Vile, Kurt - Best Love Lyrics

The best kind of love is found when you're not looking
It comes and goes who plant the rose that you least expect it to
Its only true and true if you don't have to ask for it
True friends come disguised and go beyond the call of duty
Take for example
Recognize my cousin you'll see he's like a brother to me
I got a good friend that looks up for me like a father figure
Do to distant relatives
Sometimes I lay awake at night turning cus I lost my best friend
If you had a true friend I'm sorry and you know I feel for you
Me I lost someone like a doctor so its deeper than I talk to you
It makes me feel like a part of me is dead too
Take into account she's my mother
She looks to me to protect younger kin, its a family thing
Every son would fight for your sisters and brothers
Your the man of the house but Daddy's gonna stop at nothing

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