Volbeat - Room 24 Lyrics

Caught in the darkness
The room is getting colder my body is on hold
Lying in bed and unable to move

The darkness in 24
Former guests who live no more
So many hands to hold you down

My mind is awake
I open my eyes but it's so hard to breathe
Something is in here to silence my screams

The darkness in 24
Steal your breath away once more
Oh it's happening again yeah

See the old hag sitting over me
The smell of rotten breath and blasphemy
No way out only darkness here
Feel my eyes filling up with fear
Will someone hear me crying out for help in room 24
In room 24... in room 24

Caught in the darkness
The room is getting colder my body is on hold
Lying in bed and unable to move

Sadness is falling tear
Turning into liquid fear
Who killed who we'll never know
Oh we'll never know
Never tell... never tell... never tell... never tell...

See the old hag sitting over me
The smell of rotten breath and blasphemy
No way out only darkness here
Feel my eyes filling up with fear
Will someone hear me crying out for help in room 24
In room 24... in room 24

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Volbeat Room 24 Comments
  1. Calin Sabau

    In roommm twenty- foooouuuurrr !!! Amazing !!!

  2. Felipe Deathrashold

    Me recuerda el intro de altering the future de death, buen tema

  3. Alexander Curtis

    The riff reminds me of the ...And Justice For All album and the drums sound like something from Far Beyond Driven

  4. Tim Owens

    King diamond will be singing on the next record of Megadeth New CD maybe

  5. David G

    Double the speed. It's awesome.

  6. Alexander Curtis

    This is one heavy motherfucker

  7. TheCrapperboy FTW

    I'm not necessarily a fan of Volbeat but I'm certainly a King Diamond nut and this song just kicks so much ass!!!

  8. V3ntilator

    The only great Volbeat song ever.

  9. Thomas Søfeldt

    The one and only song I like and it's only because of K.D

  10. KongZilla Rex

    King Diamond brought me here but Goddamn do I love Volbeat. They never disappoint.

  11. SickMarmaladeGrandpa

    Also the person who blessed us with lyric videos for this album, real MVP fosho

  12. SickMarmaladeGrandpa

    By far one the best off this album

  13. Tibearius the king

    Crazy guitar skills 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. E.F higher-self

    Hail to King Diamond.
    Cheers from Brazil

  15. Dac Blac

    Dayun ४४४

  16. Dac Blac


  17. Dac Blac


  18. Rothko Karbine

    You can definitely tell the King wrote this song. Volbeat just tagged along.

  19. Virgil Peterson

    Unpopular opinion:

    Yes this is one of the better volbeat songs, but if you go listen to King diamond, he really ain't all the comment section makes him out to be. The combined performance is what makes either of them good. And it is very good indeed.

    Rothko Karbine

    You are full on delusional. King Diamond is one of the Masters of Metal.

  20. Quietus5

    Excellent!! Tell the hag "YOU'RE ONLY LIVING ON BORROWED TIME FROM YOUR FATE! FAte! Fate! fate!"

  21. Dac Blac


  22. Christopher Harris

    I only wish I could like this 50000000000000000000000000000000000 more times

  23. Robert Spencer

    I'm surprised King Diamond can still hit those notes after all these years; Autotune ?

    Yuyari Cachimuel

    Robert Spencer nope

  24. Dac Blac


  25. Dac Blac


  26. Dac Blac


  27. Dac Blac


  28. Dac Blac


    Dac Blac


  29. Samuting Hutajulu

    Best horror song i've ever heard

  30. Repairer of the Breach

    The Bridge to Life

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    Fortunately for us, the answer is surprisingly simple. The “Gospel” that the Bible talks about literally means, “the Good News,” and the news is good indeed!  

    First, we have to start at the beginning. In Genesis 1:26, when God created the first humans, He said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”, then God blessed them and spent the days walking and talking with the people He had created. In short, life was good.

    But why isn’t life like that anymore? What happened to mess everything up? This brings us to the second point: when we (humankind) chose to do the opposite of what God told us, sin poisoned the world. Sin separated us from God, and everything changed.Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”  and in Isaiah 59:2 we’re told, “your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear.” 
    This is especially bad news because there is no way for us to get across that gap on our own. We (humankind) have tried to find our way back to God and a perfect world on our own ever since then, and without any luck. We try to get there by being good people, or through religion, money, morality, philosophy, education, or any number of other ways, but eventually we find out that none of it works. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12).

