Volbeat - The Nameless One Lyrics

Wake up baby and taste the dirt
We're six feet under and still in love

The day has come
We belong with the living dead of the night
The day has come
We belong with the living dead of the night

Hear the outlaw ghoul and his cane
Crashing our casket to find his way

The day has come
We belong with the living dead of the night

Hold on to me baby
These bony hands will do you no harm
It's said in the cards
We lost our soul to the nameless one

Wake up my darlings your time is up
Follow my riders into the dark

The day has come
We belong with the living dead of the night

Hold on to me baby
These bony hands will do you no harm
It's said in the cards
We lost our soul to the nameless one

Long time ago
You called upon the tombstones
Gambling with your soul for nothing
And now you're walking through the valley of the death
But see how beautiful you are
Skinny blue and gray in love
You'll walk among the outlaw bandits
Until you meet the nameless one

Hold on to me baby
These bony hands will do you no harm
It's said in the cards
We lost our soul to the nameless one

Hold on to me baby
These bony hands will do you no harm
It's said in the cards
We lost our soul to the nameless one

The day has finally come

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Volbeat The Nameless One Comments
  1. Garrett Allen

    ☪️♉️🌾೪ಃ 🌈eyes

  2. pauliescott

    I am really getting tried of the ads on youtube.

  3. Dakota Jones

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this song is about death finding someone he loves or death comforting someone that dying is okay. Idk im just putting it in my view :/

  4. Steve Trammell

    Great rock band.... they impress me more and more.

  5. Dac Blac

    Magnus 13•Stella7

  6. Sketch Onomadek

    The voice sounds similar to another artist.... But who.... Disturbed or Five Finger Death punch's frontmans?

  7. Stephanie Thompson

    All the above Kick Ass Shit Pass the. .....

  8. Dac Blac


  9. Dac Blac

    Dayun ४४༼༽༽🌾

  10. Vicky K

    This song really reminds me of red dead redemption 2. Especially 1:50 - 2:50

  11. Evan Justice

    I bought this album the night it came out it's so good I love every song

  12. Dac Blac


  13. Natalia Croce


  14. Marius Pedersen

    im 13 and im listening to this hella awesome song

  15. Brayat Chelime

    1:58 to 3:09 ❤❤❤

  16. Adelle Thompson

    I always thought it was "these boney hands will do you no harm" instead of "his boney hands will do you no harm" can someone clarify please because I've seen both lyrics

  17. Alex K

    Night King's theme as for season8 xD

  18. John Zeunen

    A badass song with possible Reaper references? “Adds to playlist”

  19. ZackAttack_5

    Gud shit.

  20. pauliescott

    The arrangement from 1:54 to 3:06 is pure genius !
    The banjo in the background behind the vocals is so perfect for this tune.
    It gives me chills.

  21. Dac Blac


  22. Luis Rodas

    I listen to Volbeat when they tour with Trivium in 2014.

  23. Devils Riot

    The first song that got me into volbeat was “Devils bleeding crown” and now I’m here as a fan of most if not all their songs

  24. Jøhnny Jøhnsøn

    Volbeat gets me through the work shift. Gotta love those vocals.

  25. Dac Blac

    ༼༽༤༦༨༩ྲཏཐཡྱོིུཔེཀཫགཇཀྵཆཙམནཇཫའཨབྷ བྷངངམམམན་་་་།༎ ༴༑།།༐

  26. Dac Blac


  27. Dac Blac


  28. Norwegianskiinews

    02:09 rick and morty!

  29. Dac Blac


    Dac Blac

    GalXi spiral

  30. Robert O'Day

    great band helps with shitty people and bad days

  31. Dac Blac


    Garrett Allen

    Dac Blac ಃಆ

  32. Dac Blac


  33. Dac Blac


  34. Dac Blac



  35. Dac Blac


  36. Dac Blac


  37. Dac Blac


  38. Dac Blac


  39. Dac Blac


  40. Noble Alpha

    rockstar cowboys. that is all i have to say.

