Ward, Tyler - Forget To Say No Lyrics

It can happen any day or night
In the middle of a crowded street or underneath the summer moonlight
You might hear music playing
Fireworks will fly
Heart skips can get you dizzy
Move so fast and just like that
You forget to say no
You forget to say no...
Ever seen an angel lookin' back into your eyes
Ever get that crazy feelin'
Burnin' like a fast car spinnin' on a dime
There's no holdin' back, and no reason to
You lose your mind, the stars align
Before you even know, it happens in a moment
You forget to say no
You forget to say no...
What's your name?
Where you from?
Would you like to dance?
Do you wanna fall in love?
Do you wanna fall in love?
You forget to say no (do you wanna fall in love with me, tonight?)
Oh...(do you wanna fall in love with me, tonight?)
You forget to say no (do you wanna fall in love with me, tonight?)
You forget to say no (do you wanna fall in love with me, tonight?)
You forget to say no

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Ward, Tyler Forget To Say No Comments
  1. Keizel Cestona

    i’m so inlove with you right now ❤️

  2. ZachJ367

    I feel like I've never listened to this before. Maybe I've heard it because I could have sworn I listened to the whole album, but never actually listened.
    It's a great song!

  3. sara Okay

    hell ya

  4. Jasmin


  5. JCLmusic

    Brah, this song deserves a music video!

  6. Enrico Diamsay

    i want to hear more sounds... by tyler ward... give me the link.... thanks...

  7. Illyria Larson

    getting all sentimental thinking back to your honestly tour. best memories - always be remembering this night as one of the best experiences...

  8. SKT Productions

    Hey Tyler! I was just wondering if you could help me figure out how to get my music out there. You are very talented, and a strong YouTube user, and I was hoping you could help me. Thanks

  9. AjB2uty

    one of my fav songs

  10. Tyler Ward Music

    Hello friends! I would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to check out my newest original song, "Beginning of a Bad Idea" - I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the song/video. The video posted as my channel's default video. Feel free to watch it! PS. I'M ON TOUR! I'll see you soon (dates on my website)!

  11. Isabelle Cramer

    I love this song so much! Can't explain why, it's my favorite song from you'ee hello. Love. Heartbreak. Album! I'm just so glad I found you on YouTube, you don't know how much your music means to me, and I guess I'm not the only one Who can say that!

  12. Nico Anuch

    Gracias por los que les ha gustado!

  13. Jami Crain

    my offer still stands for you to do a music video to this song in boston and ill be in it :)

  14. Destiel

    I've been listening to this song for almost 4 hours straight now lol whoops thank you for your wonderful talent Tyler ♥

  15. Play Chile

    I really love your cover, woow. Thanks =)

  16. Kit H.

    I feel like this is the least appreciated song on the album, which kinda sucks. It's probably my favourite one.

  17. Johnny Cash

    Amazing song

  18. Rodri Blastois

    Very good job with your cover !!! hope Tyler like it

  19. Lynsey Van der Putten

    I love this song so much :') ♥

  20. Shehab Fikry

    That's a nice comment :D

  21. Nico Anuch

    I invite you to my channel! Record a cover of "FORGET TO SAY NO" In Spanish
    Hope you can listen and comment, I'd be very grateful!
    Greetings from Chile! =)

  22. Mysticated31

    love this song!!!!

  23. Chelseaidr9


  24. jazbdb

    As much as I love your renditions of covers, I have to say I AM IN LOVE with this original piece!!

  25. Vonny Bennett

    i think he's singing about a situation where you're with someone and all the stars line up and everything seems perfect and because of that you're blinded and can't see that they're completely wrong for you.

  26. Vonny Bennett

    GUYS!!!!!! I DID A COVER OF THIS SONG AND I WANT TYLER TO SEE IT! Can you help me out?

  27. Camille K

    amazing x

  28. 2nexttopmodel120

    what's your name? Allison
    where are u from? United States
    would u like to dance? Yes!

  29. Illyria Larson

    perfect song - nothing left to say ;)

  30. rikke t

    Love it from 0:00 to 2:50 ♥

  31. Lisa H.

    That's what YouTube was made for. Great musicians, who make their own great music. Tyler deserves fame ;-)

  32. Tim Jones

    @LilLintschi , dashes are the painted lines down the middle of the road to guide cars. Hope this helps.

