Wale - Heaven On Earth Lyrics

[Wale:] Come fly with me, yeah
[Chris Brown:]
You're the one I been waitin' for
This is all I got, girl, I saved it all for you
Usin' real emotions you can't ignore
That you've been lovin' all night

Yeah, pour some Patron, have a cup with me
Come by the crib, keep me company
[Chris Brown:]
Don't worry 'bout bitches who buggin' me
Girl, if you fuck with me, just come and fuck with me (goddamn)
I can put it on you, I just need me a change
Goddamn, must got mirrors on you, I see me in the plans
Fuck the club, girl, I've been ready to go
[Chris Brown:]
Got the Uber waitin', we can head to the door
Yeah, Four Seasons or a room at The Ritz
I'ma show you this is as real as it gets
[Chris Brown:]
Take me out the game, you might even do it (Yeah, we gon' see, right)
Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Louis
It's on me

[Chris Brown (Wale):]
You'd be my heaven on Earth
My love, my forever, my first
I know you're not perfect, but girl, you're still worth it
I swear you're my gift and my curse, oh
You'd be my heaven on Earth (my heaven on Earth)
My love, my forever, my first, oh
I know you're not perfect, but girl, you're still worth it
I swear you're my gift and my curse (yeah, gift and my curse)
(Fly with me)

If heaven had a height, she would be that tall (mmm)
Exceed that far, you see my scars (mmm)
I see your flaws, I see no problem
I know we're not gods, so we all got 'em
She a introvert, still good in public
I'm not a socialite, so sure she love it
I would tell you more, no lyin' or nothin'
Maybe I like to pick fight just to write about 'em
Maybe you right, you a good muse
Lemme right a couple wrongs, couple hooks, boo
No post make-say, 'cause that gon' make me wait
I just go below your waist for the good food

With me, yeah
And with you I'm tryna be, with
So I'm at your door again
And it's just past 4 AM
And I hope you phone ain't ringin' (haha)
So when love's in your reach
To whole share a key (Wale)
And the moon is in the sky
And it's cool 'cause she can fly
So pull up on me, pull up on me
And keep doin' your thing

[Chris Brown (Wale):]
You'd be my heaven on Earth
My love, my forever, my first
I know you're not perfect, but girl, you're still worth it
I swear you're my gift and my curse, oh
You'd be my heaven on Earth (my heaven on Earth)
My love, my forever, my first, oh
I know you're not perfect, but girl, you're still worth it
I swear you're my gift and my curse (gift and my curse)

[Chris Brown:]
You'd be my heaven on Earth
My love, my forever, my first, oh
You'd be my heaven on Earth
I swear you're my gift and my curse

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Wale Heaven On Earth Comments
  1. DrinkMoWater

    Chris brown been on killing every beat for like 15 yrs Now Sheesh! .. big ups dude

  2. Thelma Kingly

    Even in 2020 still ❤👑👐 two real men on one track! 😣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  3. AnotherKrissy

    Where are the rest of the Wale fans at cause i'm seeing too much "chris brown this. chris brown that" We get it he is good, but do that in Chris Brown's comments. Blue Moons in the sky over here.

  4. Zion Wizie

    Wale is a great man 👍

  5. Juan Francisco

    This should of had a music video 😔

  6. DDE

    A dream

  7. Steffen Ljosheim

    Damn this song is crazy good

  8. Laurence Bernetel


  9. IAmNomeeNaztee. .0.3.

    2 years later & still no music video . I'm hurt .😭😭🚶

  10. Skido ZAndamela

    Still listening to this song💙

  11. Erik Singletary

    Crazy this never blew up/ got the streams it deserved

  12. source angel


  13. Marcus Roundfield

    It’s funny i see all the Chris brown comments but his is wale song.. if it wasn’t for wale Chris brown wouldn’t be on this. This track is a banger with or without Chris brown. Just the beat is sick

  14. Torii Thompson

    I Love this ❤️ Music ❤️💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💞#TeamCBreezy

