Wainwright, Rufus - Jericho Lyrics

I keep thinking that you are going to change
I keep thinking that you are going to rearrange
But I’m a fool to think something so impossible
You ain’t ever gonna change
You ain’t ever gonna change
Oh no Jericho
Until I blow

I keep thinking that you are going to rise
I keep thinking that you are going to compromise
But I’m a fool to think something so improbable
You ain’t ever gonna rise
You ain’t ever gonna rise
Oh no Jericho
Until I take you by surprise

Baby I know that you’re too sad to cry
But my little darling guess what? So am I
Still I believe we ought to shed a tear
The open hearted have no thing to fear
But I don’t even think you hear me at all
Under your medieval ceiling behind your biblical wall
Guess I’ll have to put my trumpet back in the case
And get behind this here canon covered in lace
Covered in lace

I keep thinking that you are going to change
I keep that you are going to rearrange
But I’m a fool to think something so impossible
You ain't ever gonna change
You ain't ever gonna change
Oh no Jericho
Until I blow
Until I blow

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Wainwright, Rufus Jericho Comments
  1. Robert Atkins

    My favourite part of this song is that it has 3 guitarists

  2. Karine Muller

    love you song

  3. S B

    Rufus i fucking love you

  4. Jackie Newcomb

    beautiful voice

  5. suavitolico

    love this song

  6. Robert Atkins

    My favourite part is the sparkly pants

  7. SportsAndWit

    I love this song so much.

  8. Venus Gordeyeva

    Bravo, Rufus! Love, love, love.

  9. Doug Misantoni

    Nice...Teddy on guitar!!!! Well done

  10. Spn Superjunkie

    Mr. Wainwright has such an amazing voice and a truly great vocal range this is just the perfect song for his voice and style. Thankful for his recording it! Thank you for the upload! Truly enjoy listening and watching.

  11. Heléna Jubb

    Absolutely beautiful and awesome!

  12. Cartolinaification

    You are the most beautiful and most talented creature in this world. <3

  13. Janneke Schepel

    Ik vind Rufus fantastisch! Jammer dat ik hem niet eerder ontdekt heb. Ik luister en kijk iedere dag naar hem. Ja ik ben verslaafd aan Rufus. Ik vind hem zo goed, grappig en leuk!

  14. Amy Estep-Lake

    this was flawless and perfect!

  15. Peter Bartlett

    Superb...just superb.

  16. john vince

    just awesome

  17. Katherine Dupoise

    Middle age spread, my butt! Rufus is skinny, he thinks he has middle age spread, but he's skinny in this video. And he's still skinny today! Look at his pix! He looks like a toothpick! Not a colored toothpick, a WHITE toothpick!

    andrew johnson

    Katherine Dupoise wtf are you talking about?

    Katherine Dupoise

    @andrew johnson it's a joke. I read somewhere that he thinks he has middle age spread but I don't think so, because in his pictures, he looks super duper extremely skinny. And a toothpick is skinny, right? And Rufus is Caucasian so that's why I said not a COLORED toothpick, so people would also know that I was talking about the regular toothpicks and not the red, green, blue, and yellow toothpicks you can also get.

  18. Jacqueline

    omg. flawless

  19. Amy Estep

    Rufus Wainwright is just plain out badass! love this song he is such a great singer and it runs in his family.

  20. Ruth Nieves

    I would love to see Rufus do the WHOLE Rocky Horror Picture Show MOVIE, what do you think

    Amy Estep

    works for me

    Nico Yu

    Ruth Nieves OK yas

  21. ljonesvc

    Ha, the shot of all the lighting equipment at 0:12? They're all unplugged.

  22. Jeny Rap

    great song!

  23. OmgllolxD D

    That shift though, never fails to hit me hard.

    Penda Sow

    D dddddjjjjj No;

  24. Gemsy Davison

    Such luscious sound <3

  25. colin ratford


  26. angelluismtz

    Excelente disco out of the game. He is brilliant

  27. MissHysteriaPlease

    "the open-hearted have no thing to fear" oh how beautiful :D

    Nadine Goossens

    Losing my reliëgion Rem

  28. Frederick Wemyss

    Top flight.

