Volbeat - Lola Montez Lyrics

Feel the fire where she walks
Lola Montez so beautiful
Shady and a tempered dame
Blinding your eyes with her spider dance

Her performance utterly erotic subversive to all ideas
And for public morality
And cool as she was she didn't care
See the miner throw his gold
Lifting her skirt howling loud like a wolf
Hell raising and full of sin
When Lola was dancing and showing her skin

Wherever she walks
She'll be captivating all the men
Don't look in her eyes
You might fall and find the love of your life heavenly
But she'll catch you in her web
The love of your life, yeah.

Feel the fire where she walks
Lola Montez so beautiful
Shady and a tempered dame
Blinding your eyes with her spider dance

Well notorious I have been
But never for fame that's what she said
Dear Henry taste my whip
Never to see any words you print

Wherever she walks
She'll be captivating all the men
Don't look in her eyes
You might fall and find the love of your life heavenly
But she'll catch you in her web
The love of your life, yeah.

Oh Lola I'm sure that the love would have been
The key to all your pain
The key to all your pain
No words will later come
Did the spider bite your tongue
We will surely not forget
We will surely not forget
The Lola spider dance


Don't look in her eyes
You might fall and find the love of your life heavenly
But she'll catch you in her web
The love of your life, yeah

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Volbeat Lola Montez Comments
  1. fortheloveofdirt.net

    Really like this group. And that singers voice is awesome

  2. Max Mueller

    It's like listening to 50 years of music all in one it's a 60's oldies sound with a lil bit of 70s and 80's punk some 90's and freshness of a 2020 new sound. It shouldn't work but somehow it works.

  3. Charles Stephenson

    The song is awesome of course but who is that chick in the video? She is f**king beautifu! I mean just drop dead gorgeous. Hottest rock video chick I have seen in like forever.

  4. Luke Forth

    Been listening since 2015

  5. Ronald Murray

    What Lola wants Lola gets huh.... Wonder if she ever had second thoughts

  6. Kevin Pederson

    Worth it? Yes

  7. helcio Souza

    Peso e melodia. Muito legal essa banda

  8. Jay Stone

    I member Lola from Mary Carroll High Schoooo

  9. Greg Hanson

    Crazy awesome that this a fan vid!

  10. secretmuetze YT


  11. Jonx Anest

    Rock it!

  12. bare bevy

    Lola is a sexy name
    & that (doink ) made me think of "Layla"
    thats a sexy name too .. lets see
    .. no doink


  13. First Blood

    i am not a volbeat fan for sure but i like this song

  14. Cale Sievers

    the 0.1 percent that lysol dosen't kill

  15. Rachael Swan

    God cant stop listening to this band,love all there music. Blast this whilst im working through my earphones love it!!!

  16. Mary Goodman

    Almost 2020 🤧

  17. Pete Gaytan III

    What a song, and this video is amazing!

    Jack Jensen

    Its a fan made video

    Pete Gaytan III

    @Jack Jensen I realise that and that is perhaps what makes it amazing.

  18. Jeep Daddy

    Lola montez so beautiful.

  19. elusive solo

    Love the jam, the braud sucks

  20. Darren Fish McFish Flynn

    My mom died 3 weeks ago. this song is killing me..and I love it

    richard meyer

    Stay Strong 🔥 🦁

  21. Matias Oldbjerg

    love you mousic min far er død til den sang og jeg elsker han højt
    :-) love

  22. TheStupidcomment

    What is this cheesy rubbish? It's like 9-year-old's fantasy of music.

  23. Armando Meza

    Great job on video fan!

  24. Connor Osborne

    I remember hearing a song by volbeat that I was just hooked by the intro, can’t remember the name at all cause it was the same time period when Gangnam style came out and I was like 10-12 years old

  25. richard meyer

    I Have Spanish On My Dad's Side Not Much 😊 🇪🇸

  26. Clifford Anello

    If the 2.3K who thumb downed this listened just a second time, they would change the direction.

  27. Traylarpark12

    I've tried like hell to get with this band, just can't do it smh


    Traylarpark12 if you just can’t get behind their music, try Rewind The Exit. First song i heard by them and I absolute love it 🥺♥️

  28. James Oconnell

    What a fresh breath of Copenhagen air !!!

  29. oldedude51

    Regardless of the merits of the song, the woman they have playing Lola Montez isn't fractionally as attractive as Lola Montez. Usually the way these people in the past look, it's hard to get past the styles and fashions of the day to judge them by today's standards of beauty, but with Montez, well, let's just say she was a "Hottie for the Ages". This chick wouldn't be able to steal a glance from the real Montez. Not back then. Not now.

