Wale - Prescription Lyrics

Simply out of this world by choice
The world's too much for the soul to enjoy

I focus on the void and I fill it
Hopin' the depressed ain't give in and give up
So listeners give up your ears, it's your hero
From here on a heroin like high, I give off
Live off my lie and my lullaby
They itchin' for a new breath here's the calamine
And I refuse to camoflauge with other guys
You see my mind is amused of they head noddin'
I so got 'em, as hypnosis of hip-hop
'cause, when I talk they don't just watch
I make 'em feel it, the feelin's' unfamiliar
A rush of your adrenaline you can pick up a buildin'
You can become a killer, if properly scripted
The first one's free, next time I'll be billin' ya

Here go your prescription [x3]
Take your prescription

Don't let the pain getcha
I swear my lane will provide as a painkiller
A painkiller, a 16 of Percoset
Just let it chill Joe
That lil' burn that you feel, feel good don't it?
Just sit back and relax and take it easy
And let the beat play
Close your eyes, whoever uninspired
Pay me no mind, I put Adderol in y'all's
Riddle them with Ritalin, attention deficit
Niggas start listenin', and what I'm givin' them
The drug that they brain need
Them niggas sick of hip-hop so they appointed me
And I invened but the IV inside of me
And ignorance was drug of choice but they OD'd
Couldn't alone leave 'em
I am the sole leader
The young soul that the OG's still believe in
And if you not convinced keep on promotin' them
I breathe life in the game, they are Kevorkian
They provokin' suicide but as soon as signed
I drew designs for consumer's minds so in time
I do it for all y'all, do it for all y'all
Don't gotta wait long
The doctor has arrived just be patient
Please, please

Here go your prescription [x3]
Take your prescription

See, they say one has to know the past to last in the present.
So I, bask in the weather while the presence of these laggers lend me they rappin' to give gifts to my brethren.
My nigga this is more than a vocal booth, this is my, only truth, this is my risin' up.
So you can ask Black Thought if I know my Roots.
Shit, before you? uest my Love for this, just know we would play Q-Tip in the Q before you knew T.I.P.
And before you knew T.I.P. I was tippin' strippers properly to Pussy Poppin'.
So, when you ask me "What you know about that? ", ironically I'm askin' you the same question partna'.
I am hip-hop. Past, present and future.
I can rap on some old Primo, sound like the present Sigo and make it feel like a sequal to the new me, bitch.
I'm Wale, the prescription.

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Wale Prescription Comments
  1. Joshua Hill

    this was the best year for everything the real 2012 hip hop life death

  2. Sheri Direaux

    2019 🎶🎧

  3. Ray Love

    2019 🔥 we in here

  4. Jessica j

    2018 and I'm just discovering this masterpiece?

  5. Sharmel Mitchell

    Wale is Hip Hop! Past, Present & Future!!

  6. Abdul Osman

    Attention Deficit is Wale's best album

    Jarvase dundy

    @ShakenReality True. He has a new album coming out this year call Shine. And the Warriors blew them boys out yesterday😂😂😂😂


    +Jarvase O'Brian dundy yep by almost 40

    Jarvase dundy

    @ShakenReality #CavsLifesMatters


    +Jarvase O'Brian dundy lmfaoooooooo

    Jarvase dundy

    +ShakenReality 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. chevysandairmaxes

    "i breath life in the game they all kevorkian"  sick word play

  8. The Abstract

    classic wale

  9. maishah salam

    the beat is sick, lyrics are unique. and wale is a poet for sure, and the cover is amazing. this song is awesome.

    Sharmel Mitchell

    Real shit!

  10. Jaali Heru Ra Hotep

    Did he sample Modaji by Dave Grusin? 

  11. Jaden Crutchfield

    Love Wale he representing the home city D.C

  12. SmallSteps3000

    sounds like kanye's and jay-zs encore

  13. 93taylormade


  14. clarence carter

    Wale doing the damn thang!!!!!!!!!!! datz whatz up young

  15. clarence carter

    Wale doing the damn thang!!!!!!!!!!! datz whatz up young

  16. anthony blue

    u dont understand this song do u listen 2 the lyrics he is rappin about the pills he took cause he had ADHD thats real shit

  17. Luciano Albuquerque

    addicted to this song

  18. Steven Pascone

    @t0freaxxk Big ups to both of them!
    Either way WALE is my prescription.

  19. Steven Pascone

    B.o.B most talented?... Did u get dropped on ur head too many times as a child?.. Kids these days... WALE is the PRESCRIPTION!

  20. Green Aventerier

    Damn! Real hip hop! Wale go hard on that tupac level..and yes icey it's actually the lyrics that make the song..but it can also be played in notes..

  21. realhiphopnation25

    the end was tuff.

  22. Victor Numan

    Man, I'm so mad that I JUST bought this album. I sure as hell wish i would have bought it last year. I'm going through the tracks now, man, not one bad song on here.

    Big ups to Wale.

  23. donyelleno

    U cant hate on wale.music is more abt lyrics than abt beats.Wale talks abt real life and real everyday struggle

  24. Kimberley Milani

    how dare ANYONE compare GucciMane to Wale?? whylin b. wale is in his own world, so underrated! love this entire album

  25. Carter Delacroix

    wale is so much betta than gucci, wale actually knows his shit

  26. Rager-47

    They can be partners i just dint fuck with gucci.. he raps about pointless shit... LEMONADE-really all he does is rap about shit being yellow... dumbass music!!

  27. smirygrits

    shit gets better everytime i fill my perscription

  28. ScarfaceFan04

    man why does wale have so many haters? I feel this was a top 10 album of the year in 2009. I enjoyed this album A LOT. Wale might not be amazing, but this album was still good.

