domina

    You are amazing. your songs get to me and they speak to me. I've been going through alot these past few years that i listen to music when i need to breathe and more of your music is for sure going in my playlist :D thank you for being so amazing

  10. Tyler Ward Music

    Hello friends! I would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to check out my newest original song, "Beginning of a Bad Idea" - I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the song/video. The video posted as my channel's default video. Feel free to watch it! PS. I'M ON TOUR! I'll see you soon (dates on my website)!

  11. Marloes x

    More than 3 years later, still loving this song so much <3

  12. tkdpower

    Awesome song :)

  13. Monique Heart

    I know you're more popular now, but I'll never forget your old videos and I won't stop listening to them. Btw Honestly is so amazing it was really cool and weird to buy your album in a store:D Can't wait to see you on friday♥


    5 years later and I'm thinking the exact same thing

  14. Monique Heart

    he reached it :) so proud:)

  15. Yaren Schimdt

    I watch your video since yesterday but I am already in love

  16. PinkesEi

    beautiful. that's all ^_^

  17. John Lauf

    nooooo. he is my man

  18. Alkara Thelduin

    Can we get the chords for this?

  19. Sarah Rosler

    This is one of my favorite songs Tyler. Thanks for what you do =)

  20. Root1991Beer

    Dear Tyler,
    pls stay the person who you're now!
    You're super ! Good job! I'm proud of you !! :)
    Don't going crazy cause the fame stay on earth how you did it always ! (:

  21. Captain Bucky

    I love this :) !!!! Love ya tyler :)

  22. NamensMaedchen

    still beautiful ! :)

  23. Magda

    such a wonderful song! :)

  24. briangt12

    Time to fly.

  25. annapueschel

    What a beautiful depiction of one of my favourite cities in the world! And a beautiful song too! :)

  26. Dhruv Prasad

    0:39 for a treat to your eyes

  27. Whitney Byrnes

    You are so unbelievably amazing in every way. I love you so much. Keep your head held high! You have so much ahead of you. I love you so much Tyler!

  28. Anna Thirza

    one of your (uncountable) best songs!

  29. John Smith

    Liked the shooting in NYC.

    Liked and posted at Manhattan.st

  30. Rebecca Elting

    every time i listen to his songs it feels like some one knows exactly what is going on in my life :)

  31. Beth Welford

    love, love, love this, love, love, love you (:

  32. WeiEe Lee

    i love how its recorded, it shows lots of you, and also the song is incredible. <3

  33. liveallforHim

    I love you. Seriously, I do.

  34. Davintschicode

    OMG this song is just awesome! :)
    Love it, love you :)

  35. FamelessZero

    0:44 look at his long Tounge :D

  36. Haman Alawadhi

    I know what you mean Tyler , cause i'm feelin' the same , i will just keep this in my heart cause i think nobody in this life cares anymore.

  37. Brittani Byers

    This song is the story of my life. :/

  38. Medienstation

    i love it <33

  39. Mads Bruun-Simonsen

    Downloaded after 1 min of listening xD

  40. Reyhan K.

    Loove you *-*

  41. CrazyKooKooKachoo

    Why? I mean, I would take what I can get right now. I want to be a talk show host and a drag queen one at that. If I was even offered for the local station, I would take it.

  42. oo00ooify

    0:08 best view in several days =)
    Don't know how I've not been here before... Anyway glad to find "new" stuff while waiting for your album. It's way too beautiful, love it, shakes me! I truly think you're a genius so thanks for not giving up in music. This may sound as overstatement, but the decision you made years ago changes our lives today. You are the best.

  43. Emma Caville

    best song you have written by far :)

  44. Lauren Smith

    He actually has bitch. He declined all of his SEVERAL because he likes making covers himself. STFO get your facts right before you make dumbass comments kay?

  45. Lauren Smith

    They probably both got several. I know Tyler Ward did but he declined all of them because he loves making covers by himself.

  46. ghernandez93

    Feel ya I've rejected many deals as well. Guess that is where uniqueness comes in, making your own music without no one telling you what you should do and not.

  47. Alexandra Johnson

    You want to know what sucks? You're spelling. Unless you know him/her, then you can't say if they have gotten two record deals.

  48. Kyle Mori

    Honestly one of the best songs I've heard to date. It really speaks to everyone.

  49. Justin Linville

    May I please I have some tabs for this. I was gonna ask a while back but I was waiting untill I got better at singing and guitar. Your one of my biggest inspirations tyler.

  50. Beatriz Uribe

    Iove this song ;)

  51. Zacuree

    damn wrong song the i'm looking for is: well i only remember 'bout 10 words

    i often wondered what life was in New York city
    Come to gone x2

  52. NamensMaedchen

    one of my favourite songs from tyler :))

  53. iTzDrYiCe


  54. Nava M

    gotta miss the old tyler..

  55. louise chapman

    a friend let me down the other day and i marked it down in my pages of life lol (no really i did)

  56. louise chapman

    i love this song.

  57. 1etira01

    thumb up if you don´t read the top coments, just click like.......cuz I do!!!!

