Vile, Kurt - Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics) Lyrics

I got a freeway in mind, let go of my head
Walk down my line better be sure you'll be dead
You get up on top, these days you gotta a be a low-life drifter so
Slither up just like a snake upon a spiral staircase

Get your damn hands off of my land
Why don't you sock me and get off of my street
Cus I scared you out of your own shoes
Now I'm gonna tie'em together and hang'em on a wire
Til its junkies for hire
And I got a hunchback

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Vile, Kurt Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics) Comments
  1. fritshits65

    and eh...jtboll00......never mind dude ; not gonna spill any words on your comments....stay away from here and dive into your beloved Black keys ok...

  2. fritshits65

    this guy is just A M A Z I N G !!!!!!...thnk God for REAL musicians!!!

  3. Filipe Cabeça

    Kurt Vile is saving rock tune by tune. Black keys... they're just vile with lower case.

  4. wherearethe

    Can somebody tell me which Amp he is using for his acoustic stuff? Need to know it! Please internet help me! :)

  5. Michael McCullough

    anyone else notice that the opening lyric of this song is the same for his song "freeway"? He's on to something and I love it

  6. hhhhh

    naw lol black keys in general are just rly mediocre and boring

  7. jtboll00

    I like the older black keys stuff before they got on the radio.. check it out rubber factory album is my fav.. and yes kurt vile still sucks donkey balls

  8. hhhhh

    honestly if you like the black keys and not kurt vile you just suck. and i wouldnt normally say that but liking the black keys and thinking kurt vile is shit is honestly just completely retarded. black keys are boring shit

  9. jtboll00

    when he pumps out crap music like this I am sure a lot of stuff doesnt bother him

  10. Foodfast123


  11. jtboll00

    @tripjourney obviously it wasnt developed enough for your stupid fucking ass cause you didnt understand it so let me say it again.. FUCK OFF

  12. jtboll00

    @tripjourney and the black keys dont get to pick the opening band you dumbass

  13. jtboll00

    no one gives a fuck about your so called "art" and never will fuck off

  14. jtboll00

    this crap is opening for the black keys.. wtf