  30. Anton Olsson - Elev Törnströmska Gymnasiet ESESTS3B

    SRF 2020 LET'S GO

    Mattias Svensson

    Ja det kommer bli fantastiskt bra. Såg Volbeat på srf 2008 på minsta scenen ;) De är liiiite större nu.

  31. Targeted Individuals

    Fuckin love this song. Great melody.

  32. Anibal Rodriguez

    Buenísima canción!!!!!!

  33. iiMini Mine-Lunaii

    Free replay button OwO

  34. iiMini Mine-Lunaii

    The Lola Spider DANCE!

  35. jò da silva cunha


  36. Александр Елфимов

    Шедевр!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤪 Ssssssssupppperrrrrrr!!!!!))

  37. M K

    NEED to see these guys!!

  38. Elizabeth Hale

    Why do I feel like I'm so connected to this woman even though she's long dead. 🤷‍♀️ Ancestor of mine maybe? Lol either way absolutely love the video and the song It captured my heart.

  39. Luuk Jonkers

    Ik vind dit gaaf

  40. Benjamin König

    Geiles lied nur hammer

  41. Maria de los Angeles Peña


  42. druggeroni 420

    My kind of women

  43. Andrew Aspromonte

    This song reminds me of my very own lola montez. It's been 10 months that she left me and I'm still not remotely over it.

  44. Roy Abernathy

    Three years later and you've still made the best music video for this song

    Shadow Realm

    It's fan made bro .they complimented the creater on a superb job :)

  45. Yellow Dog Adventures

    Lola MOntez was a real person and this song is true to the story of her life. I grew up in the town where most of this take place, Grass Valley Ca. the Lola Montez house still stands just a block from downtown.... google Lola Montez, Grass Valley

  46. Sami Kouvonen

    diamonds are forever... dont go with the flow... listen anything you like! dont be like everybody else, be yourself! What a stupid question to ask about music...

  47. Mark B

    WTF is going on at 2:58

    Tommy Loyd

    Mark B she’s capitivating you with her Spider Dance. But really, With those eyes does it matter? 🤤

  48. Chris Thiel

    Damn..I looked in her eyes..and let me tell you.. I'd fall for her anytime..

    Great Video
    Watched it like 50 times in a row
    Should be the official video
    Love it

  49. BlackAngel645645

    If the real Lola Montes was like that...I know damn well why you'd fall for someone like her... damn

  50. aloe hu02

    I wanna remake this video but with attractive people

  51. mark c

    This is exactly how I pictured her

  52. Michael Callahan

    this band kicks ass heard this song love it got wife into volbeat

    Mohd Abdul-Khaliq

    Michael Callahan check out “cape of hero....” these guys are best kept secret. Very underrated

  53. Darrell Scott

    My favorite volbeat song

  54. jejjo1000

    I like this song great band


    Same here I loved it when I was a kid the first one heard was Still Counting

  55. Ben Andrews

    This is one of the best fan made videos I've ever watched. Thank you for sharing it!

  56. Anita Pop

    Best song ever made!!!!!! Gives goosebumps all over the place every time I hear it

  57. Dieter van de Scheur

    This came up in a spotify running playlist. I now run with it on repeat..

  58. dereklacy

    I dont give a flying fuck about the soap shower with. STOP.

  59. No Breaks tv

    this is just too amazing.

  60. SGILgp67

    NEW artist trying to get their music out there. Please check them out! Thanks.

  61. Interdimsional insights for Existential evolution.

    Rock and roll just heals the soul.

  62. PlexAddict

    This is my official go to video for this song, also who would give thumbs down?

  63. Erik Woods

    I don't get it punk meets 80s crappy music meets corny concept

  64. Rafael Lucero

    Nickelback move away

  65. 65raven

    Cool song. Awesome job on the video!

  66. Munique Alves

    I love this song, it´s awesome!!

  67. Arturo Grose

    Lola sure has a shady look...🤔

  68. Scott Woodham

    This song fits me and my wife this is how much we love each we are going on 20year of being married we love each so much nothing can change that


    Dont really make sense with the lyric, but sure

  69. Scott Woodham

    One of my favorite songs

  70. rusty thumbs


    Joe Paas

    rusty thumbs up for

  71. Peter Kroeker

    I wish to blow my eardrums out on this one!.....alas volume wont go higher than 100% .....NOT LOUD ENOUGH

  72. daniel finger

    But she's not even that hot! Lol

  73. Jarda Smítka jr.


    Arturo Grose

    All their songs are soooo goooood ☺🤘

  74. jejjo1000

    This song is amazing
    Love lola Montèz
    Love this song🤗🥳🥳



  76. Andi Bratesh

    The Best VolLuna

  77. Joe Schmo

    Volbeat is fantastic, this girl is 10000000x better O_O such a lucky man to wed her....damn!