  15. Abou Gadjigo

    Who is here in February 2019

  16. Victoria Thompson

    2019,2020,2021,2022,2023,2024 TBH 💯💞🤗🤗 🤗😎🤤💋💋 💋🙌🥇♥️💯👐😇

  17. Ruan Roberto

    Tô comendo ticolé ticolé eh muito bom

  18. Jahreise8881

    I'm still bumping in 2099 🔥💯😂

  19. Alba Alfaro

    Iv been wanting to sing this song to someone 😘

  20. chim chim

    New song to bump to❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  21. World Sur

    What wrong with cb u killing me

  22. Hajriz ALB

    First Comment of 2019

  23. Nunzia Romeo

    1:38 🔥

  24. EV3 Music Group

    2018 anyone? I love this song so much it hurts. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I used to send her this song all the time. Now, when I think of what I've lost, I cry every time I hear this song thinking about what I lost. ~ 3VAN 💔

  25. Keith Walls

    Congratulations On 1M! 🎉☺

  26. Nicole Iorg

    The only love ill see is so far with no flight its on pause until the end of the time
    until every creation is reunited and no soul left behind then that day ill see my husband my first crush i miss that innocent feeling team driven i cant wait until our 2nd golden wedding and to be in your arms flying and enjoying them telepathy irresistible conversations that deep soul connection sun night cupcaking wish upon a star reserved pudding saving man i miss that perfect equation that match made in heaven

    Your the one i been waiting for i ain't been stunting no dudes ain't been occupying any mans company solo dolo focus on the cheddah and business visions heaven on earth made in heaven 1987 swagalicious president ceo type of missions trap and treasure hunt billion dollar projection money decisions that apex transcendent experience when ya fuck with me a true og. i'm a gift and never a curse i'm so perfect in my own mind set i'm so worth it i believe in the unthinkable so catch up cause my hearts is like heaven on earth my first love pure gold ethereal breed love is so far but yet in reach until the end of time ill forever be your queen and you my king my a.l. billet doux angelic love dream first love first crush no matter the time i'm

    Whats good with ya lil rookie i see you want me to keep you company
    I'm not your average typical girl so much swag and wisdom I'm laid back n chill I once was searching for that loving but I got tired and kept it pushing fuck the crushing n waste of time investments I was searching for that heaven on earth that true love and Oversoul touch innocent conversations is what I'm missing wishing you was here on earth to experience that feeling so until we meet back up in that ethereal heavenly realm I guess all I could do is be patiently waiting thinking bout you and me here and you there where I can't reach you is such a horrible feeling. times ticking and your not here i gotta wait to see you and my other loved ones so i'm gonna tighten up no play play no i'm not giving in cause my better half in heaven so as the time past by ya feelings will change and ya'll start to look at me like a sis just what i want belief

  27. Tomé Vidal


  28. Haider Awan

    I want Chris brown to take his pent offff

  29. Haider Awan

    Chris brown is my first love

  30. Haider Awan

    Like if you’re listening in 2048 :)

  31. Haider Awan

    Chris brown is the best :)))


    My fav teambrezzyyyyyyyyyy ❤❤❤❤❤😍 love Chris he has the best hooks

  33. Chloe Couszins

    Kill it

  34. Antonio gashi

    best song

  35. Rida Mushtaq

    This came on my birthday last year😂💘🔥❤

  36. Sphelele Sanele

    heaven on earth

  37. D Shanell

    Wale so underrated on his own song. lol "With Me, And With You I'm Tryna Be, So I'm At Your Door Again, And Its Just Past 4 AM, And I Hope Your Phone Aint Ring. So When Loves In Your Reach, To Hold/Share A Key, And The Moon Is In The Sky, And Its Cool Cause She Can Fly, So Pull Up On Me"my Favorite Part Of The Song

  38. Angelia michelle


  39. breezy universe

    Shine is 🔥

  40. introvertsrulethisworld

    Wale coulda done this track alone & it still would be 🔥

  41. Issajazmyn _

    Chris doesnt know how to treat women.

  42. Portia Nathan

    Yassssssss 😍😍💋😘💜💜💙♥💙♥💜💋

  43. zeds dam

    Fire fire need I say more?¿

  44. TRUNK$

    So underrated but this is definitely a hit for sure!

