Vile, Kurt - My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This) Lyrics

My best friends don't even pass this way again
I think I must've insulted them

I don't want you to cry
I'm just sayin goodbye
I don't want you to come
And I don't know why

I never did understand the words comin out of a man
Givin answers to questions
That I didn't ask

Count to ten and then I'm just a tool again
You wasn't never no great pretender

I can't go on like this
With a clenching fist
But nicotine is even in my dreams
We tried to school you but you just cut class
Get your head out of your ass
Heads all rainin me, thoughts takin up all my time
Eyes all aglow my baby know she blows my mind
You think that I'll just drop by
Catchin wind of all my cries
Just hearin all the weight I'm feelin

But my best friends don't even pass this way again

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Vile, Kurt My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This) Comments
  1. Tania Granada

    May the gods bless the day I found Kurt Vile's music, now I take it always with me.

  2. Lord Čardak

    damn, his earlier tunes were so much more powerful.. this is one of my favs

  3. noamoxtube

    Love you kurt!!

  4. tangerine skinner

    777th like

  5. Beau Lucas

    <3 <3 <3

  6. The Vile File 42

    Hey dare whouston33wh is not yer comment on da u toob???????

  7. cheeseboy777

    Mr Narrator, this is Bob Dylan to me

    Tim Bugbee

    i guess the kids aren't hip to D these days...

  8. Chris Fratini

    Get your head, outttttaaaa yerrrr ass

  9. Irene Roxanne


  10. ram rod

    haunting melody. just fantastic. this would be great on a one hour loop with headphones.....on a beach.
    "we tried to school ya', but you just cut class."

  11. Matias Merlos


  12. Alex Berry

    sounds similar to He's alright by Kurt, just a bit slower

    Alex Berry

    also soooo similar to Neil Young on this one for sure.

    Luciano perez pesce

    yeah, will to love by Neil.

    Matt M.

    he likes to use the capo on the 3rd fret a lot.

  13. Alex Berry

    Just had a belly ache... started listening to this and it eased it dramatically. weird


    kurt vile is jesus

    black plains

    stoner jesus

  14. whouston33wh

    This song won't play on spotify. Won't load on Youtube. God is not wanting me to play this song apparently. I will find a way

    Mikey August

    +whouston33wh I hope you have by now cos this is freaking AMAZING :D

    Luka Velić

    +whouston33wh :D :D

  15. jnyc

    Reminds me very much of Jackson C. Frank

  16. Boogaerts

    ... some neil young's "will to love"... great!

  17. Robert Mcafee

    Very good, some J Mascis in there and great guitar chords..


    yes very Mascis for sure

  18. Starry&Bohemian

    fun how sometimes he really looks like Rory Gallagher

  19. Led Pencil

    chills everytime i listen to this.

  20. Sparky


  21. jesse vis

    wish he was my neighbour

    Chris Fratini

    He was mine

  22. Casey Bradley

    I know what you mean kurt - same thing has happened to me.

  23. 77GGSS

    Kurt youre amazing brother. Thanks for the music.