Wanda Jackson - Happy Happy Birthday Baby Lyrics

Happy happy birthday baby, although you're with somebody new
God I'd drop a line to say that I wish this happy day would find me beside you
Happy happy birthday baby, no I can't call you my baby
Seems like years ago we met on a day I can't forget cause that's when we fell in love
Do you remember the names we had for each other
I was your pretty, you were my baby, how we could say goodbye
Hope I didn't spoil your birthday I'm not acting like a lady
So I'll close this note to you with good luck and wishes too, happy happy birthday baby
Do you remember the names...

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Wanda Jackson Happy Happy Birthday Baby Comments
  1. Jim Garcia

    Wow! I just never paid attention to her.Boy, did I miss out.

  2. MariaDeLaLuzDeJesus

    Wow awesome version

  3. Lynn Lobliner

    One of my all time fave 50s songs and she does it credibly.

  4. Blck Duck

    She did not do this song justice.

  5. jean-marie Basset

    Ils ont quelque chose en plus que nous les américains

  6. WendyKS93

    Absolutely love it.

  7. lourdes solano

    nice happy birthday song''''

  8. Vern Smith

    you can almost feel the pain!!!

  9. Louise Dixon

    I love this song, it
    is the best!

  10. cowgirlo99

    Thanks for Posting I like this one!

  11. FoxRunMan

    I hadn't heard this verson before - I am more familar with the Tune Weavers' version - nice, though.