Wale - Solbiato Freestyle Lyrics

Cause when I wanna put more music out
It's like a nigga selling weed in Seattle
You can get it everywhere but you checkin' with
Me you gonna get the real
Yeah, uh, look
Fuck with me, yeah

Solbiato my tape cover
Call me out on my name never
Since a lil' youngin' whole city love me
Laws GMO but I still fuck with them
Real one since day one
Had the go go's when Ray gun
No Hommes yet, I got Foams but
These joints I got can go for 8 something
Oh please, I'm rocking OG
BM said "Fuck what these hoes think"
Its legal here, boy blow a oz
And BLM, mmmmm... police!
I can run a Hail Mary no cleats
I'm that sharp and its God over police
You ain't hear it nigga, God over police!
My hands up cause a God not the police
Amen, Hallelujah
Man these white cops got some fire lawyers
Man damn officer yo job faulty
My skin darker so you probably shooting yeah!
Solbiato my tape cover
Local flavor like 8 summers
Contemplate who the best around
And all the bets down on the great Folarin, I'm a
Genius, trendsetter
Mm none better
Take em to the gym they can see my effort
Google Dajuan Wag before LeBron met him
Solbiato my tape cover
The gray wraith when I make an album
I made an album got the world to SHiNE!
That's Wiz [?] and then J Balvin!
Nigga Solbiato my tape cover
Sunset I could Landover
My lil' moon they call lil' dude
They get the whole Riverdale to get the [?] yeah!

Solbiato like its '05... nigga
Solbiato like its '05... but
Solbiato like its '05
Northeast you know they gon' ride
Uptown know they gon' ride
[?] know they gon' ride
Solbiato like its '06
Solbiato like its '06
Solbiato like its '06
[?] pulled up like oh shit!
Solbiato like its '08
Solbiato like its '08

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