Wale - It's Complicated Lyrics

Don't ask me about my love life
(Hol' up!)

It's complicated to find a lady in my generation
That's not preoccupied with social clout
We almost fazing out from the high we get from love and conversation to go on IG galavanting for likes and shit
Oh, it's complicated
I'm tryna say I need loyalty like Clyde Barrow was tryna get when Bonnie was shot up riding shotgun with him
My problems are justified but, I gotta admit
I got someone who loves me so effortless
But, I'm so messed up from another chick I feel like such a bitch ass nigga
That my exes got the power with no effort to decline the next shawty I get
So, I'm guarded and shit
But, never mind that cause you're a goddess and shit
What I'm tryna say is I like you but it's complicated
Foundation on all my pillows, still your tender face is flawless when the sky kiss you
Should I bury you in compliments or buy gifts or
Just let you tell me bye and for that time I'll miss you
My life is fairly complicated
You show too much of your heart I promise they confiscate it
I am young, black, and accomplished baby but
I'm not the type to bring home to mama
I'm just crazy cause I'm broad crazy
Monogamy's kind of hard for me
When I start throwing them curves that's when they caught feelings
I got famous at a young age I'm spoiled
I get paid, don't go out so the club scene I'm bored of
I don't believe in unicorns nor pure love, but more so the latter, seen Porzingis from courtside
I got missed calls from porn stars and church girls
You'd be surprised who get the wildest and squirt more

Let's be honest shawty
I got bitches you got niggas don't be modest shawty
Don't care about your IG pictures I don't follow anyway
'Cause, if I really like you I don't like your pictures, dig it?

I believe that love is complicated at best
And at it's worst it's a permanent burning in your chest
I pray to earn that from somebody someday
But, somehow someway I no longer have a heart to invest, it's miles away
The smiles is fake and my job ain't real
Why would you think I'll find a woman who is?
I'm high today
Tomorrow I'm chill cause my job get real
What mature woman would put up with my shit?
I mean I'm damaged goods
I mean, I'm rather good at being just kind of good to women who deserve more from me
But, I see you as something more than a purring kitty
You hate my state of mind, somehow you think the world of me

It's complicated
It's complicated
It's complicated
It's complicated
Just be honest shawty
I got bitches you got niggas don't be modest shawty
Don't care about your IG pictures I don't follow anyway
Cause if I really like you I won't... fuck it
Block all them bitches, cause it's complicated

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Wale It's Complicated Comments
  1. Rock Hadnot

    I'm Blowing to this rest of the week

  2. Justin Davis

    Drake would have snapped on this beat

  3. A Google User

    Please put Jhene Aiko on the remix Wale!

  4. Matthew Price

    Just discovered this song tonight. Been on repeat ever since. Cant help but say this vibe and overall record remind me of Dom Kennedy- When You See Love.

  5. Jasmine Ricks

    I love this song ❤️❤️

  6. ralphie A

    This Sontag captures the moment idc yo idc

  7. Alexandria Smith

    swear he speaks to my soul 😭❤️

  8. Bee Dew 23


  9. Kendra Trezevant

    Everybody aint gone understand this.

  10. Naturally Tricia

    Very under rated 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️❤️❤️

  11. Naturally Tricia

    He just speaks truth 🥰🥰💯

  12. Naturally Tricia

    I’m just in love with wale ♥️

  13. rcrp7


  14. Kelonn Henderson

    Money Galore Swagoreee 💯

  15. Yee Boi

    “You hate my state of mind some how you think the world of me”

  16. Bee Dew 23

    Love is complicated , but is so is life wale that's a real hit !!!to a real men dont change 1000 and To the understanding women hope u can understand the words and vibe off 2018 lifestyle honesty is real , and Dont change neither women Much love OLIFE B DEE

  17. NuniLee Pops

    I no longer have a heart to invest!🥀

  18. ladychevy chevy

    I don't believe in Unicorns nor Pure Love...My love life summed up in one song.....It's complicated, just be honest shorty I niggas you got bitches...cause if I REALLY LIKE YOU I DON'T LIKE YO PICTURES

  19. christian frazier

    So slept on 🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. Kendra Trezevant


  21. Kylegend Beats

    This is one of the best gems online.

