Ward, Tyler - Dashes Lyrics

Maybe one day I'll come back here
Maybe one day I'll be able to love you like I should
I know it looks like I'm running
I never said that what we had here wasn't good

If I don't try now I'll go crazy
I don't want to wish that I had when I look back on my life
There’s a feeling I'm chasing
Feels like what I want's on the other side

So let me go
Give me dashes on the road
Maybe I'm walking to a place I don't know
I gotta see how things, they turn out
'Cause dreams in this town get cold
You'll miss your chances if you're marching in time
Even if I go alone
The least you can give me are dashes on the road

There's a city I never laid eyes on
And I can swear there's an answer waiting there for me
Driving to my horizon that's always been just out of reach
It's just what I need
If you love me, then let me just go

Oh, give me dashes on the road
Maybe I'm walking to a place I don't know
I gotta see how things, they turn out
'Cause dreams in this town get cold
You'll miss your chances if you're marching in time
Even if I go alone
The least you can give me are dashes on the road

Yeah, I'm a little scared to leave home
But every time that I close my eyes
I know that I must go

So, let me go
Give me dashes on the road
Maybe I'm walking to a place I don't know
Maybe everything turns out
And I'll finally find my soul
You’ll miss your chances if you're marching in time
Even if I go alone
The least you can give me are dashes on the road
Even if I go alone
The least you can give me are dashes on the road

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Ward, Tyler Dashes Comments
  1. Lena

    I come here again and again, beautiful song!)

  2. Chimmy Changgas

    From 2014 to 2020 still my favorite❤❤❤

  3. Алексей Нечай

    Jan 2020 still listening =)

  4. Alyssa Agustin

    I've been watching your videos since Yellow Boxes. Until now, that and this song are still my fave ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please keep making music forever ❤️😭

  5. singingfan

    Still listening in 2019 ❤️

  6. Keizel Cestona


  7. Hương Nguyễn

    AlexD brought me here, Thanks :) This song is good

  8. prince harold ph

    Literally, this Song is Incredible... Sound's great at all. 😊👍

  9. YuYu Ngọc

    Really peaceful. Love this song, new my favorite song

    Tyler Ward Music

    So glad you like it! Thank you :)

  10. Phương Nguyễn

    thank you for your song <3

  11. Tuấn Madrid

    AlexD music insight take me here 😀

  12. Akyer

    holy fuck the like-to-dislike ratio

  13. kareem raouf


  14. Malakai Cole

    @TylerWard where are you from?

  15. Mindy Schaper

    Very open and moving.

  16. Ami Hernandez

    Man, this is my favorite song of yours Tyler Ward

  17. Bee

    Watched 3 songs and gave em each a thumbs up. Keep it up

  18. fujimoto san

    Dope 🔥

  19. Naw Fuji

    I was reading this description again after 3years... Do u still remember it? It touched me. Thanks.

  20. graemec 09

    Memories :) found this old gem

  21. Lone Demiguise


  22. Chicley Holmes

    this is Tyler best original song

  23. LaOrquidea1

    Still one of my favorites :)

  24. Victoria Huffman

    You are pure awesome.

  25. Laura McAteer

    When I first stumbled across this song, I was in a place where I needed dashes on the road. Since then I've begun a journey of finding my soul, and while I can't say I'm "there", I know I've made progress, because I can listen to this song and truly enjoy and relate without my chest hurting. Thank you for putting words to a feeling I couldn't define. This song has helped me process and work through a lot. 😊 *hugs*

  26. Andro P.W.

    2018... and still feels the dashes... Really thanks for such song! Keep up the good song!

  27. Jasmin

    Ich liebe dieses Lied! Wenn man jede Zeile selbst spüren kann und versteht. !🐾

  28. JustKk8198

    Memories 😔

  29. Serena Zeng

    I just read your description and your entire story is so powerful!

  30. Rt’s

    It's almost 2018 and this is still a one of my most favorites.

  31. Mellowney Vallen

    Seriously, this whole song is in now more than ever very relatable to me.
    For my whole life, I've lived in a province where I had alot of sh*tty happenings, and I'm starting to feel like I'm going crazy. I'm not happy anymore where I live, because of how alot of people treated me here my whole life. I just want to get away from this place and these people, and move to another, new place, a 'city I never laid eyes on', also because I really like discovering new places. I want to go to another province in my country, where nobody knows me, and so, my past. I just REALLY need a new start. 'It's just what I need'. But some people don't want to let me go.