  41. LawfulEvil

    these guy's are great i love every song that have made

  42. Luke Sinclair

    It’s like the modern Elvis, but better!

  43. Chad Shuley. SHU

    The shit!!

    Dac Blac

    Chad Shuley. SHU ྄ེ

  44. ReinKaos

    Probably the best band in the world right now!

    But who here knows "A View To The Dim"?

  45. Ron Ostlund

    Very talented band. I like how the changes in this particular song, how it flows through. Very nice.

  46. Andrew Wolf

    This album is just so gahdang addicting.
    Can't stop listening.

  47. Pokurda Lastovo

    Just stumble upon this looking for PC game music, and I have to admit I was greatly surprised, this sound is marvelous, reminded me of old Metal/Hard Rock days, and I thought that days are long gone, and then I found this fantastic band and their unique sound :)

  48. Dontgotaclue88

    I'm love with this band. So great. :)

  49. Grant Anderson

    You can't mistake that voice for anybody else.

    Nikolaj Slente

    Oh i don't know...what about Elvis?

  50. Johnny Painter

    I think I've added every VOLBEAT song I've heard to my playlist. These guys are legit.

  51. Lisa Batterton

    just another great song!!!

  52. Phyco clown

    Im so glad they are rising above the dirt. Music needs another legend and not these fuck boy bands that seem to plaque the mainstream these days.

    Phyco clown

    In my opinion all the gone legends would be proud.

  53. solo Gillespie

    I like this song Volbeat is what's happening so dope

  54. Guess Whocifer

    Fun tune and quite accurate lyrically.
    Love how he sings 'ghoul'.
    The day is coming.

  55. TK-421

    The guitar in this is just amazing.

  56. Spike Kastleman

    So... I play Ark: Survival Evolved ( /waits for the trolls to spout their mouths ), and when I find myself a good bird to keep, I almost always name him "The Nameless One". So almost every time I play the game, I get this song stuck in my head and have to put on the album. ( Can't just listen to one song! )

  57. Spike Kastleman

    2:59 - "You walk AMONG the Outlaw Bandits..."

    ( Not being a dick, just trying to help out. )

  58. Coley Barker

    saw them in portland was kick ass

  59. buck3theadman

    I used to play this album and Above heaven/Beyond hell behind Red Dead Redemption as I played. It was amazing.

    Guess Whocifer

    'Bucketheadland 2' seems like it would be a good album to listen to while playing 'Five Nights at Freddy's'

    Rob Wells

    may have to try that when RD2 comes out


    Rob Wells I can say that it is equally as amazing😂

  60. brian bills

    Volbeat are just a bunch of heartless mofos that throw big ass blows I personally like there music and there gutair playing is awesome regardless what people say because I can't play gutair so therefore they are awesome being a scotts to a barbarian band is pretty exclusive and I never hear volbeat but I do feel them and they are a real band and have wonder so once again Fuck you 8 times divided by 16 & walla you get that fuck you right back is your answer Volbeat fkn Rocks and doesn't even budge let alone roll and once more fuck you my regards to volbeat thank you for giving me something to look forward too and your energy is awesome

    Paul Mathieu

    Brian, I'll give you a little free advice. Learn to spell, use punctuation, & quit being a SHITHEAD you fuckwit!!!

    Spike Kastleman

    What are you trying to say? They're heartless, but are like, the best, like, people, like, ever?

    Dude. Think before you type. Compile your thoughts first. I have a muddled, fucked up brain but I can still stop, think, and type proper thoughts out. Otherwise, you'll just be treated like you are totally unintelligent. And I'm sure you don't want people thinking that about you. No one does.

    Paul Mathieu

    Exactly. Well done, Brian.

