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Hush now, baby, I don't want nobody to know
I'm in love with you're soul,
but you're hot from your head to your toes
Yeah, make you feel so right when we know it's wrong,
with your head tied back and my t-shirt off
Hush now, baby, I don't want nobody to know (nobody to know)

We're keepin' secrets! (Hey!)
You're keepin' secrets!
I'm keepin' secrets, secrets!
And I love that ya love that we love it, yeah

I never knew ya like this, but I can't get ya outta my mind
Won't you come closer, baby, let me pull you in and make you mine

Yeah, it's getting too hot 'cause we're trying to pretend
Playin' under cover, we're supposed to be friends
But, I love, love ya, baby, and I can't get you outta my mind

We're keepin' secrets! (Hey!)
You're keepin' secrets!
I'm keepin' secrets, secrets!
And I love that ya love that we love it, yeah

Won't you meet me outside
In the middle of the night
And tell your friends that you're busy tonight
'Cause I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, baby!

Hush, hush

Oh, won't you meet me outside
In the middle of the night
And tell your friends that you're busy tonight
And I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, baby!

We're keepin' secrets!
You're keepin' secrets!
I'm keepin' secrets, secrets!
Hush now, baby, I don't want nobody to know

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Ward, Tyler Keeping Secrets Comments
  1. Chipper Jeth


  2. Frederic Chevet

    very good !!!!

    Tyler Ward Music

    You're good. FOr real. Thank you.

  3. alpharedmonkey94

    why didnt this video get millions of views , it is a nice song, unique one actually *oh and the lead girl is stunning btw

  4. :Nee

    4 years ago?!?! Shut up, it was yesterday I saw this music video in my subscription box right? (O.o)

  5. Simon Gautier

    Amazing, i hope one day become like you :D . I love your voice.!

  6. MissMacaholic

    OMG i just heard a tyler original in a german Supermarket :DD

  7. Yuan Chuang

    Still listening to this song 2014 lol love your songs. I wanna see u in concerts man

  8. Jak Dowle

    love the song, but the video made me laugh and I dont know why xD!!

  9. Brianne Eyolfson

    Love this song! Can totally relate to it. 

  10. Cameron Sasmor

    This is really creative and cute Tyler!

  11. boredpanda

    One of my fav songs :) love itttt

  12. Cliperpal

    I'm unsure of what I just watched, but I loved it!

  13. tayrona ronkin

    this came out so long ago but ilove it so much and i love you tyler this is an amazing song 

  14. Leena Mohammed

    nice work it so cool

  15. DJGokhan Dnctrk


  16. afei0546

    love the vid!!

  17. Ultimonas

    Hilarious video, cool song!

  18. Allison Biere

    haha I love this music video it is awesome and amazing

  19. Leah Metzler

    Wait a sec, you actually respond to peoples comments? :/

  20. Grace Mccoy


  21. Grace Mccoy

    No secret
    Any more

  22. Sam M

    Great song and fun video!

  23. WinterWolf_Of_SoCal Weird

    some low budgets really do suck, but this one is just amazing how they put a perfect song into a great video! plus it tells a great story!!!!!


    super  this song is so Cool

  25. James Rosso

    Chocolate Rain!!!! Haha, had to ;)

  26. soda_gt

    is that tay zonday

  27. Kremlin Krusher

    Great song! Keep up the great work. Your hard work and dedication are something to be admired!

  28. ben james

    I guess tyler's fans are nothing to him because for all I see he only reply's to the people he knows or popular youtubers he never comments on his fans post how hurtful

  29. Pao Fgz

    WOW that was amazing, amazing voice, video and song keep it up!

  30. Ninja_Storm_Nerd

    I don't like that song so much but the music video is really awesome! So I liked because of the music video! Nevertheless you are a good musician Tyler, so keep moving forward and do your job! :D 

  31. JolinaWolf

    Awesome song/music... don't know why but it find the video funny XD 


  32. Ina

    Very good song! <3

  33. Jayme Gayheart

    This has to be one of my FAVORITE song from you! I am trying to get my mom to buy my tickets to go see you in Akron August 8th! SOOO hope to see you there :D

  34. wk Lam

    omg i love this from the rhythm,lyrics to mv :D
    This made my day XD Thank you Tyler!

  35. Satelliting - Youtuber & Streamer

    "Published on Apr 26, 2014"

    This seems to be a mess up?

  36. Miguel Fajardo

    Can you play F**k you by CeeLo Green? :) Thanks man.

  37. SparklingDust

    This Sound is different to your other songs, but that's the reason why I really like this new one, haha. The Video is super cool. The One who edited it has some great editing skills.

    Well, I love 'Keeping Secrets' !
    P.S: Greetings from Germany x

  38. Ha My

    Great job Tyler! Love It *-*!!

  39. frodo beggins

    I LOVE this!!!!!

  40. Mady Schlegel

    Basically the best thing I have ever seen. Love it.

  41. S Foley

    So fantastic!!! Makes me wish I could sing...

  42. Dominick Price

    This is one of the best and awesomest creative music videos I have ever seen! 

  43. RAFashionDI

    So creative, I love every video of yours!

  44. Emily Nhan

    This is so adorable.

  45. Emile Aleman

    hahaha love it, its with a very big big sense of humor, really good job tyler!

