Ward, Tyler - Beginning Of A Bad Idea Lyrics

Comfortable like an old sweater
Memorable, you just can’t forget her
Starting over is the hardest thing to do
History has a way of repeating
Eventually we’ll just do the same thing
Starting over is impossible with you

So don’t pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it’s the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

Loneliness has a way of magnifying this
Feeling that I‘m still not, no I’m not over you

So don’t pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it’s the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

I’m still in love with you
Guess I’ll love you from a distance

So don’t pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it’s the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

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Ward, Tyler Beginning Of A Bad Idea Comments
  1. Mai-Lin B.

    2019 SQUAD! Having the same feels as 5 years ago <3

  2. Mike Wolf

    This is one of the most Brutal videos ever...It’s stirs up memories and pain, anger and frustrations...But the one thing to take from it...at least for me is the rule; that no woman leaves/cheats all of a sudden...if she wanted to stay she would have could have tried harder...In the moment it hurts...but you have to let go, move on and focus on yourself

  3. Anubhav Dutta

    i can feel it

  4. LoveSkySkySkyy

    Maybe if you wore socks. She'd like you

  5. Kat Diver

    I love Tyler and I relate to this song so much 💕💕

  6. Jessica Searl

    Still one of my favorite songs that you’ve posted! Beautiful song!

  7. Sarah Rosler

    Omg seeing you cry broke my heart =(

  8. Hannah Williams

    I'm so sad. Tyler your music is so touching <3


    Subbed! I’m a musician too!

  10. NoobForSoup

    I need this house.

  11. Gavin Lavallet

    these people don't even know what there doing or what there jobs are and I m not even getting my pay check as others live off me and I'm out here dieing and nobody cares they just see money in it and they use me my dad put a 22 to my head it's hurts and all I wanted was to take care of him instead he steals from me

  12. Gavin Lavallet

    I can't even look Beautiful out here

  13. Gavin Lavallet

    watercraft on it I got boats on it I have homes to and I want duck them either for it

  14. Gavin Lavallet

    they want me to get married first before I can have it all and nobody will praying maybe it will be you I miss you I had my apple from my tree back but woodland took it for evidence and wants to give it to there child that was my only ticket out of this mess I lost it to evidence and my other bag too I can't even have my yellow Amarillo truck I payed for and payed for the shipping to the man wanted me to duck him first before he gave me the keys I said he'll no they shipped it back that twice what am I going to do and I have horses that are about to be chopped when I promised sitter and tuna county people who would help me get my information back that was stolen from me horses I already gave 26 cars away 1, thousands and something in phones and I can't even have a laptop

  15. Gavin Lavallet

    I'm not running from you . I miss you and damn your all I think about by the way. it's so hard to get the things I need I can't even get a green sweet shirt or a green jacket I can't even have my camo laptop at Walmart in broomfild or my military truck sitting there Trump got me and I don't need a licenses in the united states of America I also have a rebacon jeep stolen from me and the man wants to give it to his daughter and an other old man has the doors to it I can't even drive in peaces always on foot and sleeping on the ground and my hips can't take no more and I want a little girl before I can't no more I have bad civical cancer doc said I might not have anymore children I'm all alone I can't take this no more my dad treats me like a dog and makes me sleep outside the fence at my house using me causes me and is getting high and looks like shut and then my step sister changer here name and is getting my retired sosicurity and I have four bags of money on the lose

  16. Gavin Lavallet

    I'm not running from you

  17. Gavin Lavallet

    I want to go home and ur home


    Reminds of Dashboard Confessional this...

  19. Siera Steil

    I first listened and watched this music video like 3 years ago and I just got it

    Michael Eaton

    Siera Steil sorry then.

  20. Daniele Daniele

    Isn't this video a little too "exaggerated"? 😕 I hope you'll understand what I mean..
    Anyway, I like the song.

  21. tonkš


  22. Gabe garza

    I am related to Tyler from grandpa gorten.he hello make the 1 atm.

  23. janie allen

    I so needed this today, I started listening to it though And realized it was the beginning of a bad idea.. I'm bawling my eyeballs out

  24. Priscilla Evelyn

    In the beginning I wasn't sure if I liked your music but then you began finding and making music that suited your voice,now, I can't get enough of your songs. Keep it up please!

  25. B T

    you are one of my favorite artists. love all of your music, hope you make it to the top.

  26. Сони Х

    Должно быть наоборот

  27. John Russell

    Almost three years later, and still goosebumps.

