Volbeat - Black Bart Lyrics

A man appeared before Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo's stage driver man
wearing a long white linen
and a dust flour sack over his head

Pointed a double barreled shotgun
at the driver and forced him to halt
please throw down your box sir
and madame please O don't need your money or pearls

They call him Black Bart P08
the highway bandit po8try man
leaving his poem disappeared
like a ghost on his own all on his own
the road he owns

Rise Black Bart rise I'm calling
calling your spirit out
dust off your hat and hatchet
there are boxes out there with your name and mark

The road has been cold and lonely
the road has been out of good tales
let's shake up some dust
we'll be opening the box like before just like before
and leave a poem

For honor and for riches
I've labored long and hard for the bread
but on my corns too long you tread
you fine haired sons of bitches

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Volbeat Black Bart Comments
  1. Francesco Javier


  2. Dac Blac

    Magnus 13

  3. Dac Blac


  4. clrblndmax

    God this song kicks so much ass. Such unique lyrics and man they bring the heavy.

  5. Dac Blac


  6. Tatercat Studios

    Btw, it’s P.0.8

  7. Dac Blac

    Axe bto to left aA Ca girt

  8. Dac Blac

    James ghost

  9. Dac Blac

    Family Belt Fanggeed M

  10. Dac Blac




  12. Dac Blac


  13. Unturned warrior

    nice, they copied a poem written by Black Bart, nice detail

  14. Dac Blac


    Dac Blac

    פס שདཀཉ྄

  15. Dac Blac


  16. Dac Blac


  17. Clayton Philip

    It’s official, i don’t know what your doing in life if you don’t like volbeat.

  18. Adrian B.

    That intro just screams DEATH!


    damn, this is so true!

  19. VikingFyre

    Once again I love how they capture the mystique of the old west. Black BART was an outlaw who exclusively robbed Wells Fargo stages but never stole from passengers or private goods, only the Bank’s money. According to accounts he was a well spoken and polite gentleman and even comforted an upset woman as he was waiting for the Cash Box. Can’t remember his exact reasons, evidently he was business man who hated Wells Fargo and was falling on hard times. Still, don’t have outlaws like that anymore.

    Dac Blac

    VikingFyre ཁཀོིོིི

  20. Bian Brieto

    That snare mmmm

  21. Dac Blac


  22. Dac Blac


  23. Dac Blac


  24. Dac Blac


  25. Kamarukzaman Yahaya

    metal it's still alive....

    Scott Greene

    And well.

  26. Dac Blac

    Garrett kevin Allen

  27. Sci- Clops

    Just discovered this on Metal Nation Radio - awesome!

  28. Leonard Roškar

    chuck schuldiner intro

  29. Bucky Winchester holo glitter

    16 people are total asses, and I fricking love Volbeat! Only been listening to them for this past summer, and now I'm hooked.

    Paint it Red! Paint it Red

    Bucky Winchester holo glitter Easy to get hooked!!

  30. Robert Buckey

    As someone who lives in Arizona, I love how these crazy Danes manage to capture the spirit of the Old West.

  31. Meme Buster

    ...This song isn't that good.

    Matt McSherry

    Adian Bewley You need new ears, my friend.

    Meme Buster

    Matthew Mcsherry This song really isn't good.


    Youre 100% correct its not good its amazing !

  32. Bian Brieto

    Dat double bass thong


    you guys realize black bart killed doc holiday that why they dont play both songs in cobcert



    S Christiansen

    XGN GRENADES no he didn't check you facts bro

    son of a mitch

    Doc died of tuberculosis if I'm not mistaken

  34. Ryan Compton


  35. Rodrigo Tarpinian

    monstruous song...pure rock ´n roll

  36. Derek073182

    This is the best track on the album IMO, way too many people sleep on it

    Dean Sheaffer

    I'd agree, except I don't. It's 2nd to The Nameless One.

  37. Rainy van Roosmalen

    10 people have travelled roads out of good tales.

  38. HardStyler3

    4:29 i love this parts what is this a guitar?


    HardStyler3 No, it's a fish

  39. Alicia Keane

    Black Bart the Poet...not P Oh Eight...