    There is only one way to find peace with God, and the Bible says it is through Jesus Christ. We were stranded without any way of getting back to our Creator, and we needed a way to pay for our sins and be clean again so that we could be welcomed back to be with Him.Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” So this is the Good News—that even though we were still enemies of God (as one translation says), Jesus came to die on the cross and pay the price for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him again. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    What then should be our reaction to this awesome news? This brings us to the last and most important part.John 5:24 says, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” Jesus Christ himself even says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10), and Romans 5:1 says, “we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
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    The prayer can go something like this:

    “Dear Jesus,
    I know that I am a sinner and that I need You to forgive me. I know that You died a painful death so that my sins could be washed clean. Thank you. I want to make You the Lord of my life, and I will trust and follow You. Everything I have is Yours now.
    In Your name, Lord.

    There is nothing magical about these words. It’s not the words themselves that make things right between you and God—it’s whether or not your heart really means it. We know this because in 1 Samuel 16:7, the Bible says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
    The best part of this whole process is that it doesn’t matter how badly we’ve messed up, Jesus is powerful enough to save anyone from their sins—even the worst of us. Romans 10:13 says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." That’s fantastic news—no matter how badly we’ve messed up, we can place our complete trust in Jesus, and He will wipe all of our sins off the face of the earth. Jesus is the bridge to life.

  31. Ismael Martinez

    Brutal Yeah King Diamond mi favorito tremendo duo

  32. Bryan McClure

    When I first got to jail I was in cell 24, lls

    Dac Blac


  33. AlphaDragonn

    Seeing all the people saying this is the only Volbeat song they like makes me so sad

    Alexander Curtis

    @H.I.T Most, if not all, of Volbeat's songs are great. I would just start from the first album and listen untill the last album ends


    @Alexander Curtis wow that is very helpful 🤣🤣🤣

    Alexander Curtis

    @H.I.T Eh, I'm to lazy to think of all the songs, but you should really listen to Doc Holiday, Fire Song, Rebel Monster, and Still Counting. They are some of my favourites


    @Alexander Curtis i already lestined to shady ladies somthing somthing album and i liked very much 😁

    Alexander Curtis

    @H.I.T Yeah, Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies is their best album in my opinion, followed by Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

  34. Liam Peterson

    Darkest Volbeat song?

  35. Teague Anderson

    The only Volbeat song I've ever liked.

  36. The Otherside

    By far their worst song.

    When i became the sun..

    No way this song is amazing..loke wild rovers of hell

  37. New York Giants

    Are there any songs by Volbeat like this, Doc Holiday, and The Hangman’s body count? I love them but I dot have time to check out all their stuff

    Ryan Miller

    New York Giants A Moment Forever and Sad Man's Tongue are other really good songs by them

  38. wut doin

    This is my favorite Volbeat song.

    Dac Blac


  39. Eric Walton

    Blast from the past! Back when i used to listen to to the wrong metal and before you that dont know who king diamond is...go look him up before you think you know some shit about metal amd evil in it. Ol king diamond still sounds freakin scary idgaf lol

    Dac Blac


  40. Linus

    The Only good volbeat song.

  41. Duality

    To the people shitting on Volbeat, they simply and clearly have not scratched the surface of their material.

    Tip; educate yourself with songs such as You or Them, Boa, River Queen, Mr and Mrs Ness, Devil or the Blue Cat's Song or The Loa's Crossroad, or the whole disc, before blowing your load of bullshit.

  42. EvilPenguin2708

    The Danish combo

  43. Lowen Werner

    So creepy

  44. Dominik Dominion

    Damn this is one baddass song ..!!! Hell yeah heavy [email protected] metal.!!!!!

  45. Tyler Dees

    Awesome song and you have king diamond featured this is fucking epic and is it just me or is it one of those songs that gives you sleep paralysis.

  46. Spencer Kramer

    Should I know who king diamond is?

    Tyler Dees

    Bohemian Batman king diamond is lead singer for mercyful fate and has his own band called king diamond also. And has a super highvoice.

  47. Miles Plueger

    Reminds me of one by Metallica

  48. Emma Ward

    It would have been better if King hadn't been added into it

    Andrew Miller

    Would have been better if it was just king diamond

  49. Millio

    Fucking glorious

  50. Nathan wells

    I like really love this song it is so amazing like so amazing

  51. John B

    not really digging this King Diamond dudes voice, not saying he isnt good just not my deal, but he seriously compliments this song in particular

  52. Luis Rey

    por que me da la impresion de que la letra esta basada en una historia de stephen king?

  53. padmae702

    King Diamond still sounds great.

    Tyler Dees

    padmae702 he never ages with his voice.