  28. Xavier Hall

    What if a bad idea has an amazing consequence

  29. Mindy Schaper

    Where is this gorgeous location?

  30. brett nelson

    This happened to me. My wife. I never married again. Life is short here on earth. I never have trusted since. Sucks. You're a Great artist Tyler.

  31. Rook Rain

    well damn. im now a fan holy cheese

  32. Joyce Wong

    I don't understand how this video doesn't have a million views yet.

  33. michael sneddon

    Too many moments in my life have been summed up in this song... it's both painful and beautiful

  34. Megan Bolger

    Have had this song on repeat for hours now. 2 years later and still listening to this song. Love it 😍

    Megan Bolger

    The end makes me wanna cry

  35. YouTubeSingers.com

    *YTSgold ***** Selected Video* ♕♫♪👍😍
    Soooo Awesome, really love it shared with love!?

    Carla ~ YoutubeSingers

  36. Aaa Bbb

    Am I the only one who suffers for him at the end of the video? I can't watch it

    Tyler Ward Music

    I get it. Thanks for watching until the end!

    Aaa Bbb

    Tyler Ward Music Thanks for replying Tyler! It means a lot to me! And also happy 2017❤

  37. prashant sharma

    You have a unique voice quality in your songs which makes the fans love you even more ;)
    Love from India :D

  38. Melissa Laura

    Beautiful, this song is so relatable

  39. Andrew S

    That last scene is so strong.

  40. Michael Eaton

    Tyler I know who this song is about and it's just a sad situation all around now. sorry bro.


    Michael Eaton Alex?

    Michael Eaton

    iHaLLeRZz um you could say that.lol

  41. Alexander Garcia

    Damn it I didn't think this would make me cry but it did. Thanks a lot 😭😭😭

  42. Aqil Muhammad


  43. jasper koppelaar

    could you please cover lay it all on me by ed sheeran and rudimental? that would be awesome!

  44. Yash Jamwal

    The day is not far when you will be at top. And ya,amazing song bro✌

    Tyler Ward Music

    Really appreciate it. Thank you

  45. Ahmed Nomani

    This is my go-to post breakup song...the bedroom scene in the ending fucks me up everytime

  46. Ryan Schexnaydre

    Such an amazing and vulnerable song! I wish today's music had the rawness and vulnerability that true artists/songwriters aren't afraid to show!!! I myself am trying to dive into songwriting and I know what goes into it!! Awesome job!!

  47. ron dadoo

    Wake me up when your finished!

  48. Akansha Choudhry

    you should some rock and electronic. you'll do great😏

  49. Tiara Das

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this video! it inspired me to write!

  50. Katy Bird

    So poetic

  51. Yala_ abbey

    I think this video relates the situation to a lot of people. Tyler you are just awesome 💜✌

  52. Alexis Keith

    i can relate to this song so much. I been put through heart breaks and it sucks. This song has so emotion that i can understand and its not even hard too. Once you break up with someone, you have to let it go slowly and that takes power to do so. Everyone goes through this and we help each other but the only way you can get through is if you tel yourself that you can.
    You let your music express different emotions and i love it. The emotion you put in this song touch me so much that i dont have words that cant even describe what im feeling. im just blown off my feet and lost for words. Dont stop doing this. Keep your head up and smile. Thank you.

  53. tjd2466

    When I first heard this song two years ago I couldn't relate to it, but I could still feel the pain that the lyrics and music delivered. Now, I can relate to it the song, and the pain and emotion that this song delivers is overwhelming. This is one of those songs that truly delivers a very special message. It's a song that can make you cry but also help heal you at the same time. Just wanted to say thank you for making great music. Thank you for letting out your emotions through music. Thank you for being a truly talented musician

  54. sara Okay


  55. Louie Jacobs

    I reaaaally want to do music too, and this really hit home. Do you have any advice on what to say to the girl i just broke up with?

  56. Tyler Jay

    This is awesome man so inspiring!

  57. May Ann

    This song is just so raw with emotions! You are such an inspirational artist! So glad that I discovered your music! Love your works!

  58. Cami McHan

    Over two years later and I still love this song so much! And listen almost every day.

  59. Review Account

    Sometimes letting go feels like it is way harder than it should be. There can be all the reasons in the world that make sense to get someone out of your heart and mind, but somehow it is still so hard... This song is great because many can relate to the lyrics, and to the pain of it. But, it reminds us to let go...

