Wale - Contemplate Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dear sweetheart, wassup boo
Whatchu up to?
More club moves?
I call her, no answer
Her phone in the bag, she dancing
Its four now, the clubs over
I call her, but oh hold up
Yall know what? ignore button
Or the phone die, lets hope for it
That damier bag I bought her
Caught the attention of those niggas on it
That cellphone that I bought
Is probably filled with some other niggas numbers
So it leaves me to wonder
Why do I still promise to love her?
Cut me off every time I'm talking
Which means she ain't never hear nothing
I say "stay", she wanna leave
She get her point across so I gotta let her be
Ima let her be by herself in peace
But five years from now I bet she see
When the club gets played
The things you crave are no longer escapes
And no longing for dates
You want a husband, but no one has a cape
Now you wondering "wait"
And I aint trying to hear what you wanting to say
It feels good to be over you, babe
So play this shit while you contemplate, contemplate, contemplate
play this shit while you contemplate
play this shit while you contemplate

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

[Verse 2]
Them people, they talking
Them lights, they on me
This life I chose
But I aint know, til I found it
To be honest, I'm modest
One hater for every nigga on it
One day everybody is applauding
The next day you is everybody target
Why bother? why talk to em?
Where God at? I need to call Him
My knees on the ground, Dear Father
Don't let me break, please make me stronger
How much longer, will it linger?
Well my heart is giving will they believe it
When my song is over will they need me?
Watch how quickly they find a new leader
Questioning the whole meaning
In the viper room with just me and river phoenix
With courtney love and late washington
With a note there and I'm thinking of reading
This aint her, chris benoit
Heath ledger said the nights gonna be dark
Feel the size of a fellas ...? & low
Apollo theater I might just not go
Franky lymon the lime light gets old
Cold so in a while I'm schitzo
I cant cope, I cant think
I cant breathe, this aint me
This aint easy, I'm thinking
Am I doing this for them or me?
I cant think, am I doing this for them or me?

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

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Wale Contemplate Comments
  1. Dae'Jah shanice

    Wale is everything, still.

  2. Derrek Cummings

    This is the real wale.

  3. Zero Negative

    Still bumpin this many years later woke up with it in my head, still as much of a banger as it was when I first heard it.

  4. Jarett Dukart

    Love it

  5. FreddyFree

    1st verse is so real

  6. TheRobotjellybean

    Man this song use to breath life into me. Cant believe it doesn't even have a million views



  8. george abel

    Some strong memories down the lane in 2012...who listen to it in 2019?

    JohnJacobJingleHeimer Schmidt

    george abel this is from 2009!

  9. Christopher big 1 Oliver

    2019 still 🔥🔥🔥

  10. aftermathsample305

    August 2019. Contemplating

  11. aleeyah blake

    here in 2019 love it

  12. Brett Yarborough

    I like when he says this been hard, chris Benoit., I'm not a wrestling fan but that shit hit the chest

  13. Class Klown


  14. Mz_MarMar

    Still 🔥 in 2019.

  15. Morgan Freeman

    2019, still fire

  16. SCiZZo C

    seen nick kyrgios post this on his FB, loved it ever since

  17. Countbac3


  18. Jasmine

    Still slaps

  19. settripsbunch

    Number 1 one Wale songs might be top 100!

  20. Brittany Marie Thompson

    2k19 💪

  21. J Walk

    Here in 2019

  22. TheDAN847

    This ain't hard, Chris Benoit. If you don't believe in magic, you should now

  23. PhizznissDaBizniss

    Who am I living for....not myself. God help me, pray for my life

  24. Vanessa Marie

    2019 🖤

  25. Desmond Moore

    Some music is timeless meaning they will forever be relevant this is for sure one of em 💯💯

  26. Lynn Davis

    2018 🙌🏾

  27. Torey Akers

    only 400k.. mane pple r deff

  28. Carmaadasavage

    O7/7/2018 ❤️

  29. Ayira Fola

    Crazy because I always listened to this song but I never LISTENED to it.