  29. SmallvilleLL15

    fuck yeaaaa

  30. Zelda

    PG girl here...i love this man.

  31. Rager-47

    Wale go hard!! all these people out there wanna here niggaz rap about bitches, hoes and how much chains they have... But fuck them next time i hear some nigga listeing to some gucci mane imma prescribe him some wale.. this shits HIp HOp medication

  32. Leanin2daSide

    Thats that D.C sound yall hear...yall hear them high hats and them congos groovin in tha backround...thats from that D.C GO-GO we crank out here look it up Mo!

  33. iluvgoodmuzik

    (Harvey Mason - Modaji) sample starts at 0:45

  34. BLVCK Diamønd

    @rtromp22 for real? oh damn. idc whether its a mixtape or album..i wanna buy it haha.

  35. BLVCK Diamønd

    why is his music so beautiful? i dont care if u call me gay (im not) but Attention Deficit goes hard as fuck and its the most beautiful mixtape i ever heard....

    Wale. Tru HipHop at its finest

  36. smirygrits

    fucking wild hip hop smooth shit

  37. Kolby Hawkins-EL

    Wale is HOT! DC, DC all the way...my first love was born and raised in DC and as of today 27years later we still love each other...Wale get'em!

  38. smirygrits

    shit is wild unique

  39. drodum

    @nsalax16 naa its just the play on words giving respect to the roots as originators and innovators in hip hop listen to it again and see if anything negative is actually said...

  40. nsalax16

    is he dissin the roots?

  41. Ike's Lions Den

    i agree.

  42. Forty1Second

    Im from Pittsburgh and Im not really feelin Wiz. I mean hes OK and I try to support him cause hes from my city but Wale is much better and Black Thought is in a whole different leauge than both of em

  43. IDontWantTrouble


  44. Forty1Second

    Im mad I slept on this dude. I figured he was just another wack ass industry pop artist until I actually listened to this album. Son is nice. Real hip hop. Good shit

  45. Supreme Pharaoh

    this is what hip hop should sound like wale all day

  46. ridz how

    this is mine

  47. jiinxz

    wale is going over to many peoples heads pay attention people

  48. Ryan M

    we need more rappers like Wale, Lupe Fiasco and J. Cole. Idk if yall heard of Jean Grae but she nice too. and i agree people need to listen not just hear. Listen to the lyrics cause they actually have a lot of meaning

  49. theballq

    you mean people heed to LISTEN to him, not just hear him.

    His voice drown's the lyrics out sometimes, which make's him sound boring at times..IMO

  50. Bet Mat

    amen baby

  51. KeiraKatt

    I love Wale people need to hear him instead of just listening actually HEAR him

  52. scoopaka2eezy

    Ppl sleep on Wale, hiphop needs this. N some of these hip hop fans need to give these up n coming artists a chance instead bumping all this party music.

  53. Neffertiti Carey

    love this jawn......

  54. ridz how

    wow !! wale one the best


    Bst jizzle new dc artist check him out on youtube: type: TJ MEC

  56. V-Way

    DMV we here lls

  57. V-Way

    I soo agree

  58. KING2672


  59. newcarolina2009

    yo you have to listen good to the lyrics, pretty meaningful, in the 2nd verse he mentions..basically the bs rap thats turned popular, both sides of the field though because he has done songs with wayne and gucci. never the less i understand where he's coming from, but from an outside prospective some could assume wale is cool with them...which makes things confusing, i might be diving to deep in it though

  60. newcarolina2009

    lol I cant find this album anywhere, every major outlet is sold out... of course theres Itunes but i'd like a hard copy

  61. muffinman8380

    dmv = dc, maryland, virgina. (or district-maryland-virginia, both work, but the first one is more known)

    and wale's the fuckin shit dawg!!!! hell ya. u kno it.

  62. Tory Branscum

    im from chicago but im here in virginia close 2 DC til june it sux i hat this state lol but id prolly like the dc area n wats dmv?? please reply lol CHI-TWOWN ALL DAY NIGGAS!

  63. Angela Lewis

    Let's Go D.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya Digggg

  64. CYJ962003

    Im gonna show luv on all his tracks!!!!! Im luvin this dude.....HIP HOP IS BACK!!!!! Cant be mad at that!!!!! 1luv WALE!!!

  65. HabeshaMoney

    GOOOOOD daim! ordering tonight! keep u wale! u is a star!

  66. Gilbert .Glasco

    its an outro..

  67. Arya Aminrazavi

    every bestbuy within 25miles from me is sold out of his album so idk how accurate that is. I do live like 15 minutes from DC too so im sure the fan base is alot bigger here then it would be elsewhere

  68. Joshua Cage

    now I gotta go buy this one man, good shit. This could have been an intro but it still bump so its all good.

  69. Godsunrah

    this sound feels like home to me

  70. jcella500

    Real talk we need to support the real hiphop heads us underground mc's who know and care for the art.

  71. jcella500

    Another angel is born saved hiphop I really was bout to give up on rap.

  72. jcella500

    Thats right wale got the glow fresh air at the right time.

  73. MaMonSterR

    mOcO repPresEntn'

  74. MichealJordan23

    dis album remind u of real hip hop wale a real mc.....DMV

  75. shoeheadjeezy

    pg chillin ya dig


    did u hear the joint he did on skyzoo album dat beat was crazy


    yes white boy is dope that his dream song he had on his album was my fav and deep

  78. Tosten Burks

    The last verse on this where Wale is just spitting poetry is better than anything any of the other freshmen have ever done. Insane.

  79. Verz

    i like wow Wale ended the track...I am hip hop past present and future

  80. Keeng

    Hip- Hop/ So hottt/ I gotta wear Flip-Flops! POB!

  81. illestballa90

    pay me no mind i put adderalls in yall

  82. bleacherbum102