Vybz Kartel - Mile High Club Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Shi said she is a air hostess
Mi seh fi meck mi taste those breast
Shi seh Addi you nuh reach home yet?
If you nuh deh, deh, then mi feel hopeless
Suh now we have a cold champagne
Shi seh shi live a Port-of-Spain
Seh shi waan me right now
Seh shi waan some fuck like wow

Put yo leg in a the upright position
Then you do the crash landing position
Back it up in a the sky pon a charter
This fuck take us over water

Put yo leg in a the upright position
Then you do the crash landing position
Back it up in a the sky pon a charter
This fuck take us over water

I wanna take you to the mile high
Up in a the sky high
Up in a the sky high

Take you to the mile high club
Up in a the sky high
Wi listen Footahype lie

Take you to the mile high club
Up in a the sky high
Up in a the sky high

Take you to the mile high club
Up in a the sky high
Up in a the sky high

[Verse 2:]
Shi seh how you nuh come yet babes?
This a one a the England planes
Cockey longer than a trip from Spain
Come meck wi fuck in a the
Trinidad girls roll wid me
Mi never get a boring she
Climb pon the breadfruit tree
My loving is duty free


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