  61. Mark Morava

    I love this band. They sound awesome. Michael Poulsen has an amazing voice. This band is severely underrated.


    mark morava imma say the n eord

  62. becky martin

    been listening to these guys for over 5 yrs and heard,, "still counting" on sirius ---funny how some ppl are just now hearing them,,, sad,, they kick ass and should have more air time w/ more songs than they do now,,,, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  63. Paulette Fay


  64. Todd Lehman


    Rico seefeldt





    and FUCK THE 23rd FUCKER TOO

    Martini 23

    24,25,26 and 27 as well

    Dylan Marshall

    And the 28th shithead as well

  65. Todd Lehman

    Fukn VOLBEAT

  66. Loud NPhx


    Dac Blac

    Loud NPhx (╹◡╹)64 Red scot sis

  67. TheDoctorDisrespect

    I like the song but the solo spot had so much fucking potential.....

    Dac Blac

    Huh. AGay

  68. VikingFyre

    I have to say as a guy who primarily listens to black and death metal, hearing Volbeat really reminds me of why I love metal in the first place. If you told me years ago when I was a kid there would be a Danish band who covers old school country songs and makes a concept album about the Romanticized American Southwest I probably would have said that was retarded and who would listen to it. Now, holy shit. I'm still blown away by the lead's vocal range and awesome guitar skills. I owe them for keeping me into music since I was drifting away from it.


    #VikingFyre ИСТИНА 101% / TRUE 101% !!! 👍🏻 БРАВО / BRAVO !!!🖤 ❤️ 🖤
    Hails from the capital Belgrade of Serbia 👍🏻🇷🇸 ....НАЗДРАВЉЕ / SKÅL !!! 🍻

    Dac Blac

    VikingFyre ଗୀ

    Dac Blac

    Alex K ାୀ

    Dac Blac

    VikingFyre ཾཀཀོིིུ

    Exploding Music Syndrome

    check out there old band "dominus" man, death metal ish kinda band i recommend "thine" and "dancing with magic"

  69. Kenny Weaver

    My favorite Volbeat song. Haven't heard a bad one yet, though.

    William Flohrschutz

    Yes they're seriously all good...all their songs!

  70. Nobody

    Clint eastwood!

  71. not thomas


  72. Ben

    cv cvljküsr

  73. Jesse Howard

    Somebody's gotta make a music video with this and the Phantasm movies.

    Cocielo Ssj Chapadaum

    Jesse Howard Johnson mudar de número 😭😭 não sei o que não tem nada haver kkk eu também tenho que a minha face da empresa e de um dia eu

    Сергей Маличенко

    yes, it really fits the movie, since i myself do not remember the name of the main villain

  74. Jon Dryden

    the song is about love everlasting and the couple seeing each other the same their whole lives til they die

  75. Tim K

    Love this...my new favorite band.

  76. Iinkubiss

    lyrical geniuses!!!!!

    Darrell Collier

    really? what part would you consider genius?

    jake love

    +Darrell Collier my guess is the originality is what makes them geniuses because I agree with you lmao

    Guess Whocifer

    Darrell & Jake- Volbeat lyrics are layered with occultic references.
    They have different meanings depending on your point of reference.

    Dac Blac


  77. Fiona Butchart

    Ich liebe es!

  78. Ryan Phoenix

    What do you think the meaning of these lyrics are....?

    tony kozz

    *though it is the end, I will still love you as I always have, though death(the nameless one) has come for us, hold me close and we will be together eternally*

    Mickie Jade

    +Ryan Phoenix It's a about the story of a couple who "Long ago, called upon the gravestones, (messing with the spirit world) gambling with their souls for nothing, (Invoking bad spirits) and now they walk through the valley of death." (They did find something they didn't mean to). They awake to find themselves six feet under for some reason, but they still feel the same for each other. The Outlaw Ghoul, probably the one who re-animated them explains the situation (said above) and in private, he tells her about how they died. This story continues on Volbeats next album coming out soon, according to the singer.

    Ryan Phoenix

    fucking A, they finally have a new album coming out?

    Mickie Jade

    THen we'll hopefully know what happens next to them! \o/

    Devin Johnson

    Pentele Calm down, Autismo.