  32. Dashes

    He made a whole song about me wow. Thanks dude :3

  33. singingfan

    Love this song forever ❤️
    Thank you

  34. Jinger Sijing

    Awesome 💛💛💛💛💛

  35. Leticia Nogueira

    amo demais

  36. tonkš

    i'm stuck here. Like forever lol



  38. Stefan Frisk

    Great singer-songwriter. 👏

  39. Marwan Baidas

    One of the best songs till this day 🙌🏻

    Tyler Ward Music

    Means the world, Marwan. Thank you :)

  40. Hunter Long

    still listen to this song at least once a week :)

    Tyler Ward Music

    Appreciate that more than you know, Hunter :)

  41. Jahzeel mae Licayan

    Almost 3 years ago, I fell in love with this song ... now I realize this song actually describes my life right now.
    This just uplifting and empowering that someone out the understands how I feel. How I need to go and make my dreams come true.

  42. April De Rosier

    this song inspired me to just jump on a bus and move to NYC...

    ...and what an amazing decision it was. 😊❤

  43. Afi Tae

    Goosebumps man!!!

  44. Ellen Brown

    I lost a great friend recently- a big brother really... he went travelling for a year and I've found it very difficult to come to terms with being without him for so long. This song, hearing it from his perspective, has helped me immensely. (it also helps that it's a kick-ass song as well)
    So thank you Tyler.
    Truly, Thank You.

  45. Biena1507

    I'm from germany, my english is not so good, I'm so sorry!
    But I love your songs and your voice!
    You are so amazing ♡♡♡

  46. Yenney Rossi

    Nice song & story ♥
    Thanks for sharing it..

  47. Heidi Guidry

    It takes courage to admit you've made a mistake or mistreated someone. And it takes even more to do so publicly. I'm glad you had the chance you make things right and find yourself again. Thank you for be willing to expose all the different parts of yourself, not just the good ones. I'm honored to call myself a fan.

  48. Ruatfela Chhakchhuak

    Anyone listening in 2017?

  49. Samuel Lewis

    Love this! Keep up the originals dude!!

  50. Sophie Van Lange

    I keep coming back to this song Tyler! It really is great.

  51. Whateverable111

    Best song ever made. Makes me cry every time and makes me so happy and sad and feel free <3

  52. DouaChee Xiong

    This is so beautiful

  53. P3 Produtora

    Hey Tyler, Brazil love you!

  54. me9lovin

    One of my favs! Had to rewatch lol

  55. komal n

    This is my favorite song. Thank you tyler for making music, i love your originals. I'm listening to this song after a long time but i still remember the lyric. ❤

  56. NoobForSoup

    I'd shit my pants if Tyler responded to me :A
    But on all honesty, this song is insanely good.

    Gratz on your 2m btw.

  57. Melissa Laura

    This song never gets old. Seriously love it!

  58. Yash Jamwal

    superb and better than bad idea💗


    Yash Jamwal they're both awesome songs but I personally dont agree :) Beginning of a bad idea is an absolutely incredible song and always gets to me emotionally

    Yash Jamwal

    iHaLLeRZz everyone has there own views, I just wrote mine!

  59. Dawn Mendez

    530 441 4465 red

  60. ron dadoo

    Maybe one day You'll be able to get out of first gear.

    ron dadoo

    Well i do suppose he has a fan base, though I have to wonder what kind of boring bastards they must be. so if you say he's already in third gear maybe he'll get his foot down to the floor and attempt to get that trailer off his tail.. but I don't think he will. He's stuck up his own arse and it is noticeable that he thoroughly believes he is the greatest to the point of annoyance. Has nobody told him or has he not looked around You Tube and seen the countless amount of "singers" who sound exactly like himself doing exactly the same type of unforgettable trash.


    ron dadoo I don't know man, I've never heard of you. and from that last comment you seem pretty noticeably stuck up yourself. or maybe you just have some issues, but either way you'd have been better off not commenting at all.

    ron dadoo

    Look I'm commenting on the fact that this nondescript is just like the countless nondescripts who actually believe they are entertaining, to the point of pulling out your own teeth as a distraction. Incidentally I don't have to be known to you to make this observation. TV talent shows are awash with this garbage. , He is exactly like dry ground oatmeal....unpalatable and very hard to swallow.


    ron dadoo ok I'm going with you have issues considering you just compared music to oatmeal

    ron dadoo

    You can go with whatever you want and you will. However, I'm not making a sweeping statement about music in general as you are attempting to make out . I meant it about this kind of music and this kind of performer. You will notice I used the descriptive "HE" in the sentence where I mentioned oatmeal. I could have said something more appropriate like , being held down and forced to eat shite surely can't be half as bad as watching and listening to this waste of time licking his own arse.. Now bugger off and find something else to entertain your "musical" desert of a mind.