  46. Erin Towne

    Awesome job! I love it!

  47. Eunice Setyaningtyas

    Hey! This is so cool and fresh! Great job tyler..

    Insos Anelis

    cool :)

  48. Sarah P

    LOL its kind of really bad but really good at the same time :)

  49. musicfan m

    So good!!!

  50. Lexi Swift

    Crazy. But Awesome! :)

  51. Imane Eddabani

    Amazing tyler

    Xx the netherlands

  52. Ghostwriter14

    Okay, this song needs to go on a movie soundtrack STAT!  This was awesome!  I love it! Catch ya on the flip side.

  53. Christina Bayer

    The beginning' omg I'm crying

  54. Maya Assaf

    what happened ? i was a huge fan 2 or 3 years ago.. that video is so bad!

  55. Conner Clancy

    You've come such a long way Tyler! I love everything you've been doing lately!

  56. Steven Thurman

    This was absolute brilliant. You just cant do anything wrong Tyler 

  57. noigirl

    so that was fun =D. loved it!

  58. yumi101

    OMG I have been waiting for this for forever!!! This is my favorite song off of Hello.Love.Heartbreak! YAYAY<3333

  59. SkyKnight Warrior

    Please do U2 - Ordinary Love !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!

  60. Aljoscia Dalla Pozza

    Great @Tyler Ward Music , very creative :)

  61. Yobani Saban

    This is my favorite song and at first I didn't get the video... but the more I watched it i fell in love with it. Great job. Totally something different.

  62. Patrick Doohan

    That is the best song of 2014 by far not joking, your a cool dude keep up the awesome work

  63. a cry for help

    How long did the take to edit? It's so cool!

    Tim Hendrix

    my entire life

  64. Janell Lenfert

    Love it!!  Tim Hendrix did such a great job!!  I had a blast working with Tyler!!!! :)

  65. Jasmin McMillan

    Such a good song! Awesome video too :-)

  66. Darcy K

    Loving the originals! Keep it up! Music video was incredible

  67. DcVing1

    Wow this was awesome Tyler! Love it! XD <3

  68. Ola Reistad

    Awesomel, Tyler :)
    When anyone of you guys has just one moment more, please have a look at my channel as well!
    I am a young musician from Norway and I am really thankful for any kind of support.

  69. Steven McRainbowtits

    I can't get no! Satisfaction!

  70. Nicky Harper

    Tay Zonday! =D
    This is awesome, Tyler! I remember when I first heard this song. I was dancing in my computer chair. =P

  71. Trudy Brown

    Loved the song!!! Awesomesauce :) but not 100% sold on the video.

  72. misscrackwood

    Great song! I'm so disappointed I can't go to the Montreal concert, I just hope you'll be back soon!

  73. Resa Saso

    Fell in love with this song instantly... <3

  74. sathsam99


  75. Boss Raez

    Wow the best ever!!!!

  76. Kyle Montgomery

    Joe Bereta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video was so random and funny. : ) Really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work man!

  77. Third String Kicker


    Tyler Ward Music

    Thank you :)

  78. Aurora Santifer

    yes just yes tyler

  79. E Voura

    Wow, wasn't expecting that! Great work!

  80. Tyler O'Brien

    Your so freaking amazing. You never seize to amaze me

  81. Megan Tipple

    Lol this was a cute/funny video haha

  82. Tyla Smith

    Can i also say its like a mini movie

  83. Tyla Smith

    I love how its different! It gives us something different to watch and keeps us entertained. Well more entertained because we were already watching :) But is shows your uniqueness :)

  84. Sarah Hunt

    His face though at 2:20 :) #righteousanger

  85. TJgrebdnul

    As the vid started and the music began - my first thought was this would be a fantastic start to a tv show! ''Keeping Secrets'' In the not so distant future... one young woman discovers the truth of what has been happening... she escapes... a soldier sent to retrieve her falls in love...

  86. Constance

    Weirdest vid ever ! Still cool tho

  87. Songs By DJ

    Those were some insane fighting skills dude!

  88. Chris James

    I really enjoyed watching this! So different and awesome at once!

  89. Moritz Garth

    Green Screen Skills over 9000! :D 
    Nice Work! :) 

  90. Samantha Potter

    Wow Tyler!  That's all I have to say! Good thing she realized how awesome you are. :)

    Tyler Ward Music

    I hope you realize how awesome you are! So thankful for your constant support, Sam!

  91. Ashley Brooke


  92. Archer13591


  93. Bahar280


  94. nelelewis

    that's so crazy :D I like it. haha

  95. Minoli De Silva

    This was SO cool, and I LOVE this song!!

    The video kinda reminds me of the MCR Danger Days stuff :)

  96. Austin Adams

    @Tyler Ward Music Wow finally iv'e been waiting on this music video for a looooong time :D great job !  

  97. EricThayneMusic

    Sick new song, Tyler! New sound for you, but I love it. And the video...... Haha.

    Gerhard Koch

    Great job guys! :)

  98. Linda

    This video/song is so awesome!!! I love it so much. I love your music and your voice. I tweeted the link to your video, so please follow me on Twitter Tyler, that would be so awesome. I´m your biggest fan in Germany. I love you so much Tyler <3 <3 <3 <3 <3   #teamtylerward