VNV Nation - Teleconnect 2 Lyrics

Lend me your deepest wisdom
Give me a sinner's chance
Learned spirits, won't you inspire?
Bear all my thoughts and wishes
To sacred places I'd reside
Where hope is born, where hope survives

Oh fallen lovers, won't you rise?
Fallen demons, won't you fight?
Your hearts were never made of stone

You who tempt the fates
You who've journeyed oh so far
To apparitions in the haze
Rise up you earthbound demons
Rise up before me now and fight
Your time has finally come

And take me back before the years
And memories are worn with time
Before the hourglass is drained
Before the colors start to fade

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VNV Nation Teleconnect 2 Comments
  1. Валерий Чепелев

    Damn. What is that? Im 45-yo bearded dude - just crying from a music... Shit!

  2. Gerhard Dennenmoser

    Ein Traum...GREAT

  3. Nico Brenner

    Beine hoch, Bier in der Hand, zuhören....genießen. Traum.

  4. pablo lameyre

    Le plus beau son que j'ai jamais entendu.
    Ça fait rêver, c'est indescriptible.
    Merci VNV!

  5. Gabriele Conradt

    Augen zu und zurücklehnen---einfach nur genießen

  6. VNV National

    Who the f**k didn't like this??!!!!

  7. Tash Walton

    I want the whole thing to be his voice. His power makes me stop what I'm doing everytime

  8. shingnosis


  9. Winfried Hoffmann

    Danke für die ehrliche Mukke, man spürt sich wieder selbst Hammer ⚒

    Frank Arens

    sehe ich auch so

  10. ChibiMary cedillo


  11. Jean Maurice


  12. Elli Ele