Wale - Brightseat Road Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, turn me up some more
Uh, yeah, yeah
Wale, though
All day, though, uh, uh, yeah

My mind thinks at a light speed
Give a fuck if you motherfuckers don't like me
I was a young fly nigga in my Supreme
When all them OGs was wearin' them white jeans
A sidekick and a dime piece
That's the recipe for everything I would need
And would you ever think that bust' from north east
My luck would go and the greatest rapper will sign me
Shawn Carter, the product 5 of a lot of artists
Seen a Future in that nigga like Desiigner, probably
Tryna modify the fuckin' top 5, home
Get a lil chicken while the fuckin' sky fallin'
Sky fallin', sky fallin'
I'm let out of top 5s, it's cool I write for 'em
Check the credits, the government got a lotta letters
And if they never said it, bet they pay twice for it
GOAT with the POEM
Been lowkey so they sleep on me, damn
All I see, a bunch of D riders
We gots to call out people who don't be dope for shit
Never seen dope or nothin'
They think they special, but I think they bluffin'
My plane is comin', my J 11's
What Mic could say that Wale so redundant
You know a concords?
Aw forget it, they ain't on board
I'm still goin', concord on board
Michael Jordan, aw screw it
The mob moves at a lightspeed
I like brown skin bitches and Nikes
Hate clown ass niggas
Long flights and the police, used to pull me over on Brightseat
Road Road Road Road
Phantom, Phantom, Phantom, Ghost

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Wale Brightseat Road Freestyle Comments
  1. Anthony E. Powell

    Is Wale from Glenarden?

  2. mike of dc

    what y'all no about Kentland & dem nigguhs n Landover??

  3. mike of dc

    dis shit is produced by Jake 1, no wonder its wicked

  4. House of Matrix

    Why this don't have 1 million views

    Promoting Sounds

    deserves it right?!

  5. Aka Showtime

    he calling out all his critics. #DCORNOTHING Salute to u slim u did your thing Wale

  6. timothyhill2002

    did y'all catch that concord word play🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    so much fiyaaa

  7. Chester

    "I'm left out of top 5, it's cool I write for them."
    Doesn't get the recognition he deserves. More than likely he's in the Top 5 of most slept on.

    Promoting Sounds

    Wale literally so slept on it's ridiculous, hopefully he gets recognition he deserves

    Aka Showtime

    chase holskey he talked about that awhile back u said I want everything i feel I deserve. smh

  8. MiA Zz Prodigy

    Rip #BSR #3002 #302 🙏🏾

  9. Musik Mane

    BEST FREESTYLE DRAKES 4PM IN CALABASAS !!!! https://soundcloud.com/realchristianblack/drake-4pm-in-calabasas-christianblack-freestyle

  10. Juannamilllion

    anybody know the instrumental he used?

  11. Joe Bandilla

    I love to write down lyrics and upload them up to my channel anyone mind to take the time to check out my music? It would be awesome to even get just one listening ear. God Bless You all! And awesome track Promoting Sounds!

  12. Ryan Serby

    simply suprime

  13. David Smith

    S/O to all my DMV natives good ole Brightseat Road

  14. Jonny Soul [Raps]

    this is one slick freestyle damn

  15. Narhang Vandam

    I like how he switched his style here its nice

    Promoting Sounds

    yeah man! Definitely a different one from Wale

  16. Lil Juice

    Damn haven't heard of him in a while this freestyle was nice

  17. Matthew Azuh

    Murdered this beat

  18. RalfsB

    wow this is dope!!

    Promoting Sounds

    wale doing his thing!

  19. RedRingZ

    you have a great taste in music

    Promoting Sounds

    thank you so so much! Thats the best compliment for me haha

  20. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    1:35 that shit is like not to far from my house lol damn I keep forgetting he is from this area.

    Promoting Sounds

    damn no way?! thats too cool haha

  21. Mehdi Mohamed

    Wale is so underrated and slept on IDK. People only know his pop songs.

    Promoting Sounds

    right?! hes got some dope freestyles out

  22. HosayHere

    Wale and Miguel need to collaborate again

    Promoting Sounds

    damn that would be HEAT

  23. CloudyB MT

    Man I use to fk with MMG so hard

    Promoting Sounds

    they were straight killing it

  24. TheDirtyBird_ 11

    SHiNE is going to be fire🔥🔥🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    fr though, Wale's killing it right now!

  25. Shelby D

    Killed it!!💯👌

    Promoting Sounds

    every damn time!

    Shelby D

    +Promoting Sounds Yh too much fire🔥🔥🔥

  26. Harry

    (killer) wale 💣💥

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha see what you did there ;)

  27. Owen Finetto

    keep it up man, you just warmed yourself a sub :)

    Promoting Sounds

    yo thank you so much for subbing owen! means a ton

    Owen Finetto

    you earned it!

  28. Jaelon King

    wale's music really speaks to me

    Promoting Sounds

    definitely relatable

  29. Alima Rahman

    wow!!! ❤❤

    Promoting Sounds

    wale at it again ❤

  30. 2DubsProductions

    Fresh bro

    Promoting Sounds



    ayy for 250K do a Shoutout then you shoutout me for giving the idea :)

  31. Promoting Sounds

    Hope you guys enjoy the brand new tune from Wale! #PSFam