Vybz Kartel - Lobster Lyrics

Hey bwoy don't meck yo belly role you
Yo likkle fool you
Listen to the teacher a who a school you
A that you a gwaan wid, woman a who you?
TJ seh fi tell unuh

Mi naw bow fi no lobster
Weh you rounds out fi the crab fah
Nuh bother dweet if you a go sorry after
Nuh bother dweet if you a go sorry after
Nuh bother, nuh bother

Mi naw bow fi no lobster
Weh you rounds out fi the crab fah
Nuh bother dweet if you a go sorry after
Nuh bother dweet if you a go sorry after
Nuh bother dweet if you a go sorry after

[Verse 1:]
Chicken back a mi daddy
And tin mackerel a mi pardy
And calla-loo a mi chargy
Suh you know run down a mi spary
Now TJ wi nuh frighten fi champagne
Mix Magnum wid the Campary
All when mi a drink pipe water
Unuh still cyaa more than mi


[Verse 2:]
Nothing nuh hype like water
Pon the endz mi a drink ice water
Member yo cyaa bathe wid Hennessy
Member you haffi use pipe water
Big up every son yow, big up every daughter
Mommy get sweet water
From Water house, Water ford
Water Works yaw sah




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Vybz Kartel Lobster Comments
  1. Rico Anderson

    Just get recommended to the video

  2. Real Music

    Nah bow fyi no lobster WB🤴🏿

  3. Salone Onwuachi

    Wowww niccce jamms cool video yess Jamaican man can cook tho lovingggit!!,

  4. Delon Thomas

    Am a Gaza loyal fan for life his freedom awaits Gaza gaza

  5. Marketing Files


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    who else always like b4 watch?

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    2018 still loud #real

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    Up move

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    Kingston 3 top range Saluteeee mi big dan Fabulous

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    BBC it bad🔥🔥

  11. Kemar Mcintosh

    kartel bad

  12. Keith Caesar

    dancehall greatest

  13. Jenna Pryce

    video bad nu cheese bread!

  14. WJarred GazaRepTV

    WorldBoss Makes Better

  15. Dante Ramkaran

    Anybody notice Martel listen to d teacher a who a school yuh n then qlka seh vendetta would school it mad lolll


    2017 YO

  17. Gaza 1DonworldbossGaza

    he bwoy nuh mek u belly rule ya u little fool u.

  18. kendrick caesar

    king of dancehall


    hits,all wen them dont reach half mill on YouTube, vybz kartel alone do it

  20. Samantha Wallace

    big up mii #WorldBoss #Freekartel

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    up me boss

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    Adid!, dem grudge yo chu yu a sumaddi!

  23. Cristian Zuniga

    Tumbado la rolitas

  24. CricLife 2

    video well directed

  25. Foolya Gang

    All Wen Me Ah Drink Pipe Water Yuh Still Na More Than Me 🔥🚰💦💯

    Shauna Pinnock

    +Foolya Gang, AH WHO TELL YUH!?!?!?!?! How dem fi more dan we when dem goodly a LICK OUT BATTY fi "drink champagne"????????

  26. Walk Good

    Yow this mek mi hungry yuh fret

  27. The Only Truth

    Big up TJ and World Boss everytime.

  28. Randy British

    dumpling dem look like bath pan

  29. Sean Munene

    Free kartel

  30. VellyDiBoss

    This song and video carry a very strong message. I hope it's not lost.

  31. wizoo 254

    a big chute dem baddddd... free world boss

  32. DiGambit

    I feel this video wud have match the pressure song

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    Great Visual for the tune. 👀⬆

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    Dj akademiks brought me here

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    teacha ah stil possess the touch of the rhym
    teacha still maaaaad
    gaza 4eva

  36. Jessica Rowe

    Message from the video: Don't do it if you going to be sorry later.

  37. smallman orin

    this video is real positive real real [nah badda do it if yo ago sorry after]

  38. Richard Williams

    video mad

  39. Janet Ora

    Mawd tune

  40. mark miller

    the GREAT KARTEL !!!

  41. Iron Dogg

    bad mon!!!!!!!!!

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    Video ya shat dag worldboss a run d world #Guyana #FreeDancehall

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    The new "reformed" Vybz Kartel hahaha. Di man a tun chef!

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    Love the video ...I look weird though

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    Gazaa!!! Always a message behind the song very positive me love it!!!!

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    cyah a Waite till me artist free.

    Everyday me listen to King Music ( Music A.K.A King Adidja)

  53. Tony Harvey

    cyah a Waite till me artist free.

    Everyday me listen to King Music ( Music A.K.A King Adidja)

  54. A Zone

    TJ records its spectacular......

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    video good man

  56. king of vybz

    big bloodcalt tune we na do nothing and sorry after there is a messgae ofcourse

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    Bad clip

  58. L V L S

    Mad Dawg
    Boss Lady
    How Me Grow
    Roughest Jamaican
    Magic School Bus
    Cya Defeat We
    Si Dwn
    Which League

    Who the fuck else puts more fiyah out in 23 fuckin' days than Vybz ✅✅✅


    +ζз٧зζѕ madd,no one on cartel level period


    Nuh bother do it if yuh ago sorry after, nuh bother do it if yuh ago sorry after!

    KO KO

    This music video watch like a motion picture. Pretty Good 👍

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    Traketto Jr



    Pero si los videos que comentas son puras idioteces. Te ves como el típico gamer mexicano dizque metalero que solo xq escucha maiden ya se cree blanco y es mas negro que cualquiera aquí.


    @Manuel Martínez Jajajaja tu piel es mas negra q la mía. Que engañados son los mexicanos jajajajaj

    Manuel Cardona

    Ok mayate


    Yo battybwoy Manuel Martínez...did u undestand the lyrics inna dis song ? Fucking idiot nobb...Dont comment what u cant understand...We are too smart for u likkle fish....gwey listen to your fucking songs !!

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    Big up lasco jack mackerel a mi linkie that.... :)

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