  45. ongod

    one day i'll find the one i'm waiting for, and damn won't that day be beautiful...

  46. Blazeden

    Omg this is amazing! ❤️

  47. Imani Ladd

    Good job baby ❤️❤️👏🏽 #teambreezy

  48. Phume Mqadi

    Chris Brown' s voice makes me so emotional and happy at the same time . It touches me in a way that I can't even explain. This young man is gifted. You know when you connect with the artist through their music. It feels like i know him personally. I will forever be team Breezy.

  49. Wolf 1004

    Here in 2018 , wow I can’t believe nobody’ appreciates this album , it’s gold

  50. Raquel986

    Yo I need another collab! The vibe between them is crazy!

  51. John Smith

    Are we in Heaven again?

  52. Yasmin Umar

    Use real emotions I can't ignore

  53. Yasmin Umar


  54. Kay Jay

    Chris is the king of RnB...he bodies this feature!!! This song makes me feel so damn sexy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Grege Queen


  56. Alicia 1

    This song make me wanna pray.

  57. Ridwana Mohamoud

    Wale is so perf 😭😭😭

  58. Summer Smith hollon

    Ur amazing!

  59. tilda h

    This song omg♥️

  60. Summer Smith hollon

    Freaking love it

  61. Miche M


  62. Nahor Brown

    ready to rhyme

  63. Nahor Brown

    merry christmas

  64. Nahor Brown

    thinking of you 💋 @ChrisBrown

  65. Nahor Brown

    what we doing in 30minutes. looking good. 👀👂💋❤😍😁😗

  66. yagirl Hadias

    For chris ✨✨✨✨✨

  67. N B

    So close to Million 😍 fav songg

  68. Ilyas Wienbrandt

    Can anybody say me from which original Song is the Refrain in the background?

  69. Kwesi Richins

    Y dis album flop? fuck alantic records

  70. N B

    All the people who dislike it - dis like it very much

  71. Part II

    Two of my FAVORITE artists on one track 😍 such a dope collaboration!! 🔥

  72. Ciara _3566

    Love dis song. 🔥🔥

  73. Samkelo Key

    this should have over a million views already

  74. Nahor Brown

    this song was released in our party tour staging. it was very comforting in that moment or in better wording fun and hype. This here my morning shower, get dressed, rewind song. Thank You so much for blessing the world with you God gifted talent of soul. very soulful Chris Brown. 👍👍

  75. Chosiff Baka

    How has this song not hit a milly yet

  76. krazyskibunney


  77. Mike and Faith


  78. Pedraza Art

    why everytime I'm out with a crowd and bring up breezy music or play some, they don't really vibe out?... what the fuck wrong with them ill never know.

  79. Tinashe Ruparanganda

    dont know why it is not a hit

  80. lorraine johnson

    Don't care what anybody say, when Chris touch it, it's gold😍

  81. Francisco Zangui

    Por favor, oFFcial video of this song

  82. Amraj t

    love wale's lyrics in this one ... so beautiful <3

  83. Nahor Brown

    everyone is doing so good in this all around global exhibit

  84. Nahor Brown

    I'm listening...

  85. Neya & Vall

    everybody on chirs, we just going to ignore the fact that wale is the shit?

  86. Jasmin Sanders

    I'm sitting here trying to wrap my mind around why wale didn't put this song as a single and make a video to it. This would have been a huge hit song

    Osa F

    Jasmin Sanders it was Chris that didn't want to make this a single

  87. Charmed Iyi

    Chris never disappoints...he just makes it hard to dislike him...talented and underrated because of bad press

  88. Ali Nehme

    Didn't understand the meaning of the song till today

  89. Diondre' Lesean

    This my shit bro 😌💕 makes me think of my shorty

  90. abcd abcd

    my~heaven~on ~earth♡

  91. gothgarbage

    If Chris is on your song it isn't your song anymore...simple.

  92. tilda h

    The best song ever, Breezy makes every song dope

  93. milly loco Gaming

    subscribe please anything helps