  30. gerardo acevedo

    Tunechi never know if I should ever had feelings for you when we where friends one of few people in my life but no matter wa I'm still gucci if it doesn't work its like I'm numb now kinda expect shit cause its always happens so like I said I'm gucci which means I'm good. No matter wa. Like Pac said b the last mother fucker breathing .

  31. Taji Fleeks

    I Didn't

  32. Malik Jarrett

    FIRE. 2018

  33. Karla Munoz

    2018 👌

    andrew jackson

    Karla Munoz that’s correct Karla

  34. Sliqd The God

    Dam I want to send this to my ex badly 😩

  35. carlos garcia

    I heard this song years ago. And going back to it gives me the same feeling

  36. Kaylene Dickie

    i cant think am i doing this for them or me

  37. Lawrence Hey Hv


  38. Danny/Bob

    I can't believe I'm just finding out about this song now. This is actually amazing

  39. Humble People

    RIP to THIS Wale

  40. Justin Custer

    To the point of saying fuck all types of relationships people change like the seasons

  41. Boyup last fight with

    This song takes me somewhere else,zone out on the lyrics everytime

  42. Vanessa Lyn


  43. Tdouble007

    This shit is😵🔥💫🔥⚡️

  44. dolton kenway

    sounds like my boy lupe simlar voice wise

  45. Shawn Mcadam

    My girl

  46. Jeffery Fresh

    better than bad

  47. grabiel santiago

    fire til this day this song speaks to me

  48. Vibe

    And time to rewind, the real MVP 👏🏽😩

  49. being black aint easy

    who am I living for,,, and who they living for,, questions

  50. jacob washington

    this song would be good in a movie

  51. Ediizzy

    will always be flames

  52. Dustin lawson

    God I love this song just something about the tempo and Rihanna's voice for the chorus

  53. Michael Jentz

    sent this to my ex of 4 years. mind you we listened to this a lot because I showed her it when we we're together. she didn't realize i was trying to communicate through music. but when i sent it to her when we were apart she understood.

  54. Big Dad

    Can rap this song perfect

  55. Derrick Fisher

    Should be well in the hundred of millions of views. It's not under rated, it's under appreciated

    Mitchell Oliveri

    well said 💯💯💯

  56. Zoe Gaines

    Love it😍

  57. Pedro Hernandez


  58. Xo.kbeauty_

    still lit 😫

  59. Rony yassainte

    soul music

  60. Kenyada Knott


  61. Tical Benjamin

    better than bad..


    if yur waiting to get cussed 5 monnths later .... ok... here it comes lol...... no way close to bad dude

    Ej Howard

    this shit is killing bad I kant lie

  62. JennyAndThe Diamonds

    I think I'm like at least 50000 views for this super underrated

    Dylan Kelly

    Had this song since it came out

  63. PUSHERman

    its old butt still fire🔥🔥🔥

    Donna Chavez

    ya'll that is so true man this song is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Claudia

    Everyone slept on this song smh.


    I Take Chances then y u here


    Claudia they still are


    Claudia i know, how come this was never a hit?

    Mo Denise

    Yep and 2 years after your comment... they are still sleeping. This could have really been a big hit.

  65. Adventures of ninja boy Number one fan

    The opener sounds like from Star Wars

  66. Heather Yarbrough

    Reached my limit. I dipped!!!!!!

  67. Kadeem Caldwell

    Is this my limit?

  68. 1NaMill


  69. 1NaMill


  70. ISIS JOY

    I'm was in a dark place when I was playing this album..now I'm living for god.

    Lawrence Hey Hv



    ISIS JOY me to I was at my darkest times now im doing alot better all glory to God its still a battle against evil but I can't fall 1 love💯💪🏽

    Kasie Valdivia

    At my dark place now... looking toward the future.

    Skullknight reacts

    God bless. Nice tits btw. xD

  71. Thomas Cordle

    so underrated 

  72. Trash Panda

    Warm up music

  73. Andrew W

    Album cover worth a 1000 words

  74. Jhon Mount

    This song brings back some memories.. really hits home, I remember the mind frame I was in when this was my go to album.. Time flies yo.