  78. Young OG1323

    Volbeat 2019

  79. Sean O'Donoghue

    Gabrielle is absolutely stunning in the video, she probably isn't pale enough for the real Lola Montez (an Irish woman) but does have the look of her. Love this video!
    I hope Volbeat themselves have seen this video as it's top notch!

  80. Matt Kirkland

    I think it's fair to say that we all have a Lola Montez in our life

  81. MrLespaul2000

    What a fucking GREAT song.

  82. Chloe Jade

    So my work colleague actually recommended this band to me as we have similar music tastes( blink, AC/DC, green day etc) and I can honestly say I’m pleasantly surprised by these guys. Definitely have a new fan!


    The first song I ever heard from Volbeat was Room 24 which also has King Diamond doing vocals.

    Jack Jensen

    Welcome too Denmarks best band you have a Lot of good music too catch up too

  83. David Wallace

    Volbeat good

  84. nelson myers

    This song never gets old.

  85. Jonny Deuteronomy

    WTH? I am 56yo and this song had me pogo dancing around the room before I knew what I was doing! That never happens!?!

  86. Mason Oliveri

    this shit sucks big dick its all noise i suggest ricky nelson if u want to hear some quality

  87. Wolfgang Mair

    Lola is beautiful 🤘😅🍿🥤💖😜👍

  88. Craig Wright

    It's Green Day Uprgraded


    I was shopping at Wal-Mart and the noise was so loud I couldn't hear my wife...turn down the music please

  90. DerkaDerka

    These guys could sing the old driver's education movie we watched in the 70's or even the teenage pregnant girl video from the 60s and make it sound so damn awesome!!!

  91. GameCornerZ

    Just saw them with slipknot. Great show

  92. Robert Shrewsbury

    I hate the loud music at Walmart when shopping there. During all of that sound it is too difficult for me to hear my wife through that loud noise.

  93. Brandon Minor

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    Jk ire uik ur iit 6 r2 u UW i ooot NV mbj 3y kt i it o ooot i ooot i ur yy NV bbn mb mg i6 ti iit i it o ooot i ye ruu3 6i 5i o6 o it NV mb m mbv o orto iit o or o ooot y UW to it i ooot UO ire o it i it I iEU UW u or it i if o it UW i itw6io i3 8 IQ ti UW 5i UW 2i itwti he mb NBC IQ Rio yew ri ur ti is i IQ i itwUO ye we EA et wrt itw itw o IQ 6o it'd e or o ooot bv vn NV NBC USA i IQ i UW6io Jr ei or i ire v mbv mbv log mnn Linn hklkg or i UW6iiit o5 IQ u uw6i o5 i4 i it it NV m in lullkt o5 i4 7 i4 9 or yuu3 6o iit i4 ti u3 8i4 NV mb mbv or or ur low UO low u89 u3 9 iit 8 or mbv mbv or ooot mb mnn mb n mg hklkg i3 l iit i iyerui iit i u3 u1 ur or low it ooot NV NV NV tq i3 i or itw tu UW i or 6ihe i itw ute or iUWyi ute ur u u1 ute ute n.b NV NV mb ureero is i itw i UW it'd ieu ooot iit bvv.b mb b mbnbn.b mbv ire3y UWeiiit 8 i4 5iu1 6 tq ur itw IQ 7 u1 7 u2 UW v BM n.v f is itw i i3 7 itw n.v mf HD tq3yu1 iq3u u2 u1 8 itw u1 8i4 i4 n.v mbNBC itw 6 i3 itw ii4 NV n mbv HD IQ i UW iireti UW u ute ute ute NV mbmic y uw6iur UW 7ur u tqrutqri u1 to u1 e.o u1 6io UW tiUW uUW o uw6iu2 ei IQ 3i 5w iire mbv mbv mmbv b mbv o itw6ioUW i ute ur bnm mb m NV bbn HD touw6iohe

  94. PigOnHelium !!!

    I heard this song for the first time live when they opened for slipknot and it was amazing

  95. Zach Trump

    Can they make a bad song? I think not.

  96. denise robertson


  97. denise robertson


  98. Little Kobold

    Wherever she walks
    She'll be captivating all the men
    Don't look in her eyes
    You might fall and find the love of your life heavenly
    But she'll catch you in her web
    The love of your life, yeah.

  99. Zombl337

    Gave my girl a long kiss at the end of this song when we saw Volbeat LIVE recently, and now she cant keep her hands off of me hahaa

  100. 777pusher

    Best male metal vocalist since....?

    Start now.........

    I’m waiting........?

    Bonnie Hirtz

    Since Elvis

    Lee Bennett

    Ronnie James dio