Waite, John - Isn't It Time Lyrics

Falling in love was the
Last thing I had on my mind
Holding you is a warmth
That I thought I could never find
(Sitting here all alone)
Just trying to decide
(Whether to go all alone)
Or stay by your side
(Then I stop myself because)
I know I could cry
I just can't find the answers
To the questions that keep going through my mind
Hey babe
Isn't it time
(Isn't time it took time to wait)
(Falling in love could be your mistake)
Isn't it time
(Isn't time you took time to wait)
(Falling in love could be your mistake)
I've seen visions of someone like you in my life
A love that's strong reaching out
Holding me through the darkest night
(Sitting here all alone)
Just trying to decide
(Whether to go all alone)
Or stay by your side
(then I stop myself because)
I don't want to cry
I just can't find the answers
To the questions that keep going through my mind
Hey babe
Isn't it time
(Isn't it time it took time to wait)
(Falling in love could be your mistake)
(Isn't time you took time to wait)
(Falling in love could be your mistake)
(Isn't time you took time to wait)
(Falling in love could be your mistake)
I feel a warmth in my heart
And my soul that I never knew
This love affair gives me strength
That I need just to get me through
(Sitting here all alone)
Just wondering why
(Then I stop myself because)
I know I could cry
(Then I think of you)
And everything seems alright
I've finally found the answers
To the questions that keep going through my mind
Hey babe
Isn't it time
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
(Don't have to wait)
I know it's time
Ooh yeah
I know it's time
It must be time
(Don't have to wait)
(Losing this love could be your mistake)
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
(Don't have to wait)
It oughta be time
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
It must be time
(Don't have to wait)
(Losing this love could be your mistake)
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
(Losin' this love could be your mistake)
(Isn't time you don't have to wait)
It oughta be time

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Waite, John Isn't It Time Comments
  1. Cinerocco

    I remember back in the day Michael Corby being erroneously identified as Paul Stanley "sans makeup" by the U.S. tabloids...

  2. John923T

    Amazing song, the lyrics always got to me. The back up singers bring it all together I am partial to the one in the middle...can't tell by the dress if she has a figure or pregnant, in any case love her anyway.
    Tony Brock has a Keyboard station that kicks...hey wait a minute where are the horns I hear them but I don't see em ??? Wha Happannn ???

    Still in all a great song, from a great time John kicks it off on vocals.

    I enjoy the blooper reload at the end.

    Peace 2 ya

  3. robeast9009

    Good band

  4. dawgberto

    Absolute '70s pop perfection.

  5. Thomas Lopez

    THIS IS FOR YOU!You know who you are!

  6. Mark Alexander

    Don't like makeup but at hiss

  7. Dennis Fangine

    what a great voice.. even us deadheads appreciated a great love song.....really good song

  8. kayla mickel

    john waite is an amazing singer like seriously amazing and this song is awesome and a classic

  9. Timothy Jones

    The amazing background singers are Lisa Freeman-Roberts, Myrna Matthews and Pat Henderson of "Andrae Crouch and the Disciples".

  10. Elizabeth Laughlin

    John Waite, at that time, looked like David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days, and Mike Corby was an reincarnation of Marc Bolan! Except Bolan had dark eyes, and Corby's was blue. In the same year of the record (1977), Bolan was killed in a car accident in England, and Bowie was releasing a song called "Heroes." Poor Corby got sacked from the group a year later!!!

  11. Alison Smoker

    LOL great song ... and as a young girl fell in love with the lead singer..... and with his makeup

  12. Jo Waite

    And come on, with out Michael Corby's stunning Hammond playing there would be a lot less in this song to make it such the tremendous performance it is - and his reward for putting this timeless band together and the breakthrough that this song caused for all their efforts? He got summarily sacked - from his own band! Can anyone explain how this made any sense? They were never the same again. My brother is a great singer, that bridge is almost the 9th wonder of the world,but Corby made it for me

  13. K williams

    Love the way the piano melody just draws you in, drummer kicks butt too. But what's with the blue eye shadow J.W.? Great vocals, great song--the good ole days were really good! One of a kind group!

  14. DIRTYBOY33460

    this album, Broken Heart, is one of my all time favorites... love the whole thing which was rare for back then. can listen to it all day and although the band didn't write this song it is my favorite by them .... love john waites tight movin on jeans too...

  15. rocketman63

    Whoa... HAPPENING bass line, John Waite! I'm surprised no one has picked up on the nice fat groove he laid down while he was crooning the smooth vocals....

    And I just love the hotties singing backup vocals. The Babys were underrated for sure.

  16. Mark Redfern

    The background singers put this song over the top

  17. DrUmRbOy67

    One of the most underrated bands of all time....

  18. noreply30510

    One of a kind voice. Love the Babys and John Waite

  19. NicBunnymen

    TOTALLY AGREE...John's voice is THE smoothest. Me too, I never realized how much I liked this band and still do, I constantly play their albums on my hi-fi. Take care David. Babys forever.

