Walk Off The Earth - Mike's Song Lyrics

Love is like the wind, you know
Where it blows, your heart will follow
Through miles and miles of open road
The one you choose can take you home

So goodbye, dry your eyes
It'll be fine, God only knows
That I get by on you
It's all I can do

Hey, I know you'll always be with me
But I can't shake the heartache
Even if the day don't break
It's gonna be okay

(Yeah, I know, hey)
It's gonna be okay

Who knows what the future holds
And what will be is all unknown
Just take my hand, away we'll go
Don't look back and don't let go

Tonight, close your eyes
It'll be fine, God only knows
That I get by on you
It's all I can do

Hey, I know you'll always be with me
But I can't shake the heartache
Even if the day don't break
It's gonna be okay

(Yeah, I know, hey)
It's gonna be okay
(Yeah, I know, hey)
It's gonna be okay

Time will mend the space between
The words you sing and what they mean
Of all the places we have seen
This one makes no sense to me

Tonight, close your eyes
It'll be fine, God only knows
That I get by on you
It's all I can do

(Yeah, I know, hey)
It's gonna be okay
(Yeah, I know, hey)
Yeah I know
It's gonna be okay

I know you'll always be with me
But I can't shake the heartache
Even if the day don't break
It's gonna be okay

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Walk Off The Earth Mike's Song Comments
  1. glitter lucy gacha

    Mike's and Carley's song (still miss her)😔 why does it have to happen to someone so young and has so much potential 😢 -Ople and Juile

  2. Mandy Rondon

    I am deeply saddened for his loss. It was not his time, and the world is a darker place without his beautiful soul in it. My thoughts, tears and prayers are with his family, specially his children. May God bless them today and always. Rest In Peace sweet Mike.

  3. Carmalita

    2018 was a year of so many deaths of my closest friends. I can't even count any more how many friends I lost last year. Friends I met who were so kind to me when others weren't, friends who shared the chicken picks as kids and broke my arm over something so silly. As much as this song got me through that horrible year, when I listen I cry uncontrollably because I think of how many we lost too young. Thank you

  4. Treehouse Perfect

    love him and miss him

  5. Grant Bickerton

    Don't know if I have anymore words than whats been said. Ill be there singing in Perth. Love you folks. x

  6. Avi Snegirev


  7. Heather Billy42

    This is soo beautiful. ❤️💔

  8. Gabrielle Berube

    This man was a legend 😔 keep doing your amazing work ❤

  9. Bindu gurung


  10. Jo Fee

    Thanks for the song

    Jo Fee

    Well i had a thougth day may years

  11. Caos

    Hola, saludos, suena genial pero me gustaría saber que dice.. lo podrian subtitular por favor?

  12. Bab Izzie

    hello from France, I love you very much, I love what you do, it's perfect

  13. Wynnie Yapiter

    Anyone please make the guitar tutorial of this..

  14. Jim Martens

    Miss you mike.

  15. Zennah Mari Quipanes

    You will always remain here, through all the heartache of not holding your hand anymore. I often close my eyes and it always seems like you're still here. More importantly, i get by on you. God knows about it too.

  16. Anna Accardo

    Ciao vi ho scoperti da poco per caso...si può essere così bravi! E guardando un video dopo l'altro...ho ascoltato anche la vostra dolorosa perdita. Condivido pienamente, solo la gratitudine per quanto percorso fatto insieme può aiutare ... Grazie per il vostro talento!Anna

  17. Megan Johnson

    Boo the 69 people who disliked it

  18. 100 Subscriber Without No Video

    Nobody Like my comment

    But i don't break

    Its gonna be Okay 🙂

  19. Jaguar X

    Touched me

  20. Overcast Gaming

    No matter how many times I listen to this song, I can’t finish it crying

  21. Skinter _ sPectacular

    This one makes no sense to me indeed Rest In Peace Mike Taylor...We will still and always remember you

  22. GraceLovesAnims

    this song is just so beautiful. I love how you guys made it sound so hopeful. I feel really bad for those who were close to him. great job wote. you guys are amazing.

  23. Azam Shah

    this is so beautiful. i can only describe this song as beautiful. it’s perfect.

  24. adi shlinka

    A song so amazing and shocking!👐

  25. Skinter _ sPectacular

    Pls guitar tutorial for this.....pls

  26. CarolusRex4859

    So, 67 people have no heart or soul apparently...

  27. Graphi Graphi

    Rest in peace Mike the Beard Guy you friggin legend 🤙❤❤❤❤

  28. Mike Woods

    I couldn't be more sorry for your loss. But this song has become....I don't even know how to describe what this song is for me. But it helps. Thank you, and sorry again.

  29. Cthulhu_The_Destroyer

    "Your life was a blessing. Your memory a treasure... You are loved beyond words. And missed beyond measure." - Renee Wood

  30. I'm bored

    What is wrong with my phone I said shuffle for songs and it's only played the sad ones

  31. Anmol Gurung

    He must be walking off the earth to heaven rest in peace mike tayler

  32. KeinChris

    It's gonna okay..

    I do hope so, I really do.

  33. Susan Clément

    Beautifully written song!! So talented..RIP Mike "Beard guy" Taylor

  34. Annie Fair

    We just took our baby to the cemetery.
    Thank you for this song it has helped us so much.

  35. DoubleDeath

    I like how the timing is so random like Beard Guy

    R.I.P buddy ( ・ั﹏・ั)

  36. Jankyjuice1

    Screw whoever disliked this video

  37. I'm bored

    This song made me cry the first time I heard it now which was yesterday and I love this song now

  38. Chloe McCoy

    they played this in Saskatoon SK and they are so amazing and awesome i will never forget them. we will always remember mike Taylor (bearded guy)<3 i knew mike since i was 7 years old and all of them are family to me and when my dad left they gave me and my sister free VIP to go see them it was awesome . Thank you so much Sarah when you came down and hugged me i will always remember that moment for the rest of my life until i died!<3 i love you guys so much

  39. Lindsay Lou

    When I had first heard that he died I thought my own sister was just trying to make me cry.
    This song really touched me because 3 days after my birthday my Grandpa died. He was a loving father and grandfather. He really had the heart to do anything for anyone.
    Mike will never be forgotten..
    ( I typed this down while crying because I'm so hurt by the deaths.. )

  40. Stephen Dubinskas

    Two words... beautiful song

  41. Mac&Cheese 5471

    why the heck is there 59 dislikes?

  42. HDSpuerstar

    ...Am I allowed 'till my eyes dry out? 'Cause I (still) feel like it, and holding it in isn't good.

  43. Le Hanh

    He is far away now. But all of your love for him will stay here, forever

  44. JELLYBAY Band

    It's a beautiful song. He touches so much. Mike will dance in the sky and miss you very much. like you him. 'Cause "you can not shake the heartache."

  45. SkymZz

    MAGNIFIQUE et vraiment très émouvant !


  46. Olivia Barnes

    Im not crying.
    I have allergies.
    K maybe just a little bit.

    Or a lot. I'll miss him...😭😭😭

  47. Julia palma


  48. Kate Lamoureux

    Beautiful tribute to Mike, and something anyone who has lost someone important can identify with. Makes me cry every, single, time.

  49. Maija Barney-Bellemare

    Had me at it'll be okay 😭😭❤

  50. Aiden Jules

    1:46 is when I started crying

    Edit: Mike will be missed

  51. Bowerick Wowbagger

    The first WOTE video I saw was RUDE and Mike the Beard Guy popping up out of the water! I love that and I couldn't get enough of Mike in the other videos! Happy, in the bus, with Mike in the berth... and Sheriff Mike in Gang of Rhythm... etc etc etc! I love WOTE and all you guys and expecially Mike The Beard Guy! He will be missed!!! R.I.P.

  52. barefoottiger42

    Its still so surreal to me that he's gone, Rest in peace mike, thank you for all the amazing memories you have created with us all

  53. bestow

    Did Mike have kids ?

  54. Linda Lines

    what a beautiful tribute. thank you for helping me with my own personal losses recently with this lovely song. God bless you guys.

  55. Liliana, General da Horda Waifu

    O Brasil manda nossas condolências. Mike está nos corações de todos nós!! Sucesso e prosperidade para o Walk of the Earth.

  56. 123bradylyd

    I still remember when you guys came out with the somebody I used to know video and I instantly loved it. Rest easy Mike.

  57. Jannik Nielsen

    he will always be with you, and everything will be okay 👌❤

  58. Kenny Trisnanto

    :') i totally miss him...this song will definitely make a really joyful smile for him up there...you guys are awesome...❤

  59. Chien Hoang

    so emotional

  60. iLPandA pp


  61. Linnia Rose

    So amazing!! 💜💜

  62. Shay Reyneros

    Amo sus videos, amo su musica, amo su amistad
    Me inspiran, morros
    Mike los ama mas que nada en el mas allá

    Sigan siendo geniales <3

  63. Nsp Etimbury569

    57 non likes respect Mike!!!!!!

  64. C Way

    What an amazingly beautiful song.

  65. Kibkabra Infinite

    We in hell

  66. Anggie Harygustia

    I really miss Beard Guy's playing piano :,(

  67. excelephant

    Love you guys.

  68. Reven Marks

    This song made me cry, Mike is definitely proud of everyone

  69. Seren Dozier

    You guys have helped me so much thank you and “beard guy” or mike is still with us his sole is in heaven is still with us all

  70. Seren Dozier

    You guy are my favorite group I love you guys so much

  71. Cody Johnson

    Love this

  72. PhSyndrome

    This song have the right to have million of views than k-pop
    I missed beard guy

  73. addi7040 addi7040

    i love you mike taylor. we will never forget you
    its hard to believe hes gone...

  74. Elizabeth Rose

    Watching a stunning ocean while listening to this. Mike is always with you

  75. BabyBeach :P

    He was one of the most inspirational roles I’ve known and follow, at least I can move on because I know it’s going to be okay.

  76. CarolusRex4859

    Not gonna lie I was listening to this while looking at old videos from you guys and I teared a little

  77. Elijah Pelito

    Man, I will never forget him, nor his silent presence during a performance, and not even his beard.
    Rip Mike "beard guy".

  78. None Unexplained

    Loves from Malaysia.. 😭😭❤❤

  79. None Unexplained

    We will love you mike my hero 😭😭😭😭😭😭💝💝❤❤💓 you always be our hero.. You are the good people that God always wanted.. God loves you Mike like we always love you. Rest in peace Mike Taylor 😭😭❤ blessed you in heaven

  80. blondizsmilz

    What a beautiful song! I pray for healing for all of us on the loss of Mike. RIP my friend. You meant so much to so many of us. We should all stick together to help us heal! He would be so proud of you all for carrying on!

  81. sizlax

    O M G.... Anyone that can listen to this song to the end and not ball their fuckin eyes out, is not human.... I made it 23 seconds before I had to pause it...

  82. jim catalfamo

    i was just suffering youtube and i never heard of these guys but i got such a kick out of the Gotye cover i posted it on my facebook page. then i was listening to Hold On and there was the guy with the beard again. something about that guy grad my attention in both video's. after searching a few more songs i came across this songs. i was like this song is incredible. then it hit me that the guy with the beard pass. well i like to say i'm sorry for your lost but mike is smiling that he has inspired such a beautiful song. now its in my top song songs list for me to enjoy forever.

  83. Madeline Vozniak

    Mike is proud ❤️

  84. Jake Sterhner

    63 people can't grow a luscious beard, as of 6/8/19. It'll be okay.

  85. Zechariah Cameron

    Just watched y’all perform at the nba finals. It sucks that he couldn’t be there.

  86. Morten Andersson

    A song I never wanted to hear. Too sad!

    Check out GRiZ - A new day ft Matisyahu

    And support their cause!


  87. Donna Hein

    It's simply perfect. What a beautiful goodbye.

  88. Max Kurn

    I have listened to you guys for years, I saw you and Mike last year in London and it was so amazing to finally see all of you. It makes me so sad to hear this tune but I know how much he would have loved this song, excited to see you at Wembley in July, I will sing this along with you and all us other wotelings

  89. Nspviper69 Btw

    How dare people dislike this

  90. Nel's Creations

    I love this so much! The lyrics are beautiful!

  91. Peaches' Cozy Nook

    So very fitting for Mike “Beard Guy”.

  92. Rogério Mesquita

    Love u all! Crying here! Here in Brazil we use the word “Saudades” when we miss someone or something. I have saudade to see the beard guy with you guys!

  93. Karla Jo Grimmett

    This song goes straight to the heart. Thank you for sharing it with us. ❤️

  94. Walk off the Earth

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comments everyone. Writing and recording this song has been such a huge part of our healing process and we hope it can help anyone out there who's been going through something like this. We love you all!

    Golden Mimikyu

    Don’t worry, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor has Walked of the Earth to Heaven.

    andell bobier

    When do you think people die?
    When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? NO!
    When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? NO!
    When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom? NO!

    It's when.. they are forgotten...

    (Hiriluk of one piece..)

    andell bobier

    Life is like a pencil
    That will surely run out...
    But will leave the Beautiful writing of Life.

    nami of onepiece.

    Fred Cooper

    Rest in piece Beard Guy <3

    Chantal Marion

    My husband Mike died on May 26th of this year ❤ He was a huge fan of all of you. We would listen to your music and watch your videos with our daughter. We're very sorry for your loss. Thank you for this beautiful song in honour of your Mike ❤