  58. WolveMarine

    Keep it up Tyler your doing awesome.Later

  59. BlackXxMoon

    Your awesome. and your facial expressions are amusing too :)

  60. syakirah h

    @Braddixonmusic he's using a canon 550D :-)

  61. boyceavenuefan56

    i love this song, been listening to it all day :)

  62. piplup

    Tyler . You truly mean so much to me . I look up to this guy . His songs have helped me get through many things . Thank you Tyler . I love you<33

  63. NamensMaedchen

    oh my god :O the first tone from the song is just amazing *__*

  64. silentderp

    I know the video was just a camera test, but I think it fit very nicely with the song ~ Good job Tyler =D

  65. MultiStiflersmum

    Thumbs up from Czech Republic :-) u rock!

  66. Route 91 Therapy

    I have been following you for years now and you keep getting better and better!!! keep it up man, fan for life my friend :)

  67. Keely Chadwick

    soo cuteeeee!(:
    i love you! hahah

  68. Sara S.

    i want to see u on tv instead of all the losers there.. dude u rock

  69. IrodsMusic

    I think I would do anything for the tuning of this song or the chords possibly

  70. IrodsMusic

    I really wish I knew what tuning this is in so I can learn it :(

  71. rubyychen

    First of all I’d like to say I agree, Tyler’s voice is definitely amazing. But then again, that’s my own point of view. I don’t understand why you and people who post comments like this think that their taste in music is a universal taste. Just because you love this song doesn't mean everyone else who watches this will like it. Stop imposing your own tastes on other people. People are allowed to dislike things without you criticizing what they like and dislike.

  72. vasiliki177

    awesome again and again!

    I'm in love with your voice Tyler!
    congrats once again!
    when I'm hearing your originals or your covers, I can't stop the music! I wanna hear all the song! and a lot of times!

  73. Joseph Lacerna

    @OjitterbuggOo cuz maybe record labels are controlled by the illuminati?

  74. Alexis Lipman

    @XxRedBu11xX NOT YOU! Sorry, I had to. :)

  75. Courtney Mandock

    Whenever I feel sad, I listen to your songs - they make me smile and sing along, even if it means learning the song right then. These songs actually mean something, I hope you never stop creating music <3

  76. KryptoKash

    @OjitterbuggOo I think they would rather be their own bosses. You see Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kesha, etc and you think... they must be so happy. In fact they are the record labels` bitches. Look at David Choi. He`s been offered a few deals before. I`m sure Tyler could tell you the same story. He`s got the looks and the songs. He`s been offered deals before. And one more thing: views mean money and Youtube popularity. I also want to make it with music, but I`ve said no to two record deal before.

  77. Aashna Sood

    i like how your songs actually mean something.

  78. Amanda Ruiz

    Really.. The true reality is that this sweet boy has more talent than Britney, Katy Perry, ke$ha & Rebecca Black TOGETHER

  79. Yehezkiel Kurniawan

    your songs are better than those "pro artist" :D

  80. QCSollie

    Lol. 2:22 gay st.

  81. suitupandbeawesome

    Can You PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE send me the chords to this song, there's no chords anywhere on the internet for it. you would make me and my girlfriend very happy if you could :)

  82. RachelleM420

    omggggg i love thissss so much!!!

  83. omegasynthetic

    @OjitterbuggOo Tyler got offered a record deal but he turned it down to stay a youtube artist (:

  84. arief budiman tanri

    tyler deserve the better place , not just in youtube but in the real world too. thumbs up for this

  85. dictationsful

    @OjitterbuggOo Ever think they have gotten record deals, but don't want to take them? Record deals limit the amount of music you can post or write, so we wouldn't see them as much and as often as we like. Tyler has his own label and has signed multiple amazing youTube artists. Tell you the truth I think he has the opportunity to make more on youTube then on a deal.

  86. hope4jayymann

    this song has helped me get through moving away from my friends, losing my cousin who was only 16, as well as losing my grandpa, talking both my bestfriend, and my other cousin out of suicide. Thank you Tyler for letting me know its okay yo say goodbye but also never giving up.

  87. Ashl3yFaith

    @OjitterbuggOo he has actually gotten 5 but turned them all down to keep making video's for us

  88. StephenCroneMusic

    Who does the camera work for all these videos?! Amazing!

  89. Rebecca Levara

    @AndresRomeroBlog wow.. that's shocking

  90. Sky TV

    That tongue at 0:45. :P

  91. 338juliane

    @OjitterbuggOo Tyler Ward has got recording deals but turned them down because he would only be able to make only a small number of songs a year. He did for himself, he did it for us.

  92. Joseph Lacerna

    @OjitterbuggOo cuz they sold their soul to the devil?

  93. Gaurav T

    @LetYourdreamsComeTru he's already famous :)

  94. SRuutana

    very awesome!

  95. Andres Romero


  96. Andres Romero

    @OjitterbuggOo Tyler have REJECTED 5 record labels so... what does that tells you? I think he did that because he love his fans and with a label he would not be uploading videos anytime he wanted. He don't care about being famous he just care about giving his music and everything he is to his fans.

  97. Brandon Barta


  98. Brandon Barta

    how did justin beiber get a record del and tyler ward hasnt ?
    worlds messed up

  99. sarah t

    When are you finally going to release an album so we can buy it?????

  100. Brian Krarup

    He is famous :)