Walker Hayes - Dollar Store Lyrics

Saw a penny picked it up
Lady be a little luck
Stuck it in my pocket, hey
Wasn't earned but it's saved
50 cents in the console...cha ching
39 on the floor...bada bing
10 more till we got it made, babe, in the cash shade
Shopping time there's a dime in the ashtray

Uh, woohoo
Mama let my money say I love you
We takin' you and this GW
Down to the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for
Uh, woohoo
Baby I'm a million bucks from rich
But I can grant you a discount wish
Down at the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for

Baby, It's your birthday I'mma be your sugar dad
Don't even think about checkin' one price tag
Whatch you want, flips flops?
Toothbrush, Clorox
Shasta, pop rocks
EPT...hope not!
Paper plates saying' happy Halloween
Candles smellin' like cookies & cream
St. Patrick's day party hat with elastic strings
Girl you look fine in green

Uh, woohoo
Mama let my money say I love you
We takin' you and this GW
Down to the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for
Uh, woohoo
Baby I'm a million bucks from rich
But I can grant you a discount wish
Down at the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for...

Girl, they got silly string, travel Scope
Knock off cereal
Ketchup, picture frames
Flash light, key chains
Paddle ball, Tylenol, Mardi Gras confetti
Drop it in the cart, watch me roll it to regi'

Uh, woohoo
I'mma let my money say I love you
We takin' you and this GW
Down to the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for
Uh, woohoo
Baby I'm a million bucks from rich
But I can grant you a discount wish
Down at the dollar store
Buy you whatever you holla for

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Walker Hayes Dollar Store Comments
  1. Nicole Swift

    I don’t know how this guy doesn’t have 5 million likes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Carfire77

    Santa Monica by Everclear much?

  3. rj zander

    Please take the CD hold it close to your bosom and jumping to the nearest tree Shredder head first

  4. Mathew Proctor

    Just saw him live yesterday here in Tulsa at the Hard Rock Casino! Dude you gained a new fan!!! One of the best nights I've had!! He's genuine and you don't see that alot nowadays. And he opened with this song! Songs dope af!!

  5. Yu Na Lee

    In the century when taylor swift is known as female country singer, why so much hate on this man?

  6. Sabrina Fleming

    L love all your song 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  7. Paula McCullough

    The "I'm sorry" at the end makes me wanna cry. I would SO cover the taxes for him!

  8. Mateusz Mamot

    I like listening to Midland, Tyler Childers nad Flataland Cavalry and I also like this one. This is more pop than country but it doesnt mean its worse. Pls stop that snobbery.

    joey morvant

    Mateusz Mamot Exactly! Been saying this for years: Only 2 kinds of music, good and bad.

  9. Bye YouTube

    Dolla store!!! Whatever you holla for!! I like that!!!

  10. Malie Vickers

    someone needs to do an animation with this song

  11. MsOzcan1

    Not sure if you will read this but......Dude huge KUDOS...humble start but so deserving of success. Your music is CRAP you have tapped into something here Country Rap...Friggin love it. Anyway new fan here and most sincere condolences on your recent loss. My GF are trying to have a child but unfortunately we are batting 3 miscarriages for 0. Adore the ones you have you are a lucky and very very very deserving guy.

    joey morvant

    MsOzcan 1 Not to be smart, not my intention, I promise. But, others have done country rap before him. Kid Rock, Colt Ford, The Florida-Georgia Line. I love all these artists. But, I love Walker, too. He may not've invented country rap, but it makes him no less good. Country rap is a cool mixture, and more artists should try it. He received much flak for this song, Walker, and all of it undeserved. People need to open their minds. Forget genres\races. Anyone can like any genre of music, no matter what race they are. To me there are 2 types of music:Good and bad. Walker Hayes is good.

  12. Aure *

    I got to take a picture with you at the Washington fair I was the girl who you signed my arm I am little girl

  13. Dandi K

    Just went to his concert and heard this song and now i am obsessed with it!!!!!

  14. Sherri D

    ..drop it in the cart watch me roll it to the reggie...hilarious!!

  15. Mario Ortiz-Young

    Good Song

  16. Isntezbncheezy

    He played at Billy Currington Concert at St Augustine, he was horrible... could barely understand what he was saying. Billy was great tho.


    This song is trash, but it hohnestly did sound better in person.

  17. Thus Spake Zarathustra Production

    Do the universe a favor give up... Please just give up...

    joey morvant

    Thus Spake Zarathustra Productions He has fans, me included. If you dislike him, fine. But I'll never understand why people even bother to comment on things that they dislike.😳

  18. Delilah Herrell

    My brother Love's your music his name' is Ayden

  19. Shannon Conley

    I love this song..

  20. Bawono Budi

    Everyone can be confused about the genre of this song but imma be singing and jammin to this tune for a while now. It's hella catchy!

  21. Jody Hannibal

    Its called "goofy string" at the tree, not "silly string". lol

  22. Bratz Lip Logical

    he is hot tbh

  23. Nikki The Fox

    I don't care if it's true country or not just because the beat might not be all that country. This is honestly hilarious and I just love this man.

    rj zander

    Well I would have to say you don't know one thing about country music because this is not country music this is sad sad Millennial poop

  24. The fortnite player _

    Love this song!! Have a lot of fun singing and dancing with the kids to this song!

