Verve Pipe, The - When One Became Two Lyrics

When one became two, well, the two of us knew
That whatever will be's gonna be
And what was to be, was that two became three
It's beginning to look like a family

I still remember that day in September when
I heard that three would be four
It gave me the spins when I heard it was twins
We were jumping for joy for a new girl and boy
And so what was to be was much bigger than three
It's beginning to look like a family

If we burst at the seams, we'll put beds on the beams in the rafters
It'll fit like a glove, little house full of love and laughter
(Little house of love and laughter)

Five became six in our house made of bricks
Then seven came later, then eight
It was a sign, when the eight became nine
That out house made of bricks, that was too small for six
Could handle no more, not the five plus the four
Then I remembered the spins when I heard of the twins
So what was to be was much bigger than three
It's beginning to feel like a family

Then things really got wild
With the first grandchild

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Verve Pipe, The When One Became Two Comments
  1. Xity-X Films

    I heard this song at Alsheys Furniture

  2. Jacinta Boudreau


  3. Clara Chavez

    Cuando uno se convirtió en dos, los dos sabíamos
    que lo que fuera sería.
    Y lo que iba a ser era que dos se convirtieron en tres.
    Está empezando a parecer una familia!

    Todavía recuerdo aquel día de Septiembre cuando escuché
    que tres serían cuatro.
    Hice piruetas cuando oí que eran gemelos.
    Estábamos saltando de alegría por una nueva niña y un niño.
    Y entonces, ¿qué iba a ser?
    Era mucho más que tres.
    Está empezando a parecer una familia!

    Si reventamos las costuras
    pondremos camas en las barras y en las vigas
    Quedará como un guante!
    Esta casita llena de amor y risas.

    Cinco se convirtieron en seis en nuestra casa de ladrillos.
    Luego llegaron siete y después el ocho.
    Era una señal cuando los ocho se convirtieron en nueve
    Esta casa hecha de ladrillos era demasiado pequeña para seis
    no podría aguantar más,
    no los cinco más los cuatro.
    Entonces recordé las piruetas
    cuando oí de los gemelos.
    Entonces, ¿qué iba a ser?
    era más grande que tres
    empezaba a sentirse como una familia!

    Entonces las cosas se pusieron realmente salvajes
    ... con el primer nieto!!

  4. 2listening1

    I love the song but the animation is weirder and more disturbing than necessary. To have a monster at 1:11 and following try to eat one of the parents and spit him/her out and give him a concussion @ 1:21. I know life has many problems and you want to show that, but it's unnecessarily violent, so I can't send the link to my friend who's expecting her first grandchild. I wanted to, because it is a bit cute, but I had to send the audio only video version. I also know every child is different, but this shows flies, an octopus, and it's too violent. Are we really that bored with good old fashioned communication that we need such pseudo-novelty? It's a type of novelty that has actually been old and not novel at all for decades now. Just for shock value it starts to feel like.

  5. James Foreman

    I love this song!!!

  6. fishbones22-2

    very smooth vocals......reminds me a lot of the moody blues


    Childhood song

    Eric Lares

    Vocal arts

  7. Amanda Stewart

    All We Ever Wanted brought me here.

  8. Kamy Cammy

    me encanta esta cansion llevo escuchandola horas jajaja...
    good video :-D

  9. Randy Tate

    I dig it.

  10. Mom OfKittyCat

    Awww, that is so cute! Sounds great as well.