Vinnie Paz - The Ghost I Used To Be Lyrics

I've been working for the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long

[Vinnie Paz:]
You see, I preyed on things and then I preyed on them
And I took it to the corner, got paid off then
The destruction wasn't even on my radar then
And my heart was black, it was Darth Vadar then
It was jumbs to the bums, G packs to the OGs
The money came to me, I sat back with my Co-Ds
Money changed hands and moved on like a cold breeze
And I ain't give a fuck about death or an OD
Mama always in my ear, saying that I didn't care
But I ain't going back to being broke like this was yester-year
The plan is to try to be out in less than a year
No drugs, no thugs, no weapons in here
You see I'm trying to get out ma, but I feel trapped
What employer gonna hire me when I sell crack?
I'm not fully rehabilitated, I fell back
And regret is a muhfucker, run, tell that

I've been working for the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long
Tempt us, lead us to the edge, watch the wise turn into fools
The greatest lie ever been told is the one closest to truth

I've been working for the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long
I'm gone

[Vinnie Paz:]
You see, I preyed on things and then I preyed on y'all
My attempt was to never get paid off y'all
When I was young I saw politicians of all stripes
But all I saw was lies in they eyes and that's not right
I said, "When I get older, I'm going to change shit"
Take the welfare system and rearrange shit
Years later, I'm quietly moving up the ladder
Trying hard, realizing that it doesn't matter
My wife told me, "Baby, money doesn't buy elections
Money doesn't buy votes, it just buys attention"
I kissed her on the head and told her she was right
But she couldn't understand and see the coldness of the plight
Couldn't understand why it's so cold for me at night
Cause political bribery just hold me in a vice
But there's always implicitly some string that's attached
By a muh'fucker think he got wings on his back
You ain't an angel, probably, you working for the Devil
The nightmare of money, the league would be a rebel
I did all of you dirty, so I should've gone to jail
I took your fucking government and put it up for sale
Look, American democracy has been hacked
By the corrupt paradigm, that's a supreme fact
And every word that I said in this song
I've been working for the Devil too long and now I'm gone

I've been working for the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long
Tempt us, lead us to the edge, watch the wise turn into fools
The greatest lie ever been told is the one closest to truth

I've been working for the Devil too long
I've been working for the Devil too long
I'm gone

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Vinnie Paz The Ghost I Used To Be Comments
  1. trilla_the_second_sister

    I think I watched to much Ronald McDonald

  2. Johnny Mnemonic

    Welfare is a weapon

  3. Dubsy Dubs

    As an old fart I don't tend to like this kind of music but this is real good.

  4. TheYamsoona

    Love it

  5. Errol Yazic

    Thank Allah for Vinnie paz

  6. Luke Humm

    Stop glorifiying rats fuk yeah bro so cumin true

  7. Luke Humm

    "Vinchenso pazzienser " named him self after one of the greatest boxers to exist. Big ups vinnie pazz. Also do more colabs wit eamon

  8. Mostafa Mousa

    The lyrics please?

  9. free star

    I love this song 🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰

  10. James Casey

    The singer has a wonderful voice. Definitely gonna look out for Eamon. Dope track.

  11. Nyiko Baloyi

    My favorite rapper of all time since I was a teenager. Much love from South Africa! A real G.O.A.T.

  12. Bryan Neegles

    Grande Vincenzo! Ti aspettiamo di nuovo in patria per spaccare tutto! Big up for all Street soldiers worlwide 👊

  13. Trevor Homes

    Fts FTP FTF

  14. Trevor Homes

    Dope music great rapper go on forever

  15. The ChampYT

    bro id love to see vinnie colab with some off the og's

  16. Poker Theory

    This has been my favorite song on this planet since Aug 17th 2017

  17. Sydney black

    This is a jam I didn’t ever give vinny Paz a chance ima check out all his shit now

    Eamon always been dope

  18. sfg 707

    2019 في احد 🇸🇦🇸🇦

    sfg 707

    Ahmed Samir كفو

  19. Mmilili Mphulo

    Paz threw the whole prison on Eamon's hook

  20. Up Your America

    Fuck you

  21. Google Z

    Wow i love this video

  22. Tevin Kylor

    The reason why like underground hip-hop is that the message is spread loud and clear ''u are the best bro''

  23. Robert Warfield

    White boy raps

  24. Haytam Bnzd

    Like dizzy dros ❤🔥

  25. Black Moon

    Fuckin respect from Poland 🇵🇱

  26. Karim Sefiani

    Drari hada ra souwto photocopie dial dizzy dros 😯

  27. Manual Clutch

    I knew a man that was worth over 150 million. He committed suicide. Money doesn't buy happiness. His daughters are still mourning.

  28. Jaime Chavez

    That shirts dope. RATS die from Lead poison...💯

  29. Loc Thiese

    This is Jammin Vinne. Stay Up from Thiese out the CPT..!!!!!