  54. Andres Werewolf

    I'll fuck my girl next time in room 24

  55. SkullsWhitePride


    Caught in the darkness
    the room is getting colder my body is on hold
    lying in bed and unable to move

    The darkness in 24
    former guests who live no more
    so many hands to hold you down

    My mind is awake
    I open my eyes but it's so hard to breathe
    something is in here to silence my screams

    The darkness in 24
    steal your breath away once more
    oh it's happening again yeah

    See the old hag sitting over me
    the smell of rotten breath and blasphemy
    no way out only darkness here
    feel my eyes filling up with fear
    will someone hear me crying out for help in room 24
    in room 24... in room 24

    Sadness is falling tear
    turning into liquid fear
    who killed who we'll never know
    oh we'll never know
    never tell... never tell... never tell... never tell...

    See the old hag sitting over me
    the smell of rotten breath and blasphemy
    no way out only darkness here
    feel my eyes filling up with fear
    will someone hear me crying out for help in room 24
    in room 24... in room 24


    SkullsWhitePride the lyrics are on the video tho...

  56. Retro Revelations

    I really wish Volbeat made more songs in this and The Hangman's Body Count style.

    Matt McSherry

    Doc Holliday is pretty similar. As is Black Bart, kinda.

    the twonky

    Check out the first volbeat albums they are all pretty much as heavy as this song

  57. Patty Steinbock Harrington


    Alex Flowers

    Not to rain on your parade, but this isn't that hard to be a metal song.

    uzer name

    Alex Flowers - piss off. when a person is moved and what a person is moved by is always a beautiful thing!

  58. michael flatau

    The king will never die ! (Cover) good,,,,

  59. V3ntilator

    My favourite Volbeat song because it sounds a bit like King Diamond, and also contains the King. ;)

    michael flatau

    That's right ! "Rigtigit min ven" sådan kommer vi langt !! (@:

  60. Michel Bastos

    Perfect song!

  61. When i became the sun..


  62. Josh Green

    we are just evel all of the time

  63. DXfilmzzz

    This is honestly the only Volbeat song I can listen to.
    Not taking away anything from them, they're a great band! But they've never been for me. When I heard they did a song with King Diamond, I knew I had to check it out. And Ho. Ly. Shit.

    Mirek Bieniak

    There is  nothing compared to Mercyful Fate, K.D , Pretty Maids and this Metallica drummer coming out from Denmark. Btw: Volbeat is as famous  worldwide as is Golden Earring from  Netherlands, ( Krokus Switzerland), Omega( Hungary, Scorpions( Germany,) SBB  (Poland), Annihilator ( CAN),Psycroptic(AUS) and list goes on...


    I like that you mention Annihilator, becuse most most seem to have forgotten that kick ass band.

    Ricardo Mejia

    Mirek Bieniak 😂 í love this Song í sing it every day literally í do

    Tyler Dees

    Its a pretty epic song. Especially if you have a high definition sound system in your house or car.

    metal head

    @Mirek Bieniak Hahahaha! I'm going to say it cuz no one else will. Pretty Maids and Kind Diamond are better than fucking Volbeat? Are you fucking kidding me? Omg. I've been a head banger for 40 years and I know good music when I hear it. Volbeat is far and away wayyyyyyyyy better than those two bubble gum metal bands. Just saying......

  64. Barry Macokiner

    kind diamond just adds that spook factor that makes this song

    Mirek Bieniak

    +ifancyurmom He does, but there is no comparition to Mercyful Fate,(KD himself)or Pretty Maids. Btw It`s all I know about Danish metal scene+ Lars of course and not Danese anymore.

    Rothko Karbine

    You can tell he practically wrote the song. Volbeat was just along for the ride.

  65. Casper

    I love this song, no I LIVE this song!

  66. D Pelletier

    All kind of creepage here..and King Diamond, your not helping ;)
    Should have won!

  67. Max Burch

    Does anybody think it is possible that this song and Meybellene I Hofteholder are related?

    When i became the sun..

    it could...maybe but i think its about a time they stayed in a hotel...room 24 and it reeked like death...then they found out someone was murdered in that room

    Retro Revelations

    The lyrics are somewhat literal. The singer had an experience in a hotel room where he woke up and couldn't breath, couldn't move, and felt it was a haunting.

  68. Kratos javi

    In the room 24 he fucked with Lola Montez

    ed stevenson

    +Kratos javi good one!!!!!!


    +Kratos javi YUS

    Trynda mere

    Best comment ever ! Horns up bro \m/

  69. CrazyB 777

    See the old hag sitting over me....I don't understand why I find this so funny.........