  60. Makayla Patterson

    that was sad (at the end 😢😢) but other than that... that was a beautiful video 😊💞

  61. Kate Pampola

    This song is 6 years way past overdue for me. Man, if I heard this song years ago things would have been better sooner. But at least things worked out anyway. It just took 3 years to resolve things between me and my ex.

    You are amazing, just amazing! Tyler the songs you make are magnificent. I think the main reason why people loves you is because most people can relate to the songs you make. Good job! And Thank you for sharing your talent to us.

  62. Laura Bonn

    I will simply love this song forever.

  63. Eman Sidd


  64. Raymond Baglari

    WoW WoW WoW..... I feel like it's a love anthem song. It is !!!! nice job Tyler.👍👍

  65. Atlantis Music

    Aaaah..... so sad!!!!! luckely never happend to me before!

  66. Shania Perkins

    It actually breaks my hert to see Tyler hurt! :'(

    Hannah Williams

    I'm literally tearing up right now

  67. S J

    @Elleshemel .... nice song.

  68. Jog Linegua

    Just looking at tyler cry, in just gives me the feels :( i feel you brother *hugs*

  69. Plutonium Angel

    Oh my goodness this made me cry but I can't stop listening to it because it's such a good song! Love you Tyler! :)

  70. Kiddycatism

    Such a comforting song to listen to (*^_^*)

  71. Dimitris Maschas

    Great songs great voice.good job Tyler

  72. Yanik B

    Exactly my feelings but the Situation is an other

  73. Benjaminne Benjamin

    whaaaa so much feels-- even tho I've never been in a relationship 😩

  74. Clovis Rolemberg

    complete artist. great singer, great player, great interpreter

  75. Alyson Nellenback

    I love it tyler

  76. Thrive With Natasja

    This video still gives me chills every single time I watch it... <3

    Love all of your work - you are crazy talented!

  77. Paula Ribeiro

    This is amazing, I love it so much. Congrats, this is the most amazing thing I have heard all week 😊 and I'm sorry if there is any mistake, my mother language is the Portuguese 😘

  78. Ren Blair

    hey tyler do you have any advice on recording and songwriting

  79. Mario Flores

    My feels...

  80. Sarah Nebe

    You're so perfect. I have cried by seeing you so sad. It broke my heart.

  81. Lisa Bowers

    do men really cry like that? :/

  82. Ethan Denton

    Was this the part of your career where you realized what was really important in life? because otherwise it's kinda a bummer to see 0:44.

    Daniele Daniele

    Ethan Denton I did not want to watch that part. I put my hand on the display during "some" parts pf the video. 😞

  83. MDL

    Hey, you keep growing in your music - well done. This is a very special song. Keep it in a set.

  84. Brittani C

    this is just what I needed to watch :) love your music, its so inspiring.

  85. ROMAR

    In my opinion by far the best piece you released until now. Just AWESOME, Tyler!

  86. sara Okay

    Don't want to run anymore . If I said unwanted to come back what would you say . I sit and wonder everyday

  87. Saubhagya Sharma

    This is so awesome


    That girl is fire. Hot damn. Great song though!

  89. brianna kamleiter

    This video made me want to give you the biggest hug possible! I really love the song!❤

  90. fatto8

    Sorry Tyler I've just spent the last couple hours illegally downloading your music it's way tooooo good. I'll pay you back one day =S

  91. MsRainbow #FangirlAF

    who  else wanna jump in the computer screen and hug him?:)

    Amanda Whittaker

    that made me laugh but so true

    False Awakening

    TheCupcakeUnicorn me!!!!


    TheCupcakeUnicorn me :,)

  92. Andrew Trinh Music

    the "I'm still in love with you" bridge gets me EVERY TIME, TYLER. #thefeels

  93. Anna Lee

    Beautiful beyond words.

  94. Lucas Payá

    You are awesome... as always! ;) @Tyler Ward Music

  95. Laura Lins

    This song needs more love.

  96. Jackie Goodall

    Brilliant mate just brilliant!.!

  97. Jackie Goodall

    I am so moved and touched by this video and most importantly the song. Not many singers out there have this artistry and passion and connection to life. When I listen to Tyler I get chills and my soul is awake. That's what good music does. It awakens the mind. He is like a breath of fresh air.

  98. Wrecker '56

    I love,Love,LOIVE this song, if I could, I'd hit tie 'Like Button' 1000 or more times! Great work, keep it up!

  99. Noah the bomb Vlogs

    Was this video real if it is I'm crying and sorry this hapeened in your life