Wale - Sucker For Pain Lyrics

[Dan Reynolds:]
I torture you
Take my hand through the flames
I torture you
I'm a slave to your games
I'm just a sucker for pain
I wanna chain you up
I wanna tie you down
I'm just a sucker for pain

I'm like a masochist, ay
Come and be my love, yea
You'll be my safe place if you'll be my drug
My pain, my sanity lives in you
And shit cool as long as the queen happy to Clicquot
Sucker for love, call me sucker for love
Fallin' in love is truly like succumbing the trust
Get the nastiest babe
You gon' need my love, you
Won't receive out of no one
Before I leave I'm comin'

[Dan Reynolds:]
I torture you
Take my hand through the flames
I torture you

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Wale Sucker For Pain Comments
  1. Joycinete correa baia Jhonatan

    eu vim pq eu ouvi a música no final do filme esquadrão suicida

  2. SmurfyTheSauceBird

    Lil Wayne carried this song

  3. moenkoenke kapot breed

    Say what you want about suicide squad, it had the sickest music

  4. Gata Games

    Y love it music

  5. Luciana Ortiz

    Minuto 00:34

  6. Lamborghin_Savage_Racer

    Whoever disliked the video that you a boomer

  7. christben mootoosamy

    4.20 Borja Valero!!!
    Like if u Agree



  9. w ultrakill

    Imágenes dragons

  10. MS 13

    Only came for Logic’s dope verse and flow

    Tarik Delic

    MS 13 lol me too that shit is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  11. Daniel Helton

    Everybody in comments all dad cuz Eminem isn't ft, lol am I the only one thinking tech n9ne would have been a better fit

    Colin TheMoonWalker

    Bruhhhh eminem has a lot of white fans thats all i will say lmaooplus wayne already went in depth about how he is a sucker for pain... peanut and jelly-fishes on toast

  12. swarm orBit

    *no emotion that what business is lord have mercy on the witnesses*
    nobodys gonna talk about how lyrical wiz is?

  13. The Official Gavin Clifford

    Producer: How many cameos?

    Director: yes

  14. Marie Suzie Duverne-Diallo

    some people give me anxiety

  15. Mobile Gae

    Coming back to this track after discovering Logic


  16. Zeno Gali

    Yo heathens the best one from suicide squad.

  17. Samaah 96

    This is memories from my childhood

  18. JONITO wT

    *amo la película!!!!!!* me hace en día :0*

  19. Rick SA

    2:52 BrightBurn

  20. Maximo Diaz

    Me fLipa esta CANCION

  21. veronica tiberi

    Imaginé dragons - wiz khalifa - ty dolla sing - Lil Wayne - W/Logic - X Ambassadors / Aram 3 Civil War pt 2 / Sucker for pain / Video Official 2019

  22. D o u b l e A I M

    Best movie ever

  23. Rafaelly Aparecida

    wonderful song !!!!

  24. Jack Matador MDM

    Jack MATADoR MdM aqui, dezembro quase Natal, 2019😆

  25. Deadly Films

    Idiot kids don't know that we're all in the same year as they are just retarded saying "2019? 2019?!"
    society is a lie, its just a combination

  26. Mundo kids


    Amei essa música

  27. doing it

    In order to learn from my experiences. Well we all get stung smoothly softly and painfully in different circumstances whether we like it or not , Or learn from others experiences.

  28. vash1smc

    I just imagined dead pool just mid interrupting the song

  29. Mario Junior


  30. Rio Arthurna

    Billie eillish - all the good girls go to hell, listen the melody r so close

  31. 90 years ago


  32. Spencer Madrid

    Logic really carried this song imo

  33. Brittney Richards

    I LOVE this song sm

  34. Tre C

    This was most people’s first introduction to these rappers and although the movie was very disappointing to fans, the hype was unreal after this

    Aman Upadhyay

    Bro everybody knew these rappers, lil Wayne and logic already had a huge popularity, and you already know wiz khalifa

  35. Simon Simon.t.Nielsen

    WHO’s watching in 2019?

    Deadly Films

    Fuck off

    ruth hererra

    Simon Simon.t.Nielsen

    ruth hererra

    Deadly Films

    Simon Simon.t.Nielsen

    Deadly Films shut up

    Simon Simon.t.Nielsen

    Deadly Films bitch

  36. let go can't

    İmagine dragons - Dan reynolds 🖤🖤

  37. David Connolly


  38. Justin Mitchell

    "Iron Age" the "Kali Yuga" will the zombies wake up or suffer to be left for dead with the Age?