  33. amy zambrano

    He has one of the best voices I've ever heard! He has to go far in the music industry..share his songs!!!!(: let's help him out

  34. Lia E.

    This song makes me want to fall in love in in the most magical way possible :3

  35. Austindgaff

    Saw a commercial about him while at Mcdonalds with a bunch of friends before a party. No one knew who Tyler was but me.. you aren't big enough yet. Just keep going bro, your fans believe in you.

  36. ItsCassaundra Marie

    You inspire me so much to write my own music. Thank you. I love your music. Keep it going. Don't ever quit. Please.

  37. Maathillde13

    Love from 00: to 2:50 d:

  38. Tell Hatch

    Hear me out... I'm a respecter of all music and you do this style you're shooting for quite well, but to be quite sincere, if you leaned, and I say lean not dive in, toward country it would suit you. Your voice is perfect for the style and with the freedom of today's music culture you wouldn't be changing your overall style, just some of the instruments.

  39. vincehky

    31 people forgot to say yes and like

  40. Kim Ninneman

    Dear Tyler!
    im a super huge long time fan youre super amazing I found you randomly by listening to covers and started getting all your covers on iTunes and im so super pumped to see that you have an album I love hello.love.heartbreak its amazing the way we are is deff my favorite or forget to say no but im trying my hardest to go to Chicago and see you any spare time come to Wisconsin :)
    a long time fan :)

  41. Themlpx

    I'm guessing he was too busy or smth. But yea the bigger he gets the busier he gets too

  42. ViolineMuffin

    No no. You HAVE to go! You have tickets to a Tyler Ward concert and you want to GIVE THEM AWAY, are you serious! GO TO THE CONCERT. YOU WON'T REGRET. I PROMISE.

  43. Raquel Azevedo

    love it <3

  44. 소짱이

    Love this, very very

  45. Laura N

    This song was at your concert :b

  46. Kenna Tyler

    Vote for Jonathan laberge. :) -x-

  47. Joshua Callis

    Heya I'm a 16 year old kid who loves to do covers but have no idea if i am any good it would mean a lot if someone would just tell me please.

  48. Joe-Lina Reichmann

    I really love every song on your new album. Especially this one and Dashes. I'm sorry my English is not so good because I'm from Germany. :D But I still hope that you understand that I LOVE you and your music. :*

    Greetings from Cologne, Germany! (:

    Your Vanessa! <3

  49. animemax78


  50. Bri Ght

    thank you Tyler for this amazing song from the bottom of my heart ♥♥♥

  51. Ruzz9049

    Love the beginning from 0:01 to 0:06 ♥♥♥

  52. Julie J

    great job dude :) i love it <3

  53. pinkangel010

    i don't think there is a song of yours i don't enjoy. i really can't wait till i can get your album in stores. itunes is great, but i'm one of those ppl who loves to have a hard copy.

  54. LKMakars

    I'm absurdly close to buying an ipod for the sole purpose of listening to Tyler Ward on the way to work instead of the trash on the radio. TylerWardRadio please?

  55. Gabrielle Clement


  56. NerdKid StarFighter

    Also my baby sister's birthday

  57. Lukas Allred

    Dude you never fail at impressing me with your talent, heart, and soul in every song! I am an aspiring song writer and singer ( i never post anything cuz i'm not good yet) and you inspire me with every song. Thank you for all these amazing songs.

  58. Wingmen Media

    heard song --> open iTunes --> Buy Song --> listened to album --> bought album :)
    ...wish one day we're gonna make music as awesome as tylers :D

  59. AutumnNicolle

    I love it! You have such a great voice.

  60. Evelyn Hendrycks

    I don't think the information on wikipedia is right you can change it yourself if you like and i think a few people figured that out already because it changes a lot!! From the things i heard he most be 23 or 24 :)

  61. Reyhan K.

    thanks. 3

  62. Forryish

    My friend told me that I am crazy cause I listen to your songs all the time...I told her that she has NO idea what it is like to hear your voice...feel all these emotions...knowing that even you are not here,in Prague,with me you will always be the one that can help me with your music. I dont have enough words to say it...all I can say is: Thank you,Tyler!

  63. Maryjane Watson

    Great song! Amazing voice!

