VV Brown - The Apple Lyrics

Keep me down
Take my heart
Hold me captive
Tear me a part
Make me better
Consume my soul
Cross the water
To another world

In the middle of the night I see you go
We have grown apart into lonely souls

Don't testify me
Don't bring me down
Don't hold me captive
Not the apple of my eye
See, don't patronize me
I'm not your clown
Don't cause me suffering
It's over now

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Hold my soul now
Inside your box
Make me loose
Psychological locks
Baby I'll find, something better
Maybe we could try and predict the weather

In the middle of the night I see you go
We have grown apart into lonely souls

Don't testify me
Don't bring me down
Don't hold me captive
Not the apple of my eye
See, don't patronize me
I'm not your clown
Don't cause me suffering
It's over now

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Our love crashed before our lives
Like the ocean paralyze
Our love crashed before our lives
Don't bring me down

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Don't bring me down
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Don't bring me down
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

Don't testify me
Don't bring me down
Don't hold me captive
Not the apple of my eye
See, don't patronize me
I'm not your clown
Don't cause me suffering
It's over now

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VV Brown The Apple Comments
  1. kdn kdn

    Still love this song!!!

  2. simmad0wnn0w

    "The Killers - The Man" seems to have been influenced by this track

  3. Automatonable

    This album is incredible. Wish it got more recognition.

  4. Scarlet Peoni

    I love the new V V and the old.

  5. gavo1201

    Can't find the other version of the video anymore!!!  =(
    The one with japanese girls..

    Ibzan Insausti

    Try with the apple by pacco rabane


    I was the one who uploaded that version again my friend..  =)

  6. me too

    OMG the beats are enthralling! The intensity ferocious! I'm held prisoner in this gothic chorus!

  7. Marc Deacon

    Fantastic song, been in my head for ages

  8. shanzfendi


  9. The Noir


  10. JusticeLeagueOfPink

    This song is AWESOME

  11. Diego Neira-Muñoz

    waiting for part 3 <3


    diego n And we're all waiting to see more pics of your face! Beautiful :-*

  12. Victoria Alison

    I discovered V V about 4-5 years ago, through a late programme on Channel 4.. Crying Blood pulled my attention and I soon bought the album. Although, I wasn't overly impressed with it, there were a few good tracks, but THIS album, oh my days! One of the best i've heard in a long time. She has definitely upped her game, big time and it's definitely the right direction for her. Big love V V, thank you for this magical album! 

    eri ylor

    I agrees with you 110%!!!

  13. RockyRdOrange_101

    The opening terrified me

  14. Eren Erdil

    nice <3

  15. Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill

    The thought that this is the same VV Brown who sang Shark In The Water is astounding. Every artist has to go through an evolution of self......VV Brown has done become the apex predator in music. Some smattering of Depeche Mode, with her own flavor of singing brought together in some extremely cataclysmic music..............LOVE IT.

  16. Carlos S.

    That beat gives me goosebumps everytime, so happy I stumbled upon this. :D

  17. KillboyMetalhead

    as you can tell by name, I'm a bit of 70,80 metal head, but saw you perform on J. Holland...absolutely fucking mesmerizing! bought the song right away. keep it up..

  18. Jason Wyman

    When is Part 3 coming out? I wait in anticipation.

  19. Ruba Mu.

    This is incredible. Love it.

  20. Maria Duarte (aka Miss Mary Dee)

    I like her old songs way better. I love them. This one and Samson, i don't like. Sorry :(

  21. Jesse Hilsenrad

    This song is becoming dangerous. The other day I woke up, and within a millisecond The Apple was running in my head.

  22. christo1

    This video is really the worst.


    you gotta see the previous part to get it, i also thought its fucked up but it kinda makes sense after you watch the first part

  23. Melanie Pickens

    Just heard this on the radio yesterday and was completely blown away. Love this song and listened to the rest of the album- amazing! A new favorite for me.

  24. Richard Price Elliott

    A talented artist, raising her game.. is met with apathy.  tsk. 

  25. Lassy Kongo

    You're complaining that people are discovering her? wtf

  26. Carlos

    the best thing about being over 12 years old is realising you can like something without having to drag whatever other people like.

  27. Jamaica Daytona

    Who just discovers v v brown what about degrassi and shark in the water u people are soooooo late

  28. MrWitchtrials

    Loving the new stuff,very Annie Lennox,great production,keep it coming!

  29. MAJszymanski Szymanski

    one more this is some thing like life so little

  30. Mark Nolan

    Lady Gaga has had it. Bad 80's hi energy re-hashed was ok before everyone remembered there WAS bad 80s hi energy. Her nasty fans have done it for me with Gaga. Now VV Brown's new album sounds EXCELLENT !

  31. carlos caseiro

    good !!!!

  32. rpants1975

    This is battling for coolest pop song of 2013 with Arcade Fire's Reflektor.....And that is some praise. This is genius. Chorus is so infectious!! Love it VV.

  33. steven wood

    Without a doubt one of the most infectious songs of recent times. Genius. Cant wait till Sunday COME ON!!!!!!!!

  34. richardbeebeeerasure

    Love this effing song so effing much lol xxxxxxxxxxx mwa

  35. Aubrey Cuccia

    I just PLASTERED you all over my facebook... Hope you don't mind but I am in love with this record!

  36. Jacques Warren

    Just discovered VV Brown. She's AWESOME!!!

  37. Meneer Bert

    Are you portraying Chang'e in this video? With the elixir of life? :P

  38. Amir Rankin

    I want her to get popular so she gets her credit.... But I like that only a few of us understand how GREAT she is

  39. Steve Mackenzie

    Just watched jools and WOW!!