  20. David Lawrence

    I never realized how much I liked this band until I hadn't heard their music for a decade or so. They all looked so young back then as I once was. The Babys music still holds it's own nowadays and always will I think. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard even to this day. You can't argue with perfection,its as simple as that. John Waite is my vote for the smoothest voice of any front man period, the guy can sing anything and make it sound great.

  21. kissfox5

    The awesome backup singers are known as The Babettes. I just spent a while doing research on them and, sadly, there seems to be very little on the internet about them. A YouTube search shows even less. There is a cartoon feature of The Babettes but it's a cartoon which seems to have been produced within the last few years. Like you, I can't imagine this song (or the other Babys songs) without these great ladies.

  22. kissfox5

    You said it!!

  23. kissfox5

    The backup singers are flawless! I wish today's music included more female African American backup singers. The '70s music (to me) just nailed music perfectly. I love your comment!!!

  24. Perry Miller

    Awesome, and the back up singers are awesome as well!!!

  25. Dancing Spiderman

    I keep confusing John Waite with Eric Carmen.

    The backing singers are Queens. They are Spiritual Essence, singing right to you!

  26. aldog1965

    You must also have a thing for Ronald McDonald... :-)

  27. Pedro Ortiz


  28. ELvis ELvis ELvis

    How can i find out who those backup singers are? Where can i look? They took that song up an additional notch. cant imagine the song without them!!

  29. emma duncan

    Pardon me for this, but my gosh, John Waite looks like a baby here...

  30. Pikeman50

    BRAVO!! What a group of awesomeness.

  31. 1wervenom

    Saw them in the late 70S at the Palladium with The Godz And Angel

  32. kittykooky

    Love love love this song, and the drummer was so gorgeous : )

  33. Pete s

    This is such a gr8 song.Bring's back the good old day's.

  34. erich84502x

    He still performs this song

  35. heapy254

    an absolute classic !! never get tired of hearing it. was on my car cassette player in '77reminds me of a girl from long , long ago ...my first real love. The Babys were brilliant and Mr Waite is the voice . Still going strong at 60. Brilliant singer/song writer.

  36. kryptiea

    I always thought the back vocals in that is what made it a great song

  37. Michael Blount

    Excellent tune. Most excellent. I've been looking for this for a while. Brings back memories

  38. squireca

    anyone know what bass that is?

  39. AL454

    Those background singers totally bring the goosebumps for me.

  40. Annette Rochelle Aben

    more than love this song... thanks or posting

  41. 82sweetheart

    Falling in love could be your mistake ~ but it's one worth making

  42. Marjo Wielinga


  43. chelpa2

    Have you all ever heard of a 'contract' and what they could make them do back then? Whatever was popular, and it happened with every band from John Waite to RATT to Cinderella. and everything in between................not their choice!!!!

  44. Skeeky Online

    If you think he is trying to look like Ziggy you are only showing your brute like ignorance. He looks fem and cool as hell. Great Great tune.

  45. MusicLover80able

    I think this song deserved to go much higher than #13 on Billboard, I wish it had made the Top 5 instead

  46. acommondisaster

    Me too!

  47. Christian Camlin

    who cares?

  48. Ring Rone

    Very shitty week... & the alarm went off & this was on. WOW it changed everything.. seriously! I then went to PC in living room & found this & blasted through the house & woke the kids up w/ it.. & we grooved, danced & sang!! Thanks Babys, thanks so much for all your music John Waite!! I have posted this on my FB page & THANK YOU!

  49. MyEdblack

    Their Keyboardist has one heck of a battle station.

  50. jeff lemonds

    he looks like hes trying to be ziggy stardust

  51. Tom Gamble

    Another missed No 1 ~ "Just wodering why ~ I know I could cry" :-)

  52. nickthekiller3

    Dude, you ain't lying!!! I listen to some of the stuff that came out around the late 70's to early 80's and it damn near makes me cry. It was just so good. R & B, pop, jazz, . . . it was just great musicianship churning out hits. I think of "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire, "Stomp" by the Bros Johnson, "More Love" with Kim Carnes, "Isn't it time" . . . One thing that really effected if you grew up in the 70's was the horns. Horns and violins added a flavor that's not there 2day.

  53. 65ecosse

    Such a great, timeless song. Love the backing singers too!

  54. ron krill

    bieber wont last and dont believe all those stories about drugs and fights.hes a little wimp.all that is are fake stunts to take his teenie transformation into adulthood tansformation to make him out as a bad boy to sell albums.he is near his end.

  55. timothy myers

    Heard on a classic hits station. Hadn't heard it in years.

  56. St Pauli

    great song.so great too see it performed live!

  57. pilkomut

    Brilliant song from a brilliant year! Many happy memories!! Thanks

  58. April Galamin

    OMG I hadn't heard that forever!!! Thanks so much for posting this. I LOVE It!

  59. bart gregory

    Bestest song of Waite's and Babys....no doubt!

  60. bart gregory

    Definitely best of John Waite and the Baby's.....epic song!!