  22. Young Maryland

    young black and accomplished.

  23. Christian

    Love the honesty

  24. Edward Carley IV

    My nigga Wale is with the shit... 🔥🔥🔥

  25. mrtrill216

    where was this energy on the album? 1 of his better songs imo.

  26. 60-90S

    This EP is better than SHINE.

  27. 60-90S

    The instrumental is just beautiful.... Wale has good taste and he's doing his thing here too. He gets too much unnecessary hate lol, but his sensitivity to criticism doesn't help either. I still rock with him though.

  28. Sherita Truesdale

    "You show too much of you heart I promise they confiscate it" I felt that!

  29. RealNerdzOnly

    Who dead sleeping on wale

  30. Shadow Fox

    I was tripping balls it sounded like someone was knocking on my door.....sheeeeiiitttt

  31. Tevin Thomas

    Like this if this is a DOPE project 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Jabbo

    Just sent this link to two of my ex's from college, real talk

  33. michael moran


  34. Tevin Thomas

    Wale is a genius 💯💯💯💯🎤🎤🎤🔥🔥🔥🔥



  36. Susan Stewart

    Ladies, did anyone get warm or felt like they were kissed by "The Nigerian King" after hearing this song?? I have no words for this except, "I love you Wale'"
    Blessings from "The Goobalah"

    talonda williams

    Wale it your time baby...your music is soulful and has a effect that makes you feel like the sky is limitless. And true love exsit

  37. Paris Royal

    i Needed him so much ..

  38. rayhammer clesidor

    This song just straight up vibe

  39. Ahmir Steward

    DMV 🤫

    Paris Royal

    Ahmir Steward howard

    Cashout Christian

    Ahmir Steward aye DMV rep

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  41. Monica Maroney

    Oh shit

  42. Isaiah Smith

    Don't ever doubt Wale again.

  43. Alex Elliott

    Wooooooooo!!!!! I see you Wale!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Ryan Matson


  45. yungStunna

    I felt that

  46. Jamaar Johnson

    "Love is complicated at best, and at its worst it's a permanent burning in your chest. "🔥

  47. Gemstones83

    Wale is on point

  48. Erica Womack

    Wale 😍😍😍

  49. Tonnea Harris

    he always seems to vibe with my spirit...I love his poetic style

  50. Chrys Marie

    Cuz if I really like you I don't "LIKE" your pictures.....😍😍😍 Keep your life and your love private.

    Tia crider

    Chrys Marie ❤️that part


    Chrys Marie yassss 😘😘😘

    B.J. R.

    Why don’t people understand this?? Sigh.

    Nathan D.

    What's the meaning behind this verse

  51. David Garcia

    Here before the blow up

  52. TrapOps

    It's complicated at best and at worst it's a permanent burning in ya chest 😞

  53. L Boogie

    THIS! 👏🏼 And Black Bonnie. Yesssss.... 👌🏼

  54. Nicole Massengale


  55. Antonio

    Word play trumps beats & ab libs all day.

  56. Chi Chi

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Hey Mickey YSF

    This is just GOLD💛

  58. Andy

    Need some lyrics ASAP.

  59. natethe GREAT

    he does it again

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    Shit dope enough for the stove 💯

  61. j mike freeman

    The poet God

    Paris Royal

    j mike freeman i cryed on ever song ..

    Jhaniya Rich

    j mike freeman 🖤♥️🖤

    ladychevy chevy

    I wish more people would see the knowledge and real shit Wale speaks....

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    Folarin the Genius!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    I Love This Man ❤️🙈

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    Ok i like this

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    Wale the GOAT man💪🏾💪🏾

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    Nice smooth jams