  64. Kadda1234

    XD he only started his music seriously when he was in high school and he's been making vids for years now.
    But I agree, somehow he gives you the impression that he's younger.

  65. theyule1

    So muuuuuuuch :) We need singers like him to keep go on feel so many emotions !! :)

  66. Sigríður Halla Halldórsdóttir

    woow i thought he was like 24 or something

  67. jenn84

    As per Wikipedia he was born March 12, 1984, so that would make him 28. :)

  68. Farique Azim Shah Amadeus

    love this song

  69. Nina Buonarota


  70. TheLilazn1

    Bell Middle school - Tyler Ward comes I was like pfft
    Golden High School - Realized how much I love him now I'm all d'awwww wish I got an autograph and been a total fan girl =//

  71. dee- dee

    Anyone from Philly or near Philadelphia?

  72. F a e l e i a

    Wow even from the beginning chord it sat really well with my ears!!

  73. Jorge Armando

    TYLER! amazing song!!, hey! PLEASE DO A COVER of it's time by imagine dragons!! There are no good covers of this song yet, we need you haha! people if you would like that thumbs this up so Tyler can see it!

  74. Amina Jay

    does anyone know how old he is?

  75. MegaTalentedsingers

    well done

  76. Carolyn

    Ooouuuhhh Tyler could you please please please cover "drunk in the morning" by Lucas graham !! *___* it would be amaaaazin !!!! :D
    By the way .. I looove you and your music !! I would marry you right here and right now !!! ((; you're my positive thought for everyday !!
    Biiig hug from Germany
    Caro :)

  77. Charmsecretlimited

    am listening this song while am doing my Homework :P this song helps me do my work

  78. Charmsecretlimited


  79. Amy 13

    Tyler please come to Australia!

  80. Katie Lee

    you are amazing, STRAIGHT onto iTunes :) x

  81. Wingmen Media

    Dear Tyler,
    When we first heard your new songs we were a little surprised because they are
    different from the stuff you did normally. But after listening to it a few times & understanding the lyrics we really fell in love. Especially The Way We Are...I must say, sadly ;), I can relate to it.
    So we decided to do a cover, it would mean the world to us if you could give us a chance :)
    -love from switzerland, wingmen

  82. wolfrain1989

    great song as always

  83. Kailani Brown

    You should really come to San Diego ;-) i didnt see it on the List ... this song is beautiful by the way.

  84. Helen Heyburn

    Yes! Been waiting on you doing your own stuff! Amazing! Such a talented man! God blessed you with a great gift! Keep doing what you're doing! God Bless! xo

  85. MichaelR

    i think he produces hard copies after he releases the second part of the album . :)

  86. Mauricio Luiz

    hi guys i loved it...

    take a look on my new channel please a just have started...

  87. Schlabbes

    Hey Tyler, is there any way for me to buy the actual album and not just download it? Do you produce hard copies? I'd love to get one in my hands :3

  88. Celinlove xD

    gutes :))

  89. Sara Abdallah

    my favorite song from ur album
    you are a wonderful singer and person
    keep it up

  90. mizzchelseafan

    Brilliant as always! I'm always happy hearing your songs Tyler!

  91. Lukrecija Kristapaviciute

    seriously, guys, actually i'm just hearing hoodie allen, mac miller, t.mills and that kind of stuff, but since i were at a concert of tyler...omg, i'm hearing him 24/7.:)

  92. HdZ

    You have a lot of support from this people and me. You are INCREDIBLE. Do..well...Keep doing what you are doing, you are my favorite singer. Really. AMAZING. :D

  93. zeldaxlink

    it starts amazing, it turns out awesome! <3

  94. Morgan Smith

    Not only does your voice make me melt but you always put such meaning into your songs. Please never stop making music. I'm not sure how I'll cope!

  95. TheJacquieLepp

    i'm in love every time he opens his mouth to sing...he really knows how to capture people with his words

  96. Anna Stearns

    You make ME happy!!! I've never been so obsessed with someone's music. You're incredible!

  97. Carlijn & Merle

    Seriously.. This is an AMAZING song. Really love it! I know all the words by heart :) Sing it all day haha <3

  98. rikke t


  99. Nina Buonarota

    I am thankful for tyler ward this thanksgiving!!! :)