  30. Squeez Dogg

    💯 right here

  31. HipHopUpNextOnDeck Worldwide

    Hes in my hood on ellsworth under the 25th street bridge in South Philly


    The greatest lie the devil ever told us, evolution and the GLOBE BALL lie, yeah sounds silly right, ck our bids you'll be suprised, test your beLIEfs...

  33. Stuart Buchanan

    keep growin in spirit n mind

  34. 89gymratt

    fuck i love his tattoos ! who else thinks they look gangsta as FUCK !?

  35. Aimee Fawn

    Cant find the good shit on spotify! Like this one! we need ones like you and immortal BIG! THIS IS THE TIME WHEN WE NEED IT! Bro, we STILL have time to change. I am trying everyday still.... hard AF

  36. LoL ddd

    Sibiu? ✌

  37. Justice Peck

    Listening to vinny for over 10 years respect brother your lyrics get me through shit

  38. Martin Tigges

    This is amazing....I don't understand the dislike. It's true music

  39. NeRo ‘77

    Shit makes me hungry for one of dem Chip sandwiches

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  41. G Douglas

    How about stop glorifying street culture all together!!!!!!

  42. iamdann

    Genius! Preech my friend preech!

  43. Ben Ben

  44. abdellah bahoune


  45. Actual Factual

    Bitch ass music..mfoo...hit me...

  46. B B GUNN

    its amazing once you feel Vinnies music ! once you understand his music , once you understand his style , you understand hes tried of the fuckin system ! hes tired of everything like the rest of us !

    thats why he dresses like a hardcore mawfuak , hes sick of the shit like me !

    lets intimidate the weak fuckers who are controlling us !
    we need to all stand together

    lets bring this shit down !

  47. Chris Nelson

    Damn that the fuck you you bitch dude?!?

  48. PeJotPe Produkcja

    god damn this track is dope , Vinnie Paz U R a great Rapper, and Eamon great voice

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    i was almost unable to never hear vinmnies music

  50. demi[GOD]gaddafi

    well i died 3 times last month with 3 revives all together i was dead for 14 minutes

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    You deal, you pay the bills..nothing for free..

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    Heavy record...... Always love this record from when it dropped...

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    Glorify the downtrodden!

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    This one will put your ass on a spik,
    Wear you like a dumb shirt

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    Wow what a voice

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    The great isaia once said that the one ghost is the truth...

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    I’ve have been working at school too long

  62. Ca- Blaze

    give props to stoupe of mankind the dude makes nice beats for so many years

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    Boy vocals doing the hook is hard!!!!!

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    Come to KC

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    привет из России

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    i thought is saw R.A's comment in this video.did he delete it?

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    Máximo respeito

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    Sick!!! Haven't heard a good song that get me down to my soul. Damn, Vinnie you killing it every year brotha. Thank you for the music. ✌️

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  72. Hype Hillbilly

    Anyone know how many subs vinnie got after he was on JRE. Not enough been listing to this dude for seems like 20 yrs dude so underrated.

  73. MrMaka1984

    erf is flat

  74. Marcos Leandro

    Foda se edi Rock, provavelmente ele usou essa música como base

  75. dannycapone24

    we all sin when we are alive and suffer in hell. good or bad, it doesnt matter

  76. erika andrea mora perez

    Lo mejor del hip hop saludos desde Colombia bendiciones L.E.R.S. representando

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    I'm a rat... Got me out of trouble too.... I wasn't taking the blame for someone else tough guy

  80. Antonio Grigg

    This is my life he speaks good lookin on this one fellas

  81. Julie is not going to put up with it!

    You sound JUST LIKE STRU JEN.. WHY??? I wouldnt invest but your back up is cool...

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    i get high to this song, legit SOGOOOD

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  87. Faruk Ay

    Fuck this wannabe moslem., celebrated his music 20 years, attended concerts, bought all his albums. for what? because I disagreed with a post he did insult me ​​like a little kid. For me this basdart died!

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    0:24...mural of my good brother air smoove of divine beings...r.i.p. and God bless...S.P. life...

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    U can call me a rat all u want ur gonna get butchered by the same people who believe what you believe. That's ur reality not mine so it's always a great day to be a 🐀


    🔥🔥🔥⚡🎤"VINNIE PAZ"🎤⚡🔥🔥🔥

  91. Marcus Wraith333


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    I smoke that skull

  93. Josh B

    Eamon's shirt is dank.
    John 8:44-47 King James Version (KJV)
    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

    46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

    47 He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

    The Lil'lean's

    Josh B vs 47...... slaps the face but only to those who has the ear to hear. Bro I saw that shirt and read that verse and blown my mind. I’ve read it before but heard it today.

  94. Ivan Perez

    I can lesson to this song all day