Wale - Never Never Freestyle Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Folarin, go
They say never say never, but forever is so far away
Penny with a hole in it the bubble on my Hardaways
Is one away, all the way, always go for dolo
I'm goin' bloody insubordinate up in the polo
Jordan prolly bored doe, music got me more dough
Si papi, each of my crew gets gluteus as gordo
Maximus, Maxima, Acura to vroom - fuck it
Got them got you open bars like open [?]
Hoppin' out the new [?], 11 like whoever can get it
I'm goin' in, you eatin' Checkers for dinner
I soak it in as a moment, I'm on it, temporary forever
Twitter bitches livin' for me, they be carpe diem-ing
I'm a writer, but arsonist really
I get dollars where humble niggas with positive energy
I'm the voice of the city, Rozay, Stalley, and Milly
She know I'm mongoose, she start ridin' my willy
No really, used to whip the Bentley 450
Go up Bowie, and tell professors they better get me
G-get me doe, somebody get me doe
Ice cold frigid flow, iceberg history doe

Never, never, never could they fuck with me
Never, never, never could they fuck with me
Never, never, never could they fuck with me
Never, never, never could they fuck with me

[Verse 2]
Never, never, never could they fuck with me
It's like I'm in the clouds and they fearin' heights to some degree
Got a bunch of sneaks, a nigga be flossin' too much
Never keep broads for too long, women be talkin' too much
And to be honest niggas get smarter when I be drivin' what's up
Nigga we're talkin' stupid moolah 'til the Gallardo pull up
I'm out my mind and I know it, bad joant got some roll-up
Every joant that I'm shown in built up like Mrs.Bozak
And that's a Martin reference, you don't get it carry on
I'm a drop it real on you lil niggas, Tommy Strong
I just be flowin' a little when I be on the strong
And occupy a couple coroners after the song
You can't compete with me, I won't compete with y'all
My queen from out a magazine, your joant from out the mall


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Wale Never Never Freestyle Comments

    “My Queen from out the magazine yours from out the mall”🔨🔨

  2. J_Ramone

    The way this tune got repeated 8times whenever i listened to the Folarin mixtape 🔥🔥

  3. Johnny Ricks

    Garfield Terrace DC baby

  4. Dennie Williams

    wale is ahead of his time

  5. Jarvois Kennedy

    Still here

  6. Personal Cam

    Sometimes I come bac to this song every few months... just to remember

  7. Deuces Wild

    I just jumped on wale. I always seen him here and there but his material got better as it ages I recently learned that. Like this track is popping how can this be not at at least 5 million views.

  8. Truly Cursed

    “Ima writer but arsonist really” SHEESH

  9. daniel rodney

    smh, and they say he is wack.

  10. Samuel Smith

    the beat... the rhymes... I love rap.

  11. Akili Brown

    I’m in love...so talented...them verses...love Wale..💋💋

  12. StarTower

    Danny Swain made the beat and killed this sample tbh like if you agree

  13. Calgerian

    🐐🇳🇬 #DMVStandUp

  14. bg23allday1

    Steady coming back to this 🔥

  15. Eddy, The Dreamer


  16. Dellapino Hill

    Haven't heard this in awhile good track tho 💯

  17. Jasmine Syrkett

    Bars for days! So underrated 🌙

  18. Thaddeus Shaw

    My queen from out the magazine ya joint from out the mall ...

  19. ZelisReal Kemp

    My nigga never left bruh

  20. rocachick860

    This song is crazy!!!😮😍👌🏾

  21. Gill Okonkwo

    Dope 2 short

  22. Kevin Pierre


  23. Jhy{Gaming}

    Has anyone found the instrumental yet ?


    Jhylon [Gaming] it’s by an Instrumental artist named Danny! It’s titled “Never Say Never”

  24. ZAYWOP

    Still need that instrumental

  25. Noah Jackson

    dude goes over most peoples heads

  26. Noah Jackson

    🔥 amazing!

  27. Kwasi Atiba

    i need this beat

  28. Butterfly Soul.

    slim said "im eating in you eating checkers for dinner" 😂 cause checkers dont have no inside... clever!

  29. Scopes

    Rozay styles and milly-MMG

  30. New Guy

    Favorite artist since before Nike boots

  31. Auda L


  32. JonQ

    She know I'm on Goose (Mongoose bike), she start riding my wheelie. My nigga always come thru with the refreshing bars

  33. basedjj93

    2017 still🔥🔥🔥 goat

  34. Mario Mandy

    Still one of my favorite freestyles... he bodied this shit..

  35. Aquan B

    I love the Jill Scott sample

  36. King Kunta

    Forever my favorite artist

  37. Laina Wells

    I will forever love his flow...

  38. Terrill Maxwell

    1:52, when u realize Wale been dabbin for almost 4 years

  39. Jay R

    I'm out my mind and I know it, bad jawn got some roll up.

  40. niicho brady

    408 stay fuckin wit wale

  41. Kayla Malarcher

    "its like I'm in the clouds and they fearin' heights to some degree"

    "My queen from out the magazine. Yo joint from out the mall"

  42. basedjj93

    2016 still 🔥🔥🔥

    Orley Williams

    you know my g 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Anderson Pinheiro

    Wale Fodastico

  44. Arnesto Cruz

    Very underrated lyricist tbh..

  45. daniel rodney

    Keep coming back for the visuals👌👌

  46. qwertykeyboardsrock2

    What are the gold and black new balances called??

  47. Dahlin Osei

    Slept on

  48. Real Conspiracy Wow!

    Wale everywhere lol!