    Brody Reyno

    P Oh Eight. I believe. It's a pistol

    CurvySubSet 123

    no its p08

  40. pi seseven

    I was the three hundred thirty third person to push 'like'!!!!

    Bart Wuring

    I want to give you a like but then you don't have 3 likes anymore 🤣

  41. mesky hernandez

    "The road he owns"


    mesky hernandez "And leave a poem" hkjskdkvjsvabvshzjz!

  42. Jacob Israel

    Two people have no taste in music

    Tanner Dalton

    Make that 15...................
    people are dumb

  43. Muzikrazy213

    TIL theres a bigfoot trap out here in jackson county oregon (the furthest north black bart ever robbed)

  44. Mickel Jacksen

    I love Volbeat best Music band everand the drum from this Music is very cool to play it

  45. Joe Lunchbucket

    I just love Michael's sentence constructions

    Joe Lunchbucket

    Sorry, articulation and deliverance is probably what I meant

  46. T B

    Volbeat has Godsmacks old guitarist.

    simone R

    anthrax, not godsmack


    not the biggest fan of their music, im just here to rip the audio Mp3 for a friend




    +NECROKITTY999 Tell him to buy the album like I did.

  48. Jeremy Comstock

    Wheres Ecotone?

  49. Derek Stewart

    3 more fucking days and i'll be seeing them live!


    Saw them live in Boise a few weeks ago. You're in for a hell of a show, sir! 

    Derek Stewart

    @WhaddupImJohn yep, i loved them, can't wait to go and see them again.. 

  50. ZombieStulle

    Hell yeah, this is Volbeat <3

  51. SheaF91

    I finally realized where the name of this song came from when I was watching A Christmas Story today.

  52. jonnynmartingmail

    your lyrics,  Black Bart P 0h 8.... POET!


    i mean I know it was part of his poetry but is he using it to mean poet?

    Andrew B

    @jonnynmartingmail i think it means P08 like the Luger P08 pistol 

  53. Den Mark

    Awesome. I love this song, guitars and drums.... So tight and speedy :))

  54. Noah Wulf

    O__O NO DISLIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lucian McDaniel

    Someone disliked this like an asshole just to make your comment untrue. I understand that most people don't like metal music, but, damn, how can anyone not like this?

    Noah Wulf

    Well, what a cuntpoop


    @Noah Wulf Cuntpoop... I'm gonna have to write that down... XD

  55. Oksana Nissen

    i thought you meant in the song :-)

  56. urmum still

    No, the original written by Black Bart himself is the one I wrote.

  57. Oksana Nissen

    No. deathjoker666 is right :-D

  58. fabio seggi

    HELLFEST 2013...and the winner is.....VOLBEAT!

  59. fabio seggi

    HELLFEST 2013...and the winner is.....VOLBEAT!

  60. Mirshak Terrazas

    ♫ You fine-haired sons of bitcheeeesss ♫

  61. urmum still

    The original:

    "I've labored long and hard for bread,
    For honor, and for riches,
    But on my corns too long you've tread,
    You fine-haired sons of bitches."

    Hendrik Van Der Veer

    urmum still me

  62. CodiShmody

    The guy on the cover art reminds me of a multiplayer character from Red Dead Redemption. Love this song.

  63. Nicolas Schmitt

    it's a pity they never play it on their shows...

  64. Stiller

    Sucks my volume can't go any louder...

  65. Anton

    It is just so volbeatissh!

  66. Damian Paul

    What a song!!!!!! GREAT! There is hope!

  67. Deanna Ekings

    Fellow Volbeat fans! I dont know u but you are family to me. WE SING OUT LOUD WE SING IT OUT PROUD!

  68. mike burns

    crannnk it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Joe Bianca


  70. RideTheLightning

    For honor and for riches
    I've labored long and hard for the bread
    but on my corns to long you tread
    you fine haired sons of bitches.

    is one of my favorite parts of the song because its the actual poem by black bart.

  71. PIGGjohn Utsinger

    i wana ride a horse now LOLZ

  72. Dean

    This is my favorite song on the whole album not sure why, I just love the chorus

  73. nbsledder

    Love it!!!

  74. Anton

    That is just the good old Volbeat sound:)

  75. jsmart1111

    "The Road He Owns!!!".... soooo BADASS!

    Dac Blac


    Dac Blac