  29. Luísa Barros

    Love Rufus! Thanks for sharing! :-DD

  30. Noreen Wilder

    Rufus, you sing like an angel !! this is a perfect setting for you -gold lame pants and all :)Beautiful , beautiful,boy keep on singing. We love to listen !!

  31. Jess Mar

    Amo esta cancion senoron!!!

  32. kjonigsen


  33. QueerAndUnplugged

    And I would be his boy toy 4ever and a day...and I would push you out of the way, no holds barred.

  34. Magdalena Bielecka

    Kocham jego wykony .Jest jak kameleon-świetny uroczy ."
    Marzę o tym , aby poznać go osobiście.

  35. Yumen ex.rabuka

    I went to his concert in Japan yesterday.It was so amazing night! I love Rufus!

  36. hannah4472

    fantastic song! <3

  37. Angtube463

    Definitely my favourite track from his latest album, I play it over and over.

  38. Sarah Holmes

    I really like those gold pants.

  39. dianasw16

    Beautiful man!

  40. John Millthorpe

    I saw that show in Vancouver too! I've seen him solo twice now - I totally want to see him with a full band next time.

  41. Bobby Hoeppner

    Amazing song and vocals. Any chance this type of song will get air time on the radio? I HOPE so.

  42. His Holyness

    he rocks!

  43. stella da jaga

    peccato che sei un po fatto e si nota

  44. eyedubca

    beautiful! i just saw rufus in vancouver sans band. that voice! i would love to hear this again solo.

  45. Sid Wood

    What an awesome song! Nice performance too!

  46. Kevin McLogan

    Awesome song. As expected!

  47. Will Milne

    My fiance got me into this guy. He's amazing and so is this song.

  48. Jordan Bloomfield Koppman

    Best you've done yet and the band sounds so together - just love this song, do some more in this vein Rufus!!!

  49. Stephen Foster

    Awesomely Grooviliscious

  50. Shadi Mahmoodian

    just unbelievable!!!!! <3

  51. MiaSqueaky

    Love this song

  52. VGuillod

    Nice song. Has a nice vibe to it.

  53. Joseffe255

    Saw this live at LATITUDE :) :) :) :)

    Blank Paper

    Did you get the T Shirt?

  54. Jerry Guest

    Go to "Out of the Game - Jericho - Rufus Wainwright Cover"

  55. Ola Elnaggar

    I've always wanted to ask... Who the hell's Jericho?

    Janneke Schepel

    Haha ja ik ook!

  56. Diora Noble

    lyrics pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseee!

  57. Jerry Guest

    This was the best concert I have experienced in a long time. He performed solo; just him, his grand piano, and his accoustic guitar. He played several cuts from his latest including Jericho, Out of the Game. He played Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk. His first encore was Hallelujah. It was awesome. He even came out through the stage door; had photos taken with fans; signed albums. He had his way with us for 3 hours; and I enjoyed every nanosecond. Best concert I've seen, ever. A must see!

  58. Jerry Guest

    After listening to this last night I noticed that he was going to be at the Power Center for The Performing Arts on the beautiful U of M campus in Ann Arbor, MI on Saturday, 30JUN12. So, I thought, what the heck nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm going, and can't wait. For what it's worth, I'll report back upon my retrun. (Like who gives a flying fuck, right? So, please don't light up my "in box" with "glittering generalities, lmfao. Ah, heck, go ahead hehehe

  59. Fatih Güneş

    Potterhead detected.

  60. anantakst

    Rufus Scrimgeour? is that you?

  61. Jerry Guest

    His voice is absolutely beautiful; a talented artist from a talented family. Excellent song. Great job, Ruus, love ya :D

  62. Luka Music

    such a catchy song, Rufus is so perfect live

  63. Frans Kuijt

    "So Cool..!"