Vybz Kartel - Lolli Pop Riddim Nuh Lick Lyrics

Cj ice Cj Ice
Yuh dun kno when violators violate they pay the price
For all the things they said and dun

And me say Neva yet
Never you
Lick lick your lady like a lollipop
Never you
Lick lick na lady like na lollipop
Never you
Lick lick na lady like na lollipop
Never you
Lick lick
Never you
Lick lick

Pussy nuh fi stuckkkk
Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi stuckkkk
Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Ice dem ah talk

Pussy nuh fi suckkk
Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi suckkk
Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Nanny dem ah talk

Ice I wish ya niggaz have a brain like mine
Never put him mouth to a down a rare not mine
Ice no play no funny game no time
We always ah go forward we never rewind
Which bwoy ya go put him head under gal skirt
Yam dem fe breakfast, lunch and desert
All ah buss a belch him go so Berp Berp
When Ice rise de gun dem haffe splert splert

Never you
Lick lick the lady like a lollipop

Never you
Lick lick na lady like a lollipop

Never you
Lick lick na lady like a lollipop
Never you
Lick lick na lady like a lollipop


Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi suckkk

Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi suckkk

Cj Ice ah talk
And him say
Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi suckkk

Batty nuh fi fuckkkk
Pussy nuh fi suckkk
Ice dem ah talk

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Vybz Kartel Lolli Pop Riddim Nuh Lick Comments
  1. kimoya princess

    Batty muffi fuck

  2. keith vosburgh

    kartel first sure who feel understand what to do wid lollipop. .. gaza playa.... no batty first gangsta

  3. Tonelle Esnard

    Still listening in 2017 💪 I shawna song remind me of this one

  4. thejamaicankid21

    fyah fi a man weh nyam under deh

  5. Alehandro Persaud

    stop tek lyrics to heart di man jus do him ting an hit billboards, jus entertainment...

  6. Toby Ali

    @mmhmjeah and so proud they make tunes about it

  7. shawn carter

    cocky nuff fi suck point blank period

  8. imdoin me

    @reppinenz its true though lol undercover yammers

  9. Toby Ali

    i thought woman go out wid jamaican mans cuz they lick pum pum?

  10. msmoet1

    Sooo.....if they dont like to eat or believe in eating pussy.......then they dont get head either huh????

  11. Daniel Ogunsalu

    watch dis bleach skin battyhole kartel ah dig out batty him say meh na go bleach look pan him fokin skin now pussyclat

    kimoya princess

    Suck u muma low di man

  12. Jamma84

    poor jamaican women, they must never get a good fuck. its like pleasing a women is frowned upon in jamaica

  13. cypher dan

    @akuojo ashame kartel sucks pussy now,and If you want to know how I know he says it in his 2010-11 lyrics,So hipocrit dat But dis tune deh hard

  14. Craig Laing

    if you not eating pu---y, duant f--ck! a woman who daunt like that, never had dun the wright way!

  15. KissedByNIsland

    @KartelKween i kinda figured that, but my bf make it seem like it the worse thing in the world! lol that cuz he ass dont do it...lol

  16. Jesus Kween

    In Jamaica the issue of men performing oral sex on women is all hypocritical, because just about everybody does it, including the asshole musiicians who claim they don't. Oral sex has become an essential part of the sexual experience, much like everywhere else in the world.

  17. RonaldoPascal


  18. Count Andre'

    @christafarai77 A tru ting dat

  19. Count Andre'

    Nuff man dat say dem dont lick the kutchie does lie. Ask dem homan and de truth will cum.

  20. Jah Rasta

    @addyTHEteacher .......Alot a man them say they no nyam pussy....... But we not there 2 c if it's true....... Cause we aint behind the scene


    @KissedByNIsland WHICH PART IN THE UK IS IT OK. BECAUSE I SURE DONT KNOW ANY BLACK FOLKS WHO HAS SAID IT IS. BLACK FOLKS SAY IT'S AN OBORRANT ACT FOR DEGENERATES. The only thing we can't do is beat you for it or we would go to jail.

  22. Raquel Lewis

    @akuojo LMFAO!!!! well is dat den.

  23. Im GOOD


  24. KissedByNIsland

    @Ovirgo9491 lol what?

  25. Samantha Blondel

    Whatevs - he is a loves eating the BEAVER! This is all propaganda!

  26. maximan211

    @KissedByNIsland im from the uk, bocattin aint cool and is not as common as you would think

  27. maximan211

    @KissedByNIsland yo im from the Uk bocattin' aint kl g

  28. JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore

    Lil Wayne a di devil worshipper, Kartel a kill him right now.

  29. zipitup75

    i think vybz kartel suck pussy lol and he's hiding it that mother fucker, always singing about sucking and licking

  30. miss ross

    look who a talk there no bigger freak than Kartel

  31. Edii Aenoaei

    great vid....peace

  32. marocchino00

    bellissima canzone...riddim de dio.... però io la figa la lecco cmq..HAHAHAH

  33. Farah Lewis

    if pussy nuh fi suck why buddy fi bloodclaat suck ?

  34. Rector Jugo

    i dont get it? Sukkin pussi is bad? but y'all gwan bout ass?-- yo some1 put me st8

  35. dette3000

    a lllllliiiieeeeee dat dem still dweet.

  36. Colette Smith


  37. GtKuBz

    rofl batty is yuh ass.