  39. 林家俊

    This is what you all wish for

  40. TropicalTrapFire 03

    I guess you could say the lyrics are a little on the *"wild"* side

  41. Ricka.T lanks

    come to think of all all the songs casted within the movie has a much deeper meaning than the concept ;)

  42. s9hm

    This whole squad < Twenty One Pilots

  43. Patrick Seay

    Of course Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa out of everyone in the song have to say a cuss word!🤦🏾‍♂️

  44. Micah Heard

    Lil Wayne really killed the shit out of his feature, one of my favorites from him alongside 'My Life'

  45. Usa American

    Esto 4s lo mejor de videooooojjjjjjj

  46. Usa American

    Ta locoooooooooo...?viva la maraaaaa pesaaadaaaaa

  47. Usa American

    Madre ese pijama d videooooo

  48. Usa American

    Está rola sólo d mi nena a m [email protected]

  49. Paulo Sergio

    Quem é br

  50. Nicolás Chavez Bravo

    I love music 👍🖤

  51. Nazlein Kero

    We need more SuicideSquad

    Arvinth Kumar

    Aug 6 2021 is the release date

  52. Nicole Suarez

    Si no entendí 😕

  53. adra 2001

    Not how😂

  54. adra 2001

    How is watching this 2019?

    Deadly Films

    Idiot, we're all watching this in the same year

    Michael G

    How? YouTube.😐

    Deadly Films

    @Michael G Correct

  55. Hewoitshannah !

    Who’s watching in 2020?!?! - person from last decade -.-

    Cain Playz

    Hewoitshannah ! I like this

    Daniel Cher

    u mean last decade not a decade ago genius. Pls fix

  56. Sarah Saranya

    Love this♥️

  57. salvador taboada

    la mejor cancion

  58. silvestree

    Song start 2:55, np

  59. Elvis

    I love the Logic part

  60. GGO 20

    4:29 the dog is funny 😂😂 and read the comments

  61. Charity Thompson

    Who's little bro told them to play this song also??

  62. Julieta Hernandez


  63. Peachypoki

    2016 ????

    João Augusto Moreira Silva

    2077 ????


    @João Augusto Moreira Silva Dude we're in 2040 wtf

  64. veronica v

    Me encanto quedo genial

  65. Gh0st915

    When this came out I didn't know who anyone was except imagine dragons

    Norbs Gaming

    Gh0st915 ya don’t know Wiz khalifa


    The better question is you didn’t know who Lil Wayne was


    How tf you not know you logic is

  66. Daniel !

    Pain is Nagato

  67. Sandra Clemente

    Alguém futparodia??


    i might stand ifornt of a train bc im a sucker for pain Talk to you

  69. Cid Weasley

    why is this better than the movie

  70. veronica v


  71. veronica v


  72. XXX_Round TableRival

    One time I was watching Suicide Squad at night with my mom my dad was sleeping and he went to tell my mom to turn it down and he got mad at my mom because I was watching a movie on a school night

  73. Eyleen Acosta

    Dale like si hablas español y no entiendes lo que dicen en la canción y en los comentarios😂😂

  74. Rafaela Martins

    Amei 😍

  75. Moonwalker

    That's such a amazing song with such amazing beats 💜

  76. Jeremy Jones

    Who gon be blastin in 2020

  77. aravind kotikelapudi

    no matter how much i love this song i cant help but always notice that the lip sync is off when he says "flames" in the beginning

  78. Denzel Torres

    Idgaf suicide squad was a good movie

  79. Vi Lawier



    damn this song is like mixture of every good thing

  81. Julie Bhattacharya

    All these comments about the song being wayyy better than movie have me dead

  82. Tgo Gamer

    Se dinossauros sao legais imageni dragons

  83. Kenneth Britany Alexander

    The rappers probably has the same amount of years in jail as the bad guys did in the movie

  84. Maggie Rojo

    Cool song

  85. Joey Kittle

    Suicide Squad did not deserve such amazing songs

  86. Rana Umar

    This version of Joker and Harley Sucks..
    worst ever far from comics


    the comics are so much bet Better ok Up back better read the comics before becoming a comic Only with comic books out for kids who is Harley Davis friend's friendFacebook it's wassup app that got youall in trouble Because I I am a it Girl I knew Tries tomato Tomato I'

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    criminal behavioral oo fib agent
    5 little loop worth trilli9ns to bring studio to yo for me is is dream wrong no pixar no ot Chris open It's mouth then I'm a father can I'm ashamed past win on my own matt and Chris who Taking for the wind $ 800 spent on me and I don't even want to mba drink Did 3 new raid A for what is a fairly MM8 It in your Bank loan that is paying for a car that isn't business Cause when give use the money give inappropriately He gets nothing for 3 years 3 dates My love my Miami and my programs to take over and bring New York to Florida to take care Mind Charlotte Florida charge New York State asking them for them to pay My Insurance And New York We're gonna track your life and see what's going on in Florida and Level upHope and love and my life just Saved Florida

    kpop_ae BTS

    They did that because its dark and kids will watch it duh they dont the movie more dark and abusive

    Rana Umar

    kpop_ae BTS it’s still not for kids do you really think DC is for kids??

  87. o gamer BIELZINHO

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 vcs são muito bons se eu daria o ponto de
    (1.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000o0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) e eu daria de dinheiro pra vcs (10.000000000000000000000000000000000000000)

  88. Workout Ww

    Kto z polski ? Xd

  89. Luis Faira

    Eu queria muito ser do esquadrão suicida da dc comics

  90. ThePizzasHaveRisen

    Damn I really love Logic’s verse.