  79. Mitchell Halvorson

    I just started listening to this band the oother day and so far in every song in this album there is just the greatest rift its impossible not to love

    Keith Floyd Jr

    Ain't that the truth..every once in a while a band comes along that has that "sound" and Volbeat is one of those IMO..great band that should be around for a long time..hard rock/metal/blues infusion that is hard to duplicate


    +Mitch ForceXx Every album gets progressively better.


    +buck3theadman IT DOES!


    I really like the riffs but the lyrics are kind of cheesy.


    It's a foreign thing, specifically a Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc) thing. Either they write a song in English, which isn't their first language, or they translate the song to English from its Nordic form, which doesn't translate well. You'll hear the same odd lyric and pronunciation combination from bands like Nightwish, Of Monsters and Men, and Ace of Base. You try writing an album in Danish and having the success Volbeat has had.

  80. Alex Jenkins

    The intro, to me at least, sounds like the Walt Disney Pixar movie Cars...

    user name

    Jesus no

  81. Mick Knight

    "The bone in the ham won't do you no harm...

    k burris

    Hold on to me baby these bony hands will do you no harm

    JW G

    "his bony hands"

    Darth Metallus

    Er... yeah, I think he was joking guys. 😂

  82. Laima Brazauskaitė


    Dac Blac


  83. Renee Tanner

    Brilliant...coming from a big fan of 'The Walking Dead"
    I Love VOLbeat!!!!


    what does the walking dead have to do with it?

  84. Olli Huovinen

    I first heard he sang it like "it said in the cards, we lost our soldier the nameless one" it felt like whole different backstory :'D


    Nameless swan*

    Henri Hämäläinen

    "soldier the nameless one"= tuntematon sotilas? ;)

  85. penoyer79

    that bridge *droolz*

  86. John Moore

    Holy Shit, this is a fucking EPIC album!!!!!!!! Subscribed btw...

  87. Nebulous Illumine

    Hail to the kings!!!!!!

  88. Antti Peltolahti

    come on! this is really far from metal...

    Dr Kekus Maximus

    @Starblind11 metal scene boy

    Dr Kekus Maximus

    @Starblind11 referring to antti not you btw

    Kyle Kampa

    @Antti Peltolahti regardless of what genre it is, we can all at least agree that its great music

  89. Alex Lawlor

    My two favorite songs so far are Dead But Rising and The Nameless One... I completely love Volbeat though.

    Celine Dion Gaming

    @Leo PlagueWarrior Listen to Lola Montez, another one of my favorites... Lonesome Rider is good aswell :)

    Alex Lawlor

    Done that already XD

    Matt McSherry

    +Leo Lawlor Doc Holiday ❤

    Adelle Thompson

    You also might want to listen to black bart , Marie Laveau and Mary Ann's Place


    Alex Lawlor f u

  90. Christian Martillo

    Is it just me, or does this song sound very static. It seems as if his lover has sold their souls to the "Nameless One" and gambled their souls for nothing. The nothing is the short, good life you lived on earth. Now the day has come where they are six feet under, being summoned to walk along side the sinners and meet the nameless one.

    Maewyn Thotbane

    I'm assuming the "Nameless One" is the devil or grim reaper or something?

  91. wraiyven

    Recently heard these guys at the MMR-B-Q this past weekend and immediately fell in love with em. They're amazing, really glad I got to see them live!

  92. Jeffrey Chen

    all their songs are like the same.....but i still love them. its like pop except you can still say ur a hipster cause its not pop :)

    Jamie Hauxwell

    Jeffrey Chen nerd

  93. terry foulkes

    Behind the times, just heard this,getting into it, wish I'd got a lap top years ago. Avenged sevenfold, Pretty Reckless et al. Music on the go. Shit just shown my age. What the hell, "Rock will out".

  94. Tony2345

    Fucking Great Song

  95. jonnynmartingmail

    definitely referring to the Reaper as the nameless one.  Great song.

  96. Free Flow

    Props to this band!

    Dac Blac