  38. laura19891

    dont be Dissin Vybz !!
    hes da man for Tru (:

  39. dys-nania


  40. KissedByNIsland

    lol so u was told. i said u nah eat da pum pum?? he say me nah swipe lol

  41. Lall

    is dis really a lil wayne dis?
    vybez aint sayin shit bout him

  42. Colette Smith

    i tottally agree with you!

  43. Melo Grilly


  44. allywally8

    what the fuck is wrong with licking pussy some girls love it its part of fucking foreplay god he mus have a boring sex life he just stick it straight in dnt get some of these songs which are all about sex but then they say ah nuh lick no pussy fucking biggest hypocrites >:@

  45. Michael Wayne

    no a true thing

  46. Badassnoodles

    pussy nuh fi sufk batty nuh fi fuck. kartel ah go ardddddddd

  47. divaa lisha

    shut up!!

  48. sanjuanpapi

    you try actin up around a 100 dudes wit guns,any body would get it,so whats your point?

  49. Buddha X

    i love the way you made him lightskin in the video to make up for all of the bleaching

  50. Ashanti Barning

    truee lmfaooo :P

  51. Anthony Newland

    some jamaicans in england lick pussy aswell i think its ignorant 2 say alll jamaicans don't eat pussy makes no sense

  52. Triple IX

    where´s the diference between
    me and mi
    de and di
    fe and fi
    nuh and nah

  53. iriesister

    Kartel to the WORLD!!! Gaza mi seh!

  54. krazythug971

    fuck you lik lik lik like a little dog

  55. Millionprops

    ah of course I'm from Germany that means I'm a racist.
    It's funny how simple you americans are!
    prejudice is easier than knowledge...
    get well soon! PEACE

    "I wish ya niggas have a brain like mine" goes to the people that are listening to lil wayne!

  56. Lucas Burrows

    never you...? german hey?? dude's sounding a little like hitler wishing people were all like him me thinks

  57. Spoketlabolina

    i love eatin, wont stop 4 nothin

  58. DjStamina3000

    true say but the mus eat if u rolling thing naaahh

  59. chantal cod

    i bet kartel and all dem man just eat pussy they just talk shit.....any man rolling with me mus eat it....

  60. Jomaru Joestar

    bout like a lolipop neva lick no lady like a lolipop

    lil whayne don go dung pon his dadie cockie

  61. Lucas Burrows

    this is fucking amazing

  62. LaCayd

    Its a song how many yardies have we all heard run up der mouth telling us how they dont suck pussy! But majority of them i dun know do suck it!! they just tryna save face!x

  63. hopkin104

    i would pay to see kartel record this and to see pussy succing Wayne face to this song.

  64. 15heartz

    yo go fuck ur slf bitch dont get no punnay lol

  65. sophia pete

    This is by far the funniest song ever -- it nuh fi FUUUUUUUck-- it nuh fi suuuuckk-- burp bupr-- OMG -- Vybes you are the bomb-- mi nuh tink nuh baddy else coudda couteract lollipop sang like dis bredda ya!!!

  66. onetyme

    Carabine lil wynee lol

  67. sexycunitmami

    adidja mi teacha

  68. ChrisGreen9

    jus like dat!

  69. Sade Stewart

    u are so right. even if we didnt hav such a good education. vybz kartel is one of theee most educated artistes we hav and he uses his words how he wants to!! so SMD's hataz

  70. junior reed

    lol dun no
    big up vybz

  71. nocternalD


  72. unrecordable

    i was talking to the Canadian ma'am or sir.
    that person was being rude and however you spell facety.

    trust me, i know about the Jamaicans education system. i am Jamaican. My aunt is an English professor in the University, i know.

  73. unrecordable

    so is illiteracy in your country. :P

  74. Shme Gol

    But we not having it..

  75. Mikkel Green

    don't chat wat u don't know, we dun them with bullet when we find them....except 4 lesbian, we r not lady killers

  76. RedEyeJedi86

    homosexuality is rampant in jamica.... :P lol how ironic

  77. shappire93

    who up in here hav a prob wit wat mi man vybz say in da song
    who eva hav a prob dem feh get bullet

  78. ddreyardie

    lmao tell dem

  79. Godfather Creed

    yea okayy battty bwoi

  80. kris mohan

    pussy if or suck..makes lady gp crazy

  81. springdom

    bombooooooooooooclaute that tuff

  82. Shane Foster

    lol nigga dis is funy as me shittin in ma pantz

  83. soxcellent9

    jamaicans anthem 4 lyphe a weh dem feel like big up MANLEY MEADOWS yeah tru tru

  84. Sylverstone Khandr

    baddest counteraction ever

  85. juglord


  86. Nizwiz411

    straight up

    pussy fi get fuck not suck to bloodclat

  87. Pagan180

    (JA):Bumboclat!Waamuh So bwoy!SODOMITE FI DEAD!KABOOM!Batty nuh fi fuck!GUNSHOT!And pussy nuh fi suck!BOOM!Lollipop nuh fi RASSCLAT lick boeyah!BANG-BANG!STRICTLY 1 man 1 woman ting!Str8!Stay up North Mon!Bible seh dat,AHWHOA!Vybz- Talk di BLOODCLAT thingz dem!YARDIE DISCIPLINE!God pickinney, know that!Haile Selassie D First! Rastafari!

  88. rudebwoynau


  89. nixey craig

    sell offfffffffffffffff