    +CrazyB 777 This is an actual thing. Before it was understood, sleep paralysis was known as "Old Hag" because it feels like someone's holding you down and trying to suffocate you in your sleep.


    I think it's a spiritual attack. It's happened to me before. You can't explain everything with "science". And it's never been proven to be simply "sleep paralysis"...in a lab somewhere.


    +John yes you can explain it with science like everything else.

    Spanish Inquisition

    There are unexplainable things in science but sleep paralysis is not one of them.

  70. Lil Briick

    The soundtrack for hell

  71. wipeoutkx

    this song is amazing.

  72. Kinga Skotniczna

    i love this song so much ♥

  73. rtoondra

    The guy on the cover of the album is very similar to the King, but without makeup

  74. Thomas Britz

    What is it about Volbeat's tracks that feature guest vocals? They are my favourites: Room 24, Lonesome Rider, Evelyn, and The Garden's Tale. Now they've got an Anthrax veteran on board too, nice! Now for a Meshuggah or Jocelyn Pook collaboration, just to amplify the originality... who else? Deicide, Bjork or Eminem/TechN9ne or Rammstein, haha :)  So many others could work too...


    The Anthrax vet has been in the band for years... Lonesome Rider sucks but this album, their New album And Above Hell Below Heaven were great

  75. seacactus 13

    this isn't volbeat's usual style

    Mirek Bieniak

    +seacactus 13  The old bands or performers tend to do  some side projects when  they are about to expire or being  totally fucked up. No wonder...it is worldwide known procedure .

    Yuyari Cachimuel

    seacactus 13 probably because of King Diamond being in this xD

  76. Charity O'Neil

    Wow, I haven't listened to King Diamond in a long time; I'd forgotten how high he can sing lol

  77. AsTheSeasonsGray

    Holy.  Freaking.  Crap.  That riff....i don't even know how to describe it....it feels like it's sucking the soul out of me....it feels evil...like a demonic entity is lurking in the shadows....best song on the album by a long shot.


    @AsTheSeasonsGray I'm sure King Diamond had something to do with it. It sounds like a KD song and he writes most of the music for his songs, even though he only sings usually.


    @AsTheSeasonsGray: When it comes to Metal, you can't go wrong with Opeth or King Diamond!

    Patty Cummins

    +JerryM710 I concur the riff is very Andy LaRoque and King of course he plays guitar also. On the Fatal Portrait cd by King he plays a song all guitars by him. I don't remember the name of the song it is from the early 80s.


    Mercyful Fate. The best riff band ;)

  78. David Christy

    Creepy, sounds like something that would be in a Stephen King book

    William Scheepsma

    I always picture a coffin traveling down threw the earth towards hell when the lyrics oooooo oo oooo are song

  79. TrustNo1


    Pedram Pashaei

    @TrustNo1 best comment ever
    I smoked a joint two hours ago andI just realized I've been listening to this for two hours! haha


    @pedped ped hahaha! hilarious :D I think my comment is no longer 'best ever' :P


    TrustNo1 metallica picture!!!

  80. Zack Smith

    Never heard of them until I saw they were coming to rockfest. Now I know I won't be going because this sounds like shit.


    @Zack Smith If you're judging Volbeat by this song you're making a mistake. This song has more of a King Diamond feel than Volbeat. (King Diamond sings on this song too). I'm sure KD had a lot to do with the music of this song. Volbeat is actually one of the better sounding bands live lately.

    tommy gun

    @Zack Smith Now boy you want to talk tough over the internet, lets see how you stick to your guns when we ever meet in person.I wanna see if you have what it takes to pull your pistols and go to work. Ill happily give you an address to meet me at and we can play a few games. It aint my fault you are made at the world.

    I don't pretend to know why you are full of hate and anger. Maybe its because you found out you mother and father are both fucking the milk man. I don't know nor care. Not my problem. But you want to prove who is the bigger man just show up.

    ps. there is no such thing as Little dick syndrome. I don't know where you heard that from. Maybe your doctor told you thats what you anger problem is all about. But again thats not my problem.

    Zack Smith

    @tommy gun Once again you assume to much. Maybe you should try not thinking so hard about something that someone says to you over a comment thread. Obviously thinking isn't your strong suit.

    tommy gun

    @Zack Smith This from the guy who assumed I'm self conscious based on my name alone? Maybe you shouldn't think to hard about someones name. Obviously thinking isn't your strong suit.


    @Zack Smith Listen to other songs of Volbeat, you must like some of them!

  81. Richard Triviño Palomares

    Lo mejor

  82. Eincrou

    I had never heard King Diamond before, so this song strongly reminded me of @Adagio Official Channel.  But it's cool to hear who probably inspired their sound.