  25. ATesia E

    This song make me laugh... I like it.

  26. Enrique Gonzalez

    This is not country music, this sounds like POP music.

  27. In this Together

    You are bad but good

  28. Graci Fleener

    Each one of your songs are amazing!

  29. Abner Doodle

    This song is so funny

  30. rAvensBBr

    Not country per se. But you'll be singing it tonight to yourself. And tomorrow. And randomly to yourself in a meeting a week from now. And so on...

    Rory Dovel

    GO ISLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. reel life

    Why you hating on my boy . Put your keyboard down and write something better . Fucking trolls . Oh shit know you quite .

  32. Stacey Crawford

    First time I've ever heard Walker Hays was in evensville ford center I've been hook every sent my husband and I love his music can't get enough of it keep up the awesome work

    Thus Spake Zarathustra Production

    However, you need hooked on grammar....

  33. Kaylee Wallace

    Ya know, I'm not sure this should be categorized as country, but that doesn't make me love it any less. He's a genuine artist, I'm happy to support him. Definitely buying the album on disk and on itunes.

  34. Justin Carroll

    Best country song I've heard in a while.

  35. Brian Breese

    Dude, put the shovel down and step away from the hole. Permanently

  36. Wonkey Dude98

    What the loving fuck is this?

  37. BTCock

    Anybody that believes this is country music should just kill themselves now. Just a terrible abortion of a "song."

    Saxony Ruckman

    Ya know I really thought we were better than to tell people to kill themselves over the genre of a song. But you have proven me wrong. Thank you for being a terrible person.


    Saxony Ruckman You're welcome!

    joey morvant

    BTCock No genre of music has to be any one thing.

  38. GrantH

    Ok, someone enlighten me as to what "genre" this monstrosity is supposed to be. And no, don't say "it's country!" because it absolutely isn't. So is this pop? I seriously don't even know. This is the first time I've ever been so thoroughly confused by a song.


    GrantH why must everything fit into a nice neat mold for you?

    Steven Wilcox

    I don't know.. he has a country voice but the beats to a lot of his songs don't sound country... this is more pop sounding.... not even really pop country, just pop... it's not a monstrosity though... it's got a pretty good beat... but the only song I've heard from him that I'd probably classify as country would be "You Broke Up With Me."

    Tina Anderson

    umm I believe he is trying to convert Country Music to rap...…..I;m not buying !

    joey morvant

    @wolfpack4128 I agree. My opinion on musical categories\genres? 2 kinds of music: Good and bad.

    joey morvant

    GrantH My opinion on music is that are only 2 kinds, good and bad. However, in the interest of trying to answer you, if the musical powers that be place an artist in a musical category, I accept it as such i.e. "Walker Hayes is country". So, to me, "officially" he's country. "Iron Maiden are heavy metal." So, "officially" heavy metal. But, I am a fan of both. Remember: Good or bad. Both, to me, good.

  39. Joey Chestnuts

    u suck bitch boy

  40. JayOne89

    My ears....
    so much blood....

  41. Michelle Hannan & One Blue Night

    This song is embarrassingly bad.

  42. David Leary

    Absolute garbage. And trying to pass it off as "country" just makes it worse.


    If you would pay attention it's under the category of new country

    Tammy Cook


    Ellie Allen

    Your garbage if u don’t like his music plus it is under new country

    joey morvant

    David Leary That's you. Not all of us feel like that.

    joey morvant

    @Steven Wilcox As long as it's not garbage, that's what matters.

  43. Nicholas A

    The website Saving Country Music called this album the worst in country music history. They are right, this is absolutely horrible

    joey morvant

    Nicholas A Their opinion, your opinion.

  44. Jason Sinkhorn

    Has Walker Hayes been sued for ripping off “Walk on the Wild Side” yet?


    Because no one has ever sampled any other music before. Makes total sense.

  45. Ivan Yusypyuk

    Saw him live at Joes at Rosemont. This guy is going to be huge!!! great performance

    Nicholas A

    Ivan Yusypyuk is that a joke? This is some of the worst music I've ever heard. The website Saving Country Music called this album the worst in history

    Kristen Hudak

    Holy fudge everything don't have to sound like Garth to be country. It's frickin music!!!

    joey morvant

    @Kristen Hudak Totally. 2 kinds of music:Good or bad. This is gooooood!

  46. RHEC IGY6

    Wtf is this garbage. If this is country then country has died!! For real though, good job with another lame song

  47. Gracie Huffman

    love it!

  48. brennantg7

    Wow this is shit


    Brennan Geddes
    Let's see you make a better one

    Utah Godinez

    Random Cat my ass is more musically gifted than this poser

    Nicholas A

    Yup this is absolutely horrible.

  49. Barbara Whitby-Amanchuku

    Great Si. Good Upbeat Tempo.

  50. Jazmin deason and FRIENDS

    7th comment omg wow there will be a million more so please like

  51. Matt Maybury

    Is that a Walk on the Wild Side sample in there Walker??? I like the song man.

  52. At Risk Beauty

    Its okay, I like the beat though

    Utah Godinez

    Dessy IzCool its a straight up rip-off of Lou Reed's "Wild Side"

  53. Brett Kuhn

    I like it's a banger

  54. Twitty 90

    Idk about this one

    joey morvant

    @Aiden Tanz Lololol! Right on!

  55. Ajax Gordon