  40. Sian Webster

    She smashed it on jools!

  41. cliffanger

    I can't keep on playing this. Wait - YES I CAN! :p

  42. Barrie Black

    Glad i watched jools holland tonight , this is amazing

  43. whylie74

    just caught a bit of this on " Later with Jools Holland" very different from the earlier stuff but I like it.

  44. nubiennesblog

    I buy the deluxe version of the album and i cańt have the clip on the track 16....

  45. Higgo Braga


  46. Le Af

    all this is pure awesomeness

  47. Liam

    I love VV Brown.

  48. Greg sos

    Love this I can't stop playing it

  49. Jesus Lopez

    Love it

  50. Alehandra Kaprina

    Gaga = Pop
    VV Brown = No More Pop!
    Different Audience!
    I love Both!!

  51. Alehandra Kaprina

    You are amazing!!!! I love your new music!!! & i love that you like The Knife!!!!
    Una colaboración sería increible!!! Besos desde México!!!

  52. Greg sos

    Good song

  53. V V

    Hi guys! Click on to my Youtube channel at 7pm (GMT) tonight (Sept, Fri 13th) to see a live Google hangout with myself. And it'll be uploaded afterwards in case you miss it!

  54. yamammiwammi

    this is great!

  55. Manny Santiago

    Agreed. It's sad when people have to make themselves feel better by talking down about other artists. Why not just appreciate the music for what it is. If you don't like something else, why bring it up in the comments for a video that has absolutely nothing to do with it? Different people like different music. Accept it. I personally love this song and I also appreciate mainstream music for what it is.

  56. Kostas Kaltsas


  57. Marin Lenn

    I like this!

  58. musicbabylove1

    Just dope.

  59. MisterMister Hwang

    wow how pretentious the top comments are, >>>> mainstream music <<<<< it's called that for a reason, deal with it.

  60. Chris Franklin

    Ahhh so good

  61. XLuxrayX

    Really? I thought this was pretty original. I thought her first album was too much typical love songs, though I was really excited for the second one she never released. I think her new path, while strange, is a bit more original, at least in the lyrics. I think this is all a part of her trying to find herself as a musician, so she's allowed to make mistakes. But I honestly think I prefer happy VV over "deep" VV. And wouldn't her old album be considered more commercial than this one?

  62. Crystal H

    Played, subscribed, liked, shared, shared again... Amazing! One of my new favs!

  63. XxCloudVampirexX

    Brilliant !

  64. Helder Filipe

    from her older twist swing musical album to this kind of music, its like turning jazz into disco rave music,,,just crap.she might make more crap since the world prefer everything is commercial and easy to be understood or to dance,,,but my openion she went from horse to donkey with this album.there is nothing new in this,,,this kind of music is made by thousands of bands every day.

  65. Jalesia Anderson

    that's def a guy

  66. Sweepout

    I will say i wish there was a little bit less effects on her voice though, she has a really pretty voice on Traveling! :)

  67. Sweepout

    This kinda reminds me of Florence + The Machine in the best kind of way! I like this song and V V :)

  68. Ward VE

    Is that a boy or a girl ?

  69. alaneasable

    Beautiful song. UH-MAZING voice!!!

  70. Colleen Theis

    That is just so bloody brilliant

  71. Dara Hickey

    Much better than Samson.

  72. Dan Devine

    Paul, have you seen the video for "Samson" yet? If not, it will make you appreciate this one much more. This is a sequel to that one.

  73. Richard Price Elliott

    Still like it. And it grows.

  74. Rad James

    Amazing good on gurl!!!! True talent........

  75. Marlene Ortiz


  76. Marlene Ortiz

    finally the official video!!! the song is so good I love it!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  77. Paul V.

    AMAZING SONG! The video though - not so much...

  78. 666KiLLaGiNGEr

    Tumblr: Marcusdcr (follow for follow back)

  79. Armoured Rat

    just stop even doing grime or rap sb, you're just another pop music channel now


    Dear VV, you had an incredible song with "Everybody". Now you have a new gem in your hands. Congratulations!

  81. Dean Birkett


  82. Richard Price Elliott

    I like the new sound. It sounds like she is realizing more of her power.

  83. Glamma Gregory

    beyond bloody brilliant. <3

  84. rick perez

    go girl! Very Grace Jones!!!

  85. Tucker Robins

    I absolutely love this! This and Samson have completely blown me out of the water. Samson & Delilah is my most anticipated album this year!!

  86. Danny Bale

    Definitely like this new style. But definitely hoping to hear some tunes like ''Shark In The Water'' which infatuated me with your musical work.

  87. Amber Lilly

    It's a project and it seems to be a fucking great one

  88. Richard Price Elliott

    I am so glad she is back and throwin' down.

  89. RnBAmbassador

    Not necessarily the best song I've ever heard but I really like this musical direction you are heading to.

  90. left hand path

    She's way better like this. she used to be so basic.


    soundcloud com/

    Enjoy ;)

  92. Willlll1m

    well was not expecting this!!!!!!!!!!!! Even better than 'Shark in the water'

  93. JustTouchedAwkwardly

    Loving this song

  94. samir ahimed

    com certeza

  95. PotPot Scrapbook

    Great song, but some of the work acting I have ever seen. Bad video.

  96. Joe Piz

    yes ! Just out today on Soundcloud (VV Brown account) specially made for her French fans.

  97. RedDress

    This is the same girl who made 'crying blood' ... Has she lost the plot