  61. Limesss

    omg i love your song its makes me cry

  62. sara Okay

    I'm hating this

  63. kyle sulbo-an

    This so great I wish you could do more. I think this is your second best because Yellow Boxes is my fav. Thank you for this Tyler!

  64. lilly Müller

    i was at a concert from you . i love your music i can't good speak english :'( i come from germany

    a boy has no name

    hey, dein english ist nicht schlecht, es ist gut. ich mag dein Profil foto!
    - guten abend von Bosnien

  65. wong Chin Tung

    the song just exactly wt im felling right now!! Thanks so much, the song heals!!

  66. rlly


  67. Josh Kerr

    Why is this no longer on iTunes? I'm rather upset about that.

  68. PY X

    I believe this song deserves more views, but it's like Tyler is singing exactly how I am feeling and I just want to keep this song to myself.

  69. The SnarkyArtist

    I can't tell you how much I love listening to your songs and vlogs. Some of them make me want to cry because there is so much truth in them. And I didn't think someone as cool as you could love God so much. It's really inspiring.

  70. Alkae

    wow tyler !
    I just listened The Best Song In My Entire Life called " dashes " .
    Oh My Gosh .
    The Instrumental Also great . Bravo

  71. Gaurav Sharma

    Wonderful beats, lyrics and music!

  72. Paul Marquez

    i love this song, i keep playin it over and over again. <3

  73. May Anne

    I love this song so MUCH!!!! One of my favorite song!!
    Much love from Malaysia!!!

  74. Johanna Schöllmann

    Love this song s much! So incredible that it is your own original song because its so good that it couldd be a top hit! I heard it now a hundred times and I can't stop listen to it because this song is so powerful and beautiful!

  75. Rafita Ekayanti

    one day, if you were back then brings your dream home. I just want to see you again then watched you remember Me. Goodluck for your school. we may be separable by the distance and miles. but, one thing I always keep it, this feeling of secret love for my best friend: 333 someday you'll understand how much I love you. he's more than my everything <3

  76. Drunella Timmins-Young

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 ;) :)

  77. MarissaaaaaJ

    Hi Ty!! This song is so amazing and so powerful. I love it. But what keeps touching my heart, every single time is your story, the way you find the words fo write what you want, what you believe is good. Words to explain how you feel or why you did something. Beautiful words that can be hard too. Hard to find, hard to say. I hadn't read this one yet but I wanted to say, we're not alone, never. And when we go through rough times we look up to people. One of those people for me is you. I look up to you, your videos, not only the music ones also the others ones, stories, short messages and more. They are always so honest and strong in their own way. You'll probably never read this but if you do, thankyou. Thankyou for so much. You honestly help more people than you think, myself including. I haven't had the most "popular" & easy youth, Ive been through a lot. But I'm finally following my heart, reaching for the stars and trying my best in everything but while doing that I hope to be the best version of me. And you help with that. Thank you with all my heart😘 Love, Marissa

  78. Nathan Haimson

    Damn this song hits pretty close to home. I love this one.

  79. Lidia Sztahura

    Dashes is one of my all time favourites!
    If you have some time, please check out the cover+music video I made of this song, I put a lot of work in it ;3

  80. Jonathan Goetz

    tal vez un caminar que no se

  81. Jonathan Goetz

    maybe i'm walking to a place I ddk

  82. Jonathan Goetz

    البرد بدونك

  83. Jonathan Goetz

    Wǒmen zhè li yǒu shé me bù hǎo ma

  84. sam w

    I want this song to have more views; I guess I will just watch it more :3

  85. Yuval Zer kavod

    a truly amazing song <3

  86. JakeFrom Statefarm

    This song has helped me so much... Thank you tyler! <3

  87. Karan Singh

    the song and the description both awesome

  88. Wim Boens

    18 months later, still coming back to listen to this...huh?? Must be a good one :-)....hope you've found the person with whom to take root so you don't need those dashes that much anymore!

  89. jeff holme

    i think this song is about julia, anyway i love your original stuff tyler, keep it going.

  90. Annika Lara

    This is my favourite song ever! I did a cover of it, I hope you want to check it out.. Ily

  91. G Markos

    Story of my life!!!The voice is trully divine and lyrics straight from the heart!Ace artist!!

  92. sara Okay

    when the days feel so long this where i just sit and listen to you play all these amazing songs that make me want to cry . Ive been working on a new song and i was wondering maybe you could help me make it special . only ... and its for someone special ,

  93. NinjaPhlip

    I cant wait for the music video

  94. Sania Merchant

    I don't even know why I'm trying to join the bold lettered words. This song really had me crying.

  95. Reza Al Saad

    2016. there will come a day. i will play this song to all the known people here. the next day i will disappear.