    @Metal Thoughts It's always interesting to see people claim something is "the best" or "the most amazing" when what they should have said was "my favorite" or "blew me away more than the 5% of concept albums ever created that I've actually heard."


    @Eincrou except King Diamond is quite well known for his concept albums...always interesting to see people that have such a small background in the metal genre. 


    @jtgoheels Ah. Why do you find people with "small backgrounds" in metal so interesting?  It seems like a strange thing for someone to be interested in.


    @Eincrou Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire Abigail album from King Diamond. It is in my top 5 of all time.


    @JerryM710 Same. It's truly a masterpiece of an album.

  83. donniegerrard

    Never heard of this band before. Sleep Paralysis research brought me here! The lyrics are pretty accurate.

  84. Brandi Zeipekis

    Volbeat's best song

    Linda Dalgarn

    Brandi Zeipekis ikr😇

    Yuyari Cachimuel

    Part of it probably because of King Diamond ;)

  85. Adria99

    Ohhh yeahh this is music 

  86. aspylacora

    Long live the King !!! Perfect song !!

  87. raptorrs

    fucking love it. Totally different from other King Diamond songs but still fucking awesome 
    Hail King \m/

  88. Pastor Skeptic

    That time change though!  From 4/4 to 6/8.   LOVE IT

  89. Micah Dold

    Dead but rising is a good song. The first 20-30 seconds I feel like it could almost  be slayer. Then I'm happily surprised,  But these other songs just don't do it for me.  I so wanted to like this band. One hit wonder? I dunno... Will be paying close attention tho. Some day a new metal band will change everything like Pantera did. Just gotta wait


    Dead but Rising was def geared more for the radio. Room 24 rocks harder than anything else I've ever heard from volbeat. I love it.


    And they already have several hit singles... Heaven nor hell, Lola Montez, Doc Holliday etc.

    tommy gun

    @Clyde Donovan Its not that he is deaf. His taste is music isnt all that great.

    William Butler

    @Micah Dold listen to The Counting... it's the song that turned me onto them lol

    William Butler

    @William Butler *Still Counting* oops

  90. Michael Andersen

    lol the haters ... thats fu.... this is for the *few old dudes*;) you know what i mean :) you remember when your was at your first concert whith King diamond :) ups the haters ... sorry YOU R TOOO YOUNG sooo :) StFu

    Michael Andersen

    or Not a Tru MeTalHeaD;) We have made more than Lurpak/Bacon here in Dk ;)  Mercenary,Domnius,The burning. and so on

  91. RikuKH

    When did volbeat become non-pop??

    Steve L

    @ripa9 just another metal elitist. Youre the problem not the solution


    @iamdeath2u My favorite bands are Metallica and Mastodon, neither of them are really underground in anyway. Give me some good songs by this band. Let's hear just how unoriginal riffing, melody and lyrics this band produces. Sad Man's Tongue, or whatever it was called is an okay song though.
    Oh, and even this song is extremely unoriginal, the collaboration is cool, though.

    Matthew McSherry

    +ripa9 Doc fucking Holiday. And you can't shit on this band and think metallica is original. Go be a troll somewhere else.

    Soldiers of Tartarus

    Listen too Dominus, Volbeat before they became Volbeat. It'll blow your mind even thinking they were the same band lol


    Matthew McSherry Metallica is ten times the band these guys will ever be.

  92. Michele rae Colvin

    king diamond sucks , that guy is dead in the gutter! volbeat put his ass back in the music world!!! volbeat rocks!!! 

    Michael Andersen

    @Isaac Helget truuuu if you know your metal ;) King Diamond + a few more starte the Metal ....he is a king

  93. :givccomojo. :

    S.O.S. youtube: donald marshall NWO

    Dac Blac

    :Amadeus :Turcanu-Moisl. YYYY


    Dac Blac



    Dac Blac


    Dac Blac

    :Amadeus :Turcanu-Moisl. ིུ

  94. jlafloe619

    This song is Mercyful Fate revived.


    Hell yes!

  95. Sean Storment

    Good stuff, knitting factory April 11 Spocompton

  96. Oxx Linchevskaya

    Reminds me of Megadeth so much. 

    Papa Scabs

    @ChaosToRule King Diamond does sound a little like Dave Mustaine... 


    +Lyle Berryman it's the other way around. Mercyful Fate was around before Megadeth and Mustaine's even said in an interview when he was with Metallica that he was inspired by Mercyful Fate.

    Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson

     Thank you :D

  97. Dean Oliver