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Word will never say enough,
they are just born of hope that someone will even listen.
In this solitude of hearts, in the traces that echo through the ether.
Tied to meanings, bound to fate, reassured by sounds that echo across the airwaves.
Tuning through the waves of faint and distant signals, hoping someone´s there.
Oh have we tried too much, traded innocence for promises of greatness.
Left to search, left seeking out for a part of us that is no longer there.
With all the prowess we possess, exchanged the greatest of ourselves for isolation.
gladly we smile and carry on, unaware of the solitude we hide inside.

Broadcasting live around the world, on the air in every land, on every frequency.
across the surface of the earth, to the furthest reach, this is our live transmission.

To all the people of the world, unrelenting, for all who are receiving us.
From every station on the earth, loud and clear, this is our live transmission.

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