Vinnie Paz - Herringbone Lyrics

We were on a mission
Trying to go gun somebody down
I got like three feet behind him
And I guess he felt somebody behind him
And when he flinched to look back I shot him
I shot him right in the face
I seen his whole jaw just, fly
Just his teeth were on the sidewalk

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo, a-yo, it's Deni, Staten Island, slang therapist
Local gemologist, back like Apollo Kids
Brutal, stir a nigga brain like a cup of noodle
Tony Picasso didn't shit, but a little doodle
Goo-goo face, keep new boo laced
Screaming out, "More bass", spazzing on tour dates
Ding donging bitches flicking they pussy lips
French vanilla butter pecan, I call 'em sugar tits
Palming they ass, one finger in the stinker
Forty pound herringbone chain without a kinker
Minger, my fur got stashed by some chambers
Barracuda grip, big stones is in my banger
El Chapo, guns more rockier than mountain
Stopped the James Bond van and piss in the fountains
We out

[Vinnie Paz:]
The only motherfucker that's thought of like he a mystical
It's criminal, the way that he slaughter all of the physical
Horror is not predictable, honor is not a ritual
It's Hell up in Harlem when they shot him in 1962
The nine is lifting you to a higher body, celestial
The pistol do the damage, no matter what the medicinal
Hiding behind municipal, got inside the invincible
I tried to find a rhyme that can silence the higher sentinel
You added to the violence, the violence is my monopoly
Feed 'em to the assassin, then smash 'em like he was pottery
Slash 'em with the isosceles, haram passed me the Wallabees
I'll take the Glock and flee after robbing 'em like democracy
How could you be honoring the fallen father, the harbinger
The foreigner of everything, holy call me the conqueror
The room darkener, I'm the toolie toter, the carpenter
The God philosopher, it's the holy mountain, the sorcerer

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Vinnie Paz Herringbone Comments
  1. Gregory mitchell

    Paz verse is sicking

  2. fentch89

    6 dislikes fuck them men

  3. Alex Fay

    Vinnie’s murked it


    Fresh vanilla butter pecan i call her sugar tits

  5. Dustin Finlaw

    aim for the head don't waist more then one bullet on these soft pussy bitches. kill'em all V.

  6. rudy12327

    Vinnie's verse tho

  7. Vaterstaat HRNSOHN

    vinnie killed

  8. Merdan Tahirson

    i cant see lyrics?

  9. Irfan Malik

    Vinnie Paz needs to release a tape or album that's 100% ONLY HIM he does not need a cosign and he shouldn't always be working with other rappers

    Cory Carson

    Irfan Malik he takes pride in working with other rappers.....his album "Carry on tradition" was made to shine light on other underground artist that are not well known solely cause vinnie has the ability to do what wasn't done for him ....I salute that shit !!!!!

    the orbital motion

    Vinnie Paz need to keep doing what he's doing.

  10. johnavy garcia

    2016 REAL HIP HOP !

  11. Dwayne Noah

    yo paz italia

    Anthony T

    Dwayne Noah don't fuck with them lol

  12. Boosted Daily

    Vinnie Paz and Ghost, Classic

  13. blood what

    Dear , vinnie the paz
    "you a sock puppet" rass kass said it

    killed it differently

    ghostface gheeeeezeuuuusss