  49. Dashon Williams

    the beat is sampled from jill scott love rain, but the voice over sound like erykah badu, anybody know what song?


    it's me. I'm rabbit da supply guy. we put the wale video to see what happened.


    it's me. I'm rabbit da supply guy. we put the wale video to see what happened.

  50. Miles Patterson

    this nigga owes me new speakers because he just set them boys ablaze.

  51. Rocken Roller

    Wale came to the game like 15 years late ... very good MC does not get the credit he deserves !

  52. B3DH3VD

    This shit goes harder in the first 36 seconds than most heavy hardcore (t)rap......
    Goin offffff

  53. jwongboutique

    i want to be at that chinese fast food

  54. focus the light

    what sneakers does he got on at 0:26 and 0:46 ??


    +MixtapeMan07 Nike Air Max Express "New York Giants"

    focus the light

    +Donovan Beavers I looked into it and they're Nike Air Max Speed Turf "New York Giants" thank you, i've been tryina find out those kicks since the video came out

  55. The Eccentric One


  56. Lanadya

    the beat is dope

  57. Tyhearn Williams

    Every joant that I'm shown in built up like Mrs. Bozak
    And that's a Martin reference, you don't get it carry on
    I'mma drop it real on you lil niggas, Tommy Strong.....y'all remember that Martin episode lol? #ClassicLine


    +Tyhearn Williams Oh yesss...that episode was crazy.

  58. Tyhearn Williams

    It's like I'm in the clouds and they fearin' height(Fahrenheit) to some degree...wordplay King!


    +Tyhearn Williams son be rappin'

  59. Nerdbama Rich

    Man that jill scott sample is off that chain...

    Niya Darii






    waaait what did he sample from jill??

    Kwame-Quan Djehuty

    @sunshinee321 Love Rain from Jill Scott's debut album.

  60. Kayla Stephens

    Still 🔥🔥

  61. Mr Malloy

    What carry out was that?

    Gregory Pottinger

    Jill Scott- love rain

    Dominique Tucker

    @Gregory Pottinger l


  62. Patrick Monaghan

    Wale and Rockie are good. Wale is unbelievable though. He and Cole are top notch!!

  63. Jared Hutchins

    1:54 makes me crave chicken every time

  64. SGT Frazier

    WALE goes in on this. Dope flow

  65. A. Adeyeri

    Will forever be one of my favorites

  66. Annice Michelle

    Is the come back of the real lyricist. It is about time.

  67. Ce'Darius Rippy

    play this ever time i want to cut someone off str8 up

  68. Stretch Armstrong

    To good to be in MMG i swear.


    +Stretch Armstrong I love MMG and I also like Wale too, but I gotta admit his personal style don't mesh too well with the label, MMG is too Miami for Wale who has a more East Coast style....However when Wale hops on MMG type songs with other label mates he fits just right, but it's not his natural thing so he doesn't do it very often. But I don't think that's really a problem because he is still doing his thing, Rozay gives him creative control over his music and doesn't force him to change his style to fit in so I guess Wale being in MMG is not a problem at all IMO

    Richie Buz

    +Vice City

    They boosted his notoriety, songwriting and production

    Chris Thompson

    I hate when people say Wale is to good for MMG! First of all when Wale first came out under Interscope Records his debut album only sold 25,000 copies and they dropped him. Under MMG he has 2 gold albums and a couple platinum singles. Ross helped Wale period!

  69. Daniel Jean-Louis


  70. Angela Hernandez

    Like this yea

  71. Stan Kennedy

    She know I mongoose she start riding my wheelie!
    Wale is the truth man

    Sean Dafny

    Dammmmmmmm all these years i been stupid

  72. Cj Johnson

    Right lls does anybody else not wat that coat is called

  73. Michael Washington

    this video got me like o_O 
    these bars got me like O_O 

  74. Evelina Stewart

    Throwback to real rap! I love it(:

  75. Cj Johnson

    Wat was the name of the black coat he had on

    Stack Cheese

    Darude  Sandstorm

    Michael Washington

    @Controversial Name tf is that

    o i

    Naah, it's called Moncler Chevalier.

  76. Fred Rey

    This is why Wale is the best on mmg

    Stretch Armstrong

    facts. meek come after


    @Stretch Armstrong Gunplay*

    Stretch Armstrong

    @A Lock lol to each is own my brother

    Sean Dafny

    Stretch Armstrong lol dont do that. Gunplay hard

  77. B. Dailey

    Wtf is he saying tho..

  78. Vonn Tre

    The hell im tawm bout

  79. JessSoShutUp

    I fkn love this beat and I love wale! !

  80. TXZ1(Remixes)

    nice song!!

  81. R. Fletcher

    Saw Wale last night in Miami. It was live!


    Where is this instrumental


    LAGUNA DREADZ ik im like 4 years late lmao but its actually a beat from an artist named Danny! Titled “Never Say Never”

  83. Dee M

    My God are we going to discuss the number of epic lines on this song ? BARZ

    David Kinona


  84. L G

    Gotta love Wale. <3

  85. L G

    Gotta love Wale. <3

  86. Key Vlogs

    Yep das wassup

  87. Bubba Harris

    Everybody was terrible except for wale

  88. Bubba Harris

    Everybody was terrible except for wale

  89. Nia Simba

    Love it

  90. Lara V

    Hey le son me rappelle ceux de GURU sur Jazzmataz ;-))

  91. jeno meyer

    This that chicken wings with mambo sauce type of flow

  92. Donovan Winslow

    Where can I find the istrumental for this??

    Danny Swain

    @***** what the heck? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. just look up "never say never" by "danny!" on the instrumental album "dream extinguished", it's pretty much been said in the comments a dozen times already