  61. goesfastandfar

    The Babys were such a great band, way more than most would appreciate. Almost orchestrial in composition of some really good songs that are even better today than when written. Their appeal and longevity are a measure that today's songs can't even come close to. The Babys should've been much more popular than they were. This band simply oozes talent galore........

  62. Douglas Jack

    I picture my self in the car singing this good. Maybe almost.

  63. Squat Haggis

    best guitar riff ever

  64. Jim Oberstadt

    Glam rock

  65. Phatso Juggalo

    One awesome song remember this from my child hood

  66. banjofreedom1

    when bands could play live and sing! when we knew all the words and the more "femmed" up the boys were, us girls thought they were HOT>>> loved the babys

  67. mushroomking11


  68. mushroomking11

    the bass is a Zemaitis, dont know the model

  69. CounterfeitDogz

    ..........Boombox raised overhead, this song cranked to the point of distortion.

  70. TIMMY

    I love this song. This video is so great too.

  71. lindylou381

    just Awsome, brings back memories,

  72. TheFourOfNine

    My First Year Of High School,
    Thank You for the memories. I
    paid $1:10 for this 45rpm single.

  73. thetomcat605

    Somebody plz tell me what kind of bass he's playing. I knew at one time but forgot. Would like to buy one.

  74. emello81

    Great music but damn, there were some strange looking dude's back then.

  75. Fireworxs2012

    you couldn't be more right...

  76. mimi25505

    almost makes me miss my ex-husband! Ah John you are my favorite ASS! Miss you!

  77. H0tchips

    Nah mate, your too bloody right. The 70's (late60's, early 80's) produced some brilliant songwriting.
    Paul Simon, Bee Gee's, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cold Chisel. Even a host of Aussie greats like Divynals, Radiators, Mental as Anything, Aussie Crawl, had good structures to a lot of their hits. some are basic, great rock themes, and some songs are more complex with parts as you say.

  78. cal kal

    one of those great songs that should have been a massive hit, still sounds fresh now

  79. Hairy Neck

    I haven't heard this for about 35 years!!! Thanks for uploading.

  80. burbank133

    Always wished I had hair like John Waite!!!!

  81. Ryan's Frequency

    @masterdoug69....John Waite was the bassist and lead vocalist.

  82. NatureGirl62

    As a big UFO fan, I must say that Mogg never went to the extreme that Waite and Bowie did in terms of gender bending. But, with that said, I love them all, and am thrilled that they're all alive and well. Mogg turns 65 in 2013 and is still going strong, touring and writing. One of the most underrated rock writers of all time.

  83. goesfastandfar

    We will never repeat this great era of music again, sadly...

  84. masterdoug69

    That is really funny! I have listened to the Baby's and John Waite for years and I never knew he played bass! He was a great vocalist!

  85. Sheila Bogulski

    I love the Baby's, can't stop listening especially to 2 of their song's, but it disapoints me to see that John went & coloured his hair orange/red. He looked much better blond to me.

  86. seventiesization

    The was the the best time in music. John Waite is an incredible singer. Not like the add water and mix and voila! Instant pop star manufactured to act by pushing a button. This is real talent.

  87. cherub1960

    I totally loved The Babys. All my friends hated them.

  88. kittykooky

    The drummer!!!! OMG he is stunning

  89. katina.svenska

    John Waits -what a beautiful man he was in his youth

  90. Squat Haggis

    Strengths: John Waits and the backup vocals
    Weaknesses: The guy playing the fake guitar

  91. RacerXGTO

    No, there was a small trend in the 70's called "gender bending", that's what that look was all about.

  92. Beanmach

    @dreampools I agree. I'm a fan of all music, but I think its been in decline over the past 10-15 years. I'm not saying everything today sucks, cause it doesn't . But I just believe the songs back 15+ years were just that much better. My teenage children seem to think so also. Its all opinion in the end, I guess.

  93. Johnny BronxO

    Great Song, Excellent, and the Back up singers give it flair...

  94. Johnny BronxO

    Love the song, great memories. I love the back up sing in the middle anybody know her name or if she backed up anyother groups. The backup girls make the song combined with John's singing...John looks exceptionally pale in this video or is it make up for the Vid ??? Great song brings me back to those days that shall never come back ...neva come back ...sad. My kingdom for a Time Machine.

  95. MyEdblack

    Love those outfits!

  96. adam872

    All things considered this is a cracking tune. That chorus is absolute genius.

  97. jeff heyne

    Consulting isn't thinking too much, need effort put into writing "quality music". It just came natural, unfortanetly(in general...not all) today's music has taken a turn for the worst! It's been a progression of lazy song writing,& as I've always believed music is & always has been a direct reflection of "the times" we're living in. Again, unfortanetly, they leave a lot to be desired. Maybe that's just a man mid 40's who longs for the past. Or maybe music quality has REALLY GONE DOWN? Responces?

  98. Rod Neufeld

    Wow I forgot about this song....it's great!

  99. Paulvon128

    late 70s was a special time in music. This video proves it.