Wale - Thank God Lyrics

Turn me.. up, wah, wah...
Turn that up a little bit, Dre
Let's have a toast, one time can you put the deuce up for the triple black niggas that put forth so much foresight on this forthcoming, fifth album
Nigga this style is fantastic, that's why the young lasses ask for us with such passion

Thank God
I said thank God
I said thank God, we don't do what we used to do no more!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Thank God
I said thank God
I said thank God, we don't do what we used to do no more!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I tell my enemies, I really pray that you don't fall
I tell my enemies, I really pray that you don't fall
Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
So they can watch me ball

Ball on a nigga, ball on a nigga
Too much sauce on a nigga, sauce on a nigga
Fuck em all little nigga, yah little nigga
Yeah-yeah, watch me ball
SLP, that may not be out for months
If they want a feature, they don't reach out for months
I may not be some type of street artist
See honestly, I decieve and to be populized
I'm trying to get my daughter five McLaren
That feminist side come around when Zyla there
Quiet girl, kiss the baby goodnight and step out in riot gear
City of light, city of light when the moon out
Criminal side, [?] miss Luna
Heavenly God, I pray the squad stay too up
Satan stay with y'all cuz the fear of God too much
J Lorenzo, a couple bands, oh...
It's unbelievable what I've been through
Gave niggas handouts, they become a handful
What it do? What it do?
Sean John threw a bag so [?]
Back to back, triple black MayBach, mad room back [?]
It's too late, all you niggas two-faced
All you'll ever be good at is roll weed and playing 2K
Or maybe Madden and FIFA, that's why I brag when I see ya
If my bag ain't a bag, at least my integrity straight

Thank God
I said thank God
I said thank God, we don't do what we used to do no more!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Thank God
I said thank God
I said thank God, we don't do what we used to do no more!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I tell my enemies, I really pray that you don't fall
I tell my enemies, I really pray that you don't fall
Yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
So they can watch me ball

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Wale Thank God Comments
  1. Derrick Clark

    Gave niggas handouts and they became my handful....sheesh 🔥🔥🔥🔥😰

  2. ItsYahmmy Bihh

    Wow... that's crazy, brought me here Thank God 🙏🏾

    Derrick Clark

    Same 💯

  3. Marcus Winn Sr.

    That sample sounds like that Tupac “Late Night” as well...🔥🔥🔥

  4. Demetrie Wilson

    Shit trash lmao

  5. Jarvbs Jones

    2pac Late Night & Definition Of A Thug Nigga

  6. RevolutionaryFather

    Shit hard af 💯💯💯

  7. Honey Onyx

    Its sad how someone can continuously drop great music and it’s never heard like it should be

  8. xxriean Rinei

    What's the hardest wale song in your guy's opinion

  9. Genuine Servant of God

    At least you praise God

  10. HipHopRates

    Wale is underrated afffff

  11. Kay Dot Reladoe

    Tupac definition of a thug nigga sample

  12. Ez Williams

    Dre aint shit but he can rap/sing (yes a power reference)

  13. Michael Wilson

    Wow i just listened to the entire and i gotta say 🔊🔊🎵🎵🎵💯💯💯💯

  14. Brit'nee Supernal

    Man Im sorry for not really listening to Wales music like that.Ive heard a few of his songs and they are all good.Ive just never listened all his songs like that.Talented!

  15. Brian Dawson II

    God Flow

  16. zoes wife

    Now this is music 🤗😘😘

  17. Trial ZeeZ

    This song just popped into my head, still bumping it in 2018.

  18. Chee Nedu

    This shit too lit yo🔥

  19. Ray Metrix

    Brooo this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Still Melo

    Mfs sleep!!

  21. Malik Moore

    Omg dem hats go crazy!!!😈😈

  22. Dawid Płotczyk

    Play ExsultantApe5233

  23. Thomas Leffler

    Can't shout out Zo anymore aha

  24. Poot Lovato

    000-021 shows Wale on stage talking to light shining on him/crowd looking on in nightclub (camera in crowd)/Wale toasts the woman on stage with him/ holds cup up, woman walks away in background (crowd looking on) /021-043 shows "singer" wale? singing but not at the camera from different angels, nand in background on stage playing music / 044-117 shows Wale in suit singing to crowd singer points to back wall as if theres an enemy there. Different angles of Wale singing to crowd. / 118-139 shows Wale in street clothes (normally dressed) drink in hand singing to the crowd / 140-212 shows Wale walk out of club into night on sidewalk, camera shot of moon, shots of ppl on streets, shows man go to approach Wale from behind while hes walking. The man stops and fades back into crowd when Wale lifts cross on his chest 1:50. / shows de larenzo and a couple benzo'$ / shows crowd beside benz hating on them lookin mad and mean, disgustedly at the cars. I think someone even spits on one? / shows Wale walking down the street says to camera "its unbelievable what i been thru" / wale shakes hands with ppl standing around, Sean "puffy diddy pop" combs throws "bag" Wale catches it and keeps walking to maybachs back to back to nack. Wale gets in the middle one / woman gets in nack of Maybach with him, maybachs leave / 212-223 shows men trying to look into car / Wale puts "bag" on lap, raps to camera / 223-245 shows man singing on stage, band playing in background/ dif scenes of waiters in crowd man on stage, waiters filling cups w bel air champagne, waiters walking around in crowd w man on stage singing / man and band close ups etc. / 248-End shows Wale singing to the crowd. Script:
    Thank God
    Wale ft. ?
    The Untouchable Maybach Empire

  25. Su Yeng

    Wale 💎

  26. Charles Johnson

    Ya better put sum respect on wale name 💯

  27. Josh Aldaco

    Never again would i listen to this shit

    Squid Word

    Josh Aldaco why tho??? This is MUSIC

  28. Lightbright

    He from AK

  29. Vanilla .B

    Anyone else here because of dj ak

  30. Randy Breadbox

    why cant i find an instrumental


    In ndazvitadza ini.. Wale anoto nyatso gona.. This shine album is so deep i feel like im at the floor of the mariana trench whenever im immersed in it

  32. okaycae

    wish i found this album earlier wale is so underrated

  33. John Smith

    So dope! Thank God for Wale

  34. Daniel Sanchez

    Shoutout to rotimi that hook was off the top

  35. Ava James

    2:00-2:22 he ate that shit

  36. Davie Love III


  37. Lindsey Struckmann

    I'm rockin slim

  38. iDee92

    The hook just randomly popped up in my head..... so y'all mean to tell me that's Dre singing the hook ? I mean Rotimi lol

  39. Geno Magic

    wale is still one of the most diverse artist of our time

  40. lmTrynaROBYOU

    Bruh why the hell is this nigga still being considered underrated? Wtf

  41. Jean D

    Had to find it on spotify wale dropped a album. Danm notifications on now

  42. casual white boy

    I love the flow

  43. Been there Done that

    love this...Wale is underrated. ...

  44. Love & Success Follows Me

    Organized Konfusion - Stray Bullet.
    that's where he got his beat from.
    You're Welcome.

  45. adrian cumberbatch

    yesssssss wale don't lose the flow mi lion

  46. Tharsan J

    the first time G-Unit and MMG worked together Rotimi done his thing.

  47. Kecis Jones

    Love you 😘 Wale God bless you

  48. Naza Solano


  49. DeeJRichmindset

    ...& 2 my enemies I really pray that you don't fall, so you can watch me ball 💯

    Joel Rurisa

    DeeJRichmindsetII I scrolled to your comment right as he sang that line. If I could like twice!

  50. Rodtinae Jones

    For the Trill!!!🙏🙌🏃

  51. justine alston

    wale just has bangers after bangers. there's not one song where i say, "i dont' like it" i literally love every song. his songs always got meaning. either you get lit to it or actually vibe and think. he deserves so much respect and hella awards lmaoo.

  52. Redd Blitz

    Classic Wind Parade by Donald Byrd on this amper.

  53. Leroy Williams

    went to Wale concert last night in Boston MA fucking awesome

  54. Drew Dolla

    Keep bein the 💡bro 💯💯💯💯💯

  55. Robert Whitehead

    I love that he's sampling " Wind parade by Donald Byrd".

  56. Dreadhead_Weezy

    that feminine side come around when Zyla here

  57. PaperBoy Gangg

    my nigga 💯👑📿

  58. Kelly Cooper

    Wale Raps Poetry has respect for God.

  59. Imagi Nation

    Wtf Wale not at a Million subscribers yet.??!!! Yall trippn show him way more Love. This whole album is LIT.

  60. Olu Chi

    Heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. Tiphanie Julisa

    yeeeeesssss waleeeee real music man

  62. Moochi Zanotti

    this is the worst album cover ever lol

  63. MexicanTacos 07

    Wow i've definitely been sleeping on this guy. Certified banger🔥

  64. Kay Kay

    My fav song on the album❤️🔥💯

  65. Gary MGTOW Smith

    2pac n Dj quik #LateNight sample 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Ricky B

    part of this beat remind me of a jay song?

  67. Àshley Lopez

    Wale is so underrated

  68. Lil Bibby

    corny af

  69. Tommy Bolden

    is that Jamal from empire

    Ms. Mack Anomaly

    Tommy Bolden no it's rotimi from power

  70. Richard Morales

    jadakiss Spit off that beat

  71. Akai

    Je cherchais Rilès et je suis tombé sur lui. Deux découvertes en une journée je jouis

  72. Next Chapter

    Wow, beautiful x

  73. TLamar Muzik

    wale the genius 🤗🤘🤘

  74. C.C.M JR

    Respect is due to wale

  75. Unbiased Garica

    gunit maybach ????

  76. Strive ForExellence

    Wale crashed this intro!!! He let haters know wassup from the jump!! I see you Rotini!!

  77. Kkk

    I actually love this song, it's amazing!

  78. Yeezus Christus


  79. Ace Parks

    Im feeling this track right here

  80. C. Vaughn

    Couple Death Row gems laced on this cut: Jewell—"It's Not Deep Enough and 2Pac—"Late Night" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. MiraaCeee •

    Thank God🙏🏼 we don't do the things we used to do no more. 💯🔥

  82. ana catarina cunha

    its adrien marcel on back vocals ?


    Does kinda sound like him, but its Rotimi

    ana catarina cunha

    thanks !! 😄

  83. Aaron Martinez

    Black Moon Buck 'Em Down sample!!

  84. jowensjo34

    Young Chris I reminisce I like how he sampled this too

  85. Randolph Anderson

    He sampled this track from Donald Byrd. The real MVP

  86. Tim Xman

    This Song is One of The BEST on the ALBUM

  87. Tim Xman

    Who is the feature on this Song it kinda like sound like Jamal from Empire

  88. Hannah Taehyung


  89. Geo GRG

    Why Rotimi is not in the title ??????

  90. javarion777

    "a cuppa haters, shout to Enzo" *insert Enzo's dance*

  91. Tyre Herbert

    Thank you Wale for this one right here

  92. INFINITY1664

    When when this dude gonna earn his RESPECT?

    Romy Taylor

    the legends respect him, the mumble rap fans dont but they're irrelevant

  93. OG13 Music Group

    bro back


    MY REGARDS aos : COPYRIGHT : 1107140

  95. Afro Latina

    Ma fav on the album.

  96. zaid almukhtar

    Cuppa haters shout out to Enzo.

